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Avery is looking forward to another summer at Grandma’s farm at least until her brother says he’s too old for “Kingdom” the imaginary world they’d spent years creating Lucky for her there’s a new kid staying in the cottage down the road a city boy with a famous dad Julian’s than a little E ARC from Blue Slip MediaAvery loves to visit her grandmother on her farm but is

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Full of himself but he’s also a storyteller like Avery So when he announces his plan to film a ghost story Avery is eager to join in Unfortunately Julian wants to film at Hilliard House a looming empty mansion that Grandma has absolutely forbidden her to enter As terrified as Avery is of Grandma’ Ghostlight is the popular horror fiction story which was written by author Sonia

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S wrath the allure of filmmaking is impossible to resist As the kids explore the secrets of Hilliard house eerie things begin to happen and the “imaginary” dangers in their movie threaten to become very real Have Avery and Julian awakened a menacing presence Can they turn back before they go too f Mary Downing Hahn is a master at writing ghost stories for children I love her bo

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About the Author: Sonia Gensler

I am a former high school teacher turned full time writer living in Oklahoma with my husband and my cat My books include THE REVENANT Knopf 2011 a ghostly mystery set at a Cherokee girls' school THE DARK BETWEEN Knopf 2013 a Gothic murder mystery set in Cambridge England and GHOSTLIGHT Knopf 2015 a contemporary MG mystery about a haunted house film project PLEASE NOTE I'm not assignin

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    I really enjoyed this ghostly adventure Set in a uiet town with old Victorian homes and modern cottages Avery our main character is on summer vacation along with her brother Finding things to do can be tedious but when a boy moves in near their Grandmothers home the adventures begin Julian the boy who moved in is into film making So when he sees an old run down Victorian which happens to belong to Avery's Grandma he knows the moment he sees it that this is the place for a film Avery is not allowed on the property and she doesn't know why only that the last time she broke the rules she received a beating for it As the kids explore the creepy home ghostly things begin to happen and the film beginsI read this book in a day and really got into it Even though it was written from a teenage perspective I think any adult who appreciates a good ghost story would enjoy itOne of my favorite lines from the book which I think would resonate with many of us was To me being Avery meant loving stories On the page on the screen and in my head before I went to sleep at night Before this summer all I wanted was to escape into the tales of people from past times and unusual places But what about unusual people who lived in ordinary places In the here and now? I highly recommend this book

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    E ARC from Blue Slip MediaAvery loves to visit her grandmother on her farm but is irritate that her older brother Blake wants to devote himself to his summer reading instead of playing with her Luckily Julian and his younger sister Lily are staying with their country music singer father in a cottage that Avery's grandmother rents out Julian is an aspiring film maker and has decided that nearby Hilliard House which has been abandoned for years would make the perfect setting for a horror film The problem? After a spooky incident years ago Avery is not allowed to be anywhere near the house that her grandmother is trying to sell After a couple of creepy experiences in the house Avery wants to know about the people who lived there especially the young Margaret Ann who died at a very young age She interviews several people in the area and finds out information about spirit they suspect is haunting the house In the process she finds out information about her own past as well as Julian's She makes her own film about the inhabitants of the house but will it be enough to help the ghost move on?Strengths This was a nicely creepy tale that included a lot of information about making a film and about what makes horror films scary With the technology that children have available I'm surprised that there aren't budding filmographers The family problems add some intrigue as well Weaknesses I would have preferred it if this started off with a creepy scene instead of Avery throwing a fit because her brother didn't want to play with her The first few paragraphs are crucial for reluctant readers and should set the tone of the book What I really think I liked the film making details and I swear that there was a creepy house just like this one near my best friend's house growing up We were always intrigued by it but never went near it

