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Femdom Ecstasy

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Ess This publication is very graphic and for adults only It features enforced chastity whipping and spanking intense humiliation bondage forced feminisation water sports foot worship sissy costumes and anal play Yes indeed This is for fans of extreme female domination who love long intense descriptions of domina.

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A story of hardcore female domination combined with the ultimate list of femdom teases punishments and humiliations Femdom Ecstasy is the tale of a college professor who becomes totally dominated by the gorgeous Carmen This stunning Colombian twenty four year old is his sexiest student and soon becomes his mistr. Mermaids year old is his sexiest student and soon becomes his mistr.

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Tion and kinky playFollowing the novel there are than ten pages of ideas for female domination play; including using bondage female underwear body shaving and humiliating position training to control and dominate your submissive male There are also a couple of sample slave contracts to get the ball or ballsrolli.

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    Constance Delaware creates a ripping good read here about a college professors complete subjugation to a sexy Hispanic student who he at first thinks he can just get kinky sex from Little does he know She is a long time student of the interplay between female dominance and complete male subjugation and she takes over every aspect of his life as she moves in with him intent on his complete submission harnessing his desires to take him ever deeper into enslavement The scenes are entirely believable This is very well written though it is not for the sueamish If you are looking for just kinky sex as was this professor you'll get than what you bargained for

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