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S own Agents from Aethos a mysterious government linked corporation want to use the power of Aiko's demon arm to fight the deadly creatures known as Chimeras whose attacks on the civilian p. 355

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Opulation are increasing But Sudo the agent who has befriended Aiko isn't so happy about this development In helping them to defeat this enemy is she becoming an even greater threat herself. I'm still not sure why this series has explicit content labels Is it for gore Body horror There's not a noticeable amount of nudity or swearing Not a bad monster fighting title

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Following the murder of her family a girl named Aiko wakes up in a lab to discover that her own arm has been replaced by one from a hideous and powerful monster and the arm has a will of it. This continues to be and interesting yet gory story I was hooked the entire time and thought the plot was compelling I also felt like the developments with the main character were managed well as it definitely kept me sucked into the story Picked up at AX 2019 Manga Lounge

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