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Capture Wolfe Trilogy #3

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Y intruder What’s the secret of the spooky cave just round the headland And who’s the midnight biker Now Darnley’s past haunts them again and may derail. Capture Book Three in the Wolfe Trilogy Flora DainReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsHaving enjoyed books one and two I was keen to see how Ella and Darnley finally worked their relationship out Thy have a very tumultuous passion with Darnley being at times OTT in his need for control Ella lets him get away with a lot as she sympathises with his background problems that have forced this need and they’ve found ways to keep her safe and him under controlbut there are times when I think she should be saying “enough” They have so many problems  that I wonder why they don't talk and F less It seems like every free moment and some not free ones when they should be elsewhere are spend in some kind of sexual encounter – I’m amazed they have the energy to work let alone have Darnley running a multi billion dollar empireIts this bit where the uestions never get answered that bothers me along with Ella doing something frankly ridiculous stupid given the history she’s had Yet she falls for it once again and it leads to secrets between her and Darnley There’s so much in this trilogy that I enjoyed and of course if Ella didn’t do the stupid things she does and if Darnley didn’t go OTT on the control we wouldn’t have the story At times though I just feel its too much to accept would anyone really do that Or act in that way Then all the things that are happening that aren’t secret – and once again they’re F ing instead of talkingafter a while that gets old and I actually want story I enjoyed the passion between them and the suspense and mystery but it did get blurred at some points and I’m still not sure i really understood exactly what happened how certain incidents were done the poetry scene for instance how did that work and certainly not why Darnley's father has such a horrible reaction in this book and in the previous one one moment they’re a family in each others packets then they’re all on the outs His brother has grown up a lot though and really comes through in this one Overall its an exciting trilogy full of sensuality and sex Fro those who need the warning there are some BDSM scenes here including bondage and whipping I had problems though with too many to me maybe i missed the answers unanswered uestion where i don’t understand how things were carried out for it to get the full five Its certainly worth reading though if you like an erotic romance with a side of danger and suspense Stars Four – a solid read clearer and it would have been a fiveARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Everything while hers comes back with a splash when Ryan her ex makes an offer she can’t refuse Now she’s not only in danger she may lose Darnley forever. This is the 3rd book final book in the Wolfe Trilogy I have not read the others and this can be read as a standalone I enjoyed the story and the characters and the intense attraction between Ella and Darnley The only issues I have with the book is that it takes place in the United States and some of the phrases used were not Americanized Also the story including the sex scenes could have flowed a little better in some areas it was a bit choppy Overall it is a fun read and an excellent ending I enjoyed it

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As Darnley’s fiancée living in his California beach house and teaching in his new training facility Ella should find life a breeze But who’s their myster. This copy kindly provided by NetGalley Apologies for any spoilers this may containOk I’m over this If I can see what’s going on here plain as day then surely the world’s most wonderful security whiz can see it too Sex doesn’t solve your problems Being apart for one day doesn’t need a reunion celebration Darnley’s become far of an ass than everElla’s still naive gullible or just too plain dumb to see that she’s being played And when it gets to a point where her safety becomes a concern she still doesn’t say anything Sheesh if someone’s slashing things in your own home you don’t try dealing with that shit yourself get helpThen the part where Darnley decides to cancel the wedding because he’s blacking out can’t remember what happened and he could possibly be the sex attacker the police are after When Ella counters with fine but you need to see a therapist he’s adamant the “I Do Not Need Help” WTF Sorry buddy if you’re concerned for your fiancé’s safety you’re the supposed threat then yes you need help Without using those exact few words you just told your fiancé you need help so don’t tear her a new one when she says itThen he kicks her out tells her they’re over just to come to her rescue carry on about her going off plan Dude if you have a plan that you want her to follow you need to tell her Instead you rip her heart out stomp on it jump around on it for a bit then come sweeping back in like the hero tell her it was all a show ASS COMPLETE ASSI wanted Darnley to be the generous caring lover but I’m just seeing ass Yes he gives good head plenty of hot sex but outside the bedroom seems to be lacking in my opinion I think this got worse as the series progressedOh on a side note that poor girl mush have some severe irritation going on down there Shower gel is NOT lube That much shower gelsoap in there is gonna cause a girl some serious discomfort Just saying lol