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Black Coconuts Brown Magic

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Ather's murder case; and after he's killed a shark and attempted suicide his inner demons are finally exorcised with some erotic help from one of those Samoan women First novelist Theroux brother of Paul and Alexander doesn't successfully blend the two primary strands here the wry satirecomedy and the murky even weepy soul journey And with subplots at every turn there's also the murder of a favorite patient the effect is often both messy and contrived But some nice if cheap laughs are gotten from the Samoans' fractured English and the intriguing glimpses into Pago Pago life Theroux is a resident there help to make this an uneven yet stylish modestly impressive deb.

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Ouse impotent Silas and takes up instead with a foul journalist And he is intrigued by traditional Samoan sorcerymedicine eventually attending an exorcism presided over by earthy witch doctor Ellie she calls Betty No Tits one of the several uninhibited uirky Samoan earth mother types on display But most of all Silas is haunted by Vietnam medic memories by nightmares by the violent dark side of himself and by a long ago family mystery when Silas was two his Navy father stationed in Samoa apparently murdered his mother by hurling coconuts at her soon leaving Silas an orphan Thus Silas has returned to Samoa to discover his lost childhood talking to the judge in his f.

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Silas Wicklowe a 35 year old doctor and Vietnam vet arrives in Samoa from Hawaii for a three month stint at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Tropical Medical Center Silas is amusedappalled by his administrative boss there Swanson Ape a Mormon Samoan who doesn't believe in bacteria Cherms I don't believe in that I never see a cherm and who seems to have a violent streak He More is charmed shocked by the Samoan patients who display a surprising range of illnesses and who say Thank you for your love when leaving Wicklowe's office He is pursued by estranged wife Betty a psychobabbler Be upfront and honest give everyone space for their heads who shows up uninvited fails to ar.

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    Is anyone keeping score of the Theroux clan? I ran across this Joe's book at Ye Jolly Book Shop the other day; did not bring it home because it didn't say Alex anywhere But so another oneIf you're the least bit interested in keeping the Theroux score here's a tree from Justin's wikipediaJustin's father Eugene Theroux is a corporate lawyer Justin Theroux is the nephew of the travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux novelist and poet Alexander Theroux author Peter Theroux and novelist and educator Joseph Theroux; he is the cousin of British journalists and documentary filmmakers Louis and Marcel Theroux His father is of half French Canadian and half Italian descent Marcel's also got a novel looking thing that is always on the shelf at Ye Jolly Book Shop Have I even leafed it? no but I should?

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    Thought I would read this as the author being the nephew of Paul Theroux it might be of some interest It was not the least bit interesting nor well writtenIF you want to read a real Theroux book then read Paul Theroux's SUNRISE WITH SEAMONSTERS

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