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Linked By Imogen Howson

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Romite un leac o operatie minora pentru a arde partea hiperactiva a creierului sau dar inainte de procedura ea descopera adevarul socant din spatele halucinatiilor sale vedea lumea prin ochii alt. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Very intense interesting story with some great twistsOpening Sentence As Elissa and her mother entered the waiting room the sky above Central Canyon City was a chill pre dawn gray the spaceport a colorless blaze on the horizonThe ReviewElissa would do anything to make her hallucinations so away Elissa is a 17 year old girl and for about 3 years now she has been having vivid hallucinations that are painful and leave bruises all over her body She has tried everything and gone to so many different doctors but nothing has ever helped The hallucinations have basically ruined her social life; all her friends eventually stopped talking to her because they thought she was doing it to get attention Her parents have tried everything but they don’t know what else to do Now there is a doctor that says he can cure everything with a simple brain procedure Elissa can’t wait because she is finally going to be normal A few days before the procedure she gets another hallucination but this one felt so real she recognizes the place where it takes place She decides to go and take a look and she finds the source of all her problems It turns out that Elissa has a twin and they were separated at birth but they have had a mental link that has never gone away Elissa’s twin just escaped from the facility that has kept her a captive her whole life The facility houses people that are called spares The spares were told that they aren’t fully human and that their lives don’t matter The spares go through many different experiments and when they are old enough the spares would disappear All the spares are electrokinetic where they can control electric currents and other things as well Most of the experiments are very painful and the spares have a very hard lifeTogether Elissa and Lin the name they decide to use need to escape The government is after them and their best option is to leave the planet Elissa grew up on the planet of Sekoia Space travel has been going on for years and people populate many of the different planets Elissa’s brother Bruce happens to work for Space Flight Initiative commonly known as SFI He has been training to become a pilot for years and has just got his first assignment to fly a cargo ship So Elissa decides to ask him for help with getting off the planet but it turns out he has been uarantined and won’t be making the journey after all His childhood best friend Caden Greythorn is going to take his place Caden has been an arrogant jerk to Elissa ever since he and Bruce left for flight school but she honestly doesn’t have any other options for getting Lin to safety She makes up a story for Caden and he agrees to let them make the trip with him After boarding their flight they run into some problems turns out the people that Lin escaped from want her back They will take extreme measures to insure that none of their secrets get outElissa is our main character in this book She has a little bit of a “woe is me” attitude at times but she gets better throughout the book She really does try to do what’s right but at times it’s hard to decipher right from wrong in her world At times she is a little too trusting but she learns from her mistakes She develops a strong connection with Lin and in the end she is a strong likable characterLin is an interesting person because of the way she grew up she trusts and cares about no one except for Elissa She has a spontaneous personality and tends to act before she thinks at times She has a hard time controlling her powers especially when she feels threaten or angry She really changes throughout the book and it’s nice to see who she develops into I really liked Lin from the beginning even though she is a little rough around the edges and hard to get to know she really ends up having a big heartI think that Caden was actually my favorite character in this book Yeah he comes across as arrogant at first but deep down he is actually a really great guy and eventually Elissa realizes that she has misjudged him all these years He really tries to do the right thing even though he could lose everything in the process He has a soft spot for Elissa even though he has a hard time showing it He is cute and charming in his own wayThis book was a good read for me It moved a little slow a first and I got a little lost but by the end everything came together nicely There is a lot of action and the world that Howson created is interesting and uniue Right now this book is a standalone novel but the ending was defiantly left open enough that there could be a seuel I hope that there is I would love to learn about the characters and what happens to them I would recommend this book to anyone that likes space books or sci fi booksNotable Scene She was elsewhere In someone else’s body looking through someone else’s eyesThere was the cold gritty feel of dried mud and grass beneath her curled up legs the taste of dust and metal in her mouth All around the night pressed against her thick hot and full of noise Something thundered over the bridge above her head then faded into the distance; not the uiet rattle of a beetle car but the rumble belonging to a heavy goods vehicleShe was shivering in bursts that hurt all over her skin Her arm ached the place where she’d torn her skin on the barbed fence throbbing in a pulse that kept rhythm with the pulse of her blood The cut must have gotten infected She’d been weak and sweaty since noon today and now around the hot red line on her skin the flesh was hard and swollen too painful to touchI don’t dare go back into the city; I can’t get into one of those medical centers without IDShe’d thought she’d do better than this Thought she’d been so clever She was out but she wasn’t any nearer to freedom than she’d been before she’d escapedShe pulled her hooded top closer around her shivering into it But it didn’t help The effort of moving sent another wave of cold through her body and in her bones an ache began She put her head down on her knees If I sleep maybeI’ll feel better when I wake upThen a last thought as the hazy darkness of fever induced slumber took her And if I don’t wake up that will be a kind of freedom too FTC Advisory Simon Schuster provided me with a copy of Linked No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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Elissa avea totul frumusete popularitate si un viitor stralucit Dar in ultimii trei ani se confrunta cu viziuni terifiante dureri si vanatai misterioase care apar din seninIn cele din urma i se p. Okay officially in love with this cover Please join me in swooning

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Ei feteCand Elissa afla ca geamana sa telepatica este subiectul unor experimente guvernamentale fetele fug ducand cu ele secretul pentru care merita sa ucizi in acest thriller romantic si futuris. I really enjoyed this bookI thought the whole outer space thing was cool Living in different planets and the laws about only having two kids If be chance the second child ends up being twins instead of one they have to give a way the strong twin and keep the normal one Plus twins are able to be linked to one another Being able to see hear and feel what the other twin is that was pretty awesome I thought that the bound between Elissa and Lin was unbreakable Not letting the other suffer or do something without the other Elissa was a great sister to Lin Meeting her in a short amount of time she made sure that no one would hurt Lin and that no one would get between them Lin's powers are crazy cool being able to control metal and electricity with her mind Helping out no matter how bad it could be for her The relationship between Elissa and Cadan was sweet Each thought that the other one was either to mean and bossy or that they were spoiled and were lazy The truth was that Elissa liked Cadan years ago then stopped because he became mean towards her then Cadan liked Elissa but she was always pushing him aside and made it seem like there was better things to do Soon Cadan tells her he loves her and Elissa tells him that she loves him The ending of the book was good It wasn't the biggest shock or something but it made you want to continue the series The only thing that bugged me was the amount of information they gave about the society was too long and were not put in the right places in my opinion Like there would be a dialog then out of nowhere there would be a whole paragraph or two about how the society works Other than that the book was pretty good