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  • Stasis AUTHOR J. Tobias Buller
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  • 04 April 2017
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Stasis AUTHOR J. Tobias Buller

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Th America it is Will who is sent in and what he finds there will change the world A hidden labyrinth deep beneath the ground a ring that can alter your sense of reality the dangerous secret of an illegal genetics facility all this and will.

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Test Will's strength and character The stakes are high and one wrong step could mean failureand death for the people he's trying to protect STASIS is an anthology of five action packed Will Vullerman stories each one a high octane adventur.

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Will Vullerman's job isn't easy He's the top operative of the ASP a secret agent for a new age Sure it might be a dangerous job but he relishes the thrill of a mission accomplished But when a mysterious signal is picked up from war torn Nor.