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    Twelve year old Avery loves spending the summer at her Grandma’s house but this summer is different Avery’s older brother Blake says he’s too old for their imaginary world of “Kingdom” Lucky for Avery there’s a city boy staying with his famous father in the cottage down the way Julian an aspiring filmmaker is a little hard to like but Avery is intrigued by his desire to film a ghost story Julian wants to film in the creepy abandoned Hilliard House and Avery has been strictly forbidden to enter that housebut Avery’s curiosity wins out and along with Julian’s little sister they set out to film an unforgettable ghostly story Soon their ghost story starts to become all too real and scarySonia Gensler’s Ghostlight is an entertaining genuinely spooky middle grade read with an atmospheric setting captivating storytelling and likable characters Gensler offers readers deliciously eerie frights that are scary enough to amuse and enthrall but not too scary to give younger readers nightmares Hilliard House provides the perfect spooktacular backdrop to both the ghost story Avery and Julian are trying to capture and the emotional story Gensler has created for her characters Like a classic horror film Ghostlight relies on steady pacing and subtle frights instead of theatrical in your face scares which will keep readers eagerly and anxiously turning pages The clever ghost story woven throughout Ghostlight is full of mystery history and unexpected turnsGhostlight isn’t all chills and thrills though Gensler’s characters each come with their own emotional and personal struggles from absent parents; mental illness regret loneliness etc and for the most part these hard emotional subjects are handled well I found Gensler’s characters to be likable engaging and often amusing There is uite a bit of focus on religion both positive and negative aspects which sometimes feels out of place or forcedBoth stories within Ghostlight the ghost story and Avery’s story take some interesting turns and conclude in satisfying waysmy final thoughts With genuine frights an atmospheric setting and effective storytelling Ghostlight proves to be a captivating and enjoyable read

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Young teens investigate a haunted house in this spooky and entertaining read They also learn hard truths about secrets and the power of forgivenessOpening Sentence We’d only been at Grandma’s for five minutes before Blake ruined everythingThe ReviewGhostlight is a middle grade novel about young teens as they investigate a haunted house in this spooky and entertaining read They also learn hard truths about secrets and the power of forgiveness The novel stars Avery a twelve year old girl who spends the summers at her Grandma’s house with her brother Avery has just arrived with her brother when he informs her that they will not be playing the game they made up because he is now too old to play at age fifteen Avery storms off because of her hurt feelings from Blake In her fit of anger she sees a strange boy Julian about to go into Hilliard House Hilliard House is the vacant house that Avery’s grandmother warns her to stay away fromAvery and Julian become fast friends and since Avery has nothing to do all summer Julian talks her into making a movie His giddiness and love for film rub off on Avery so much so that she wants to film a movie over her potentially boring summer Julian wants to film a horror movie and use the Hilliard House as the backdrop The problem? Avery isn’t allowed to go anywhere near Hilliard House Plus they need to get inside the house and Avery’s grandma is the only one with a key With the help of Julian’s sister Lily they find inside the house then they ever imaginedGhostlight delivers a powerful message about how terrible lies can be and the need for the truth and forgiveness I will say I was a little surprised by some of the events that happened but overall I would recommend this for a young reader who is interested in film and horrorhauntingsAvery is a fun and inuisitive girl but she is very temperamental She starts out as immature and selfish but as the story plays out she begins to learn lessons that are very valuable I enjoyed Avery’s tenacity even in light of how much trouble she knew she was going to be in Ghostlight is told entirely through Avery’s first person point of viewJulian is the same age as Avery’s brother but I often felt that he was closer to Avery’s age He also has some deep issues that he has to work through and maybe with Avery’s help he may learn a lesson or two I felt bad for Julian even though he kind of put himself into those situationsI will say I was surprised by a few events in this novel A kid shouldn’t have to go through that I was even surprised how this novel played up the paranormal aspect I was totally expecting something else I will say that I connected to this book in a way because I used to spend my summers at my grandparents’ house in Alabama It was also in the country and there was an abandoned log home nearby that was kind of creepy I never explored it but after reading this I wonder what I would have foundOverall I would recommend Ghostlight to a young reader who would like to read something a bit paranormal without going all RL Stein or Christopher Pike I didn’t feel like there was anything objectionable and the message delivered was enlighteningNotable SceneI struggled to stand “Don’t you dare touch me”Just as the words came out of my mouth the bulb on Julian’s forehead shattered He flew back slamming against the opposite wall“Jules” cried Lily dropping the dollI scooped up my flashlight and pointed it at him His body slid down the wall camera clattering as it hit the tile floor He lifted a finger to his cheek and it came away streaked with bloodLily shriekedI turned the light on her “Shut up”A tear spilled out of her eye “’When you pointed the flashlightthere was a shadow in the mirror A man’s shadow”That strange pressure filled my ears making them ache and I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming back at her “That’s it Seriously you can uit the whole act now because I’m done with this”After one last glance at Julian I stumbled out of the bathroom leaving them to fend for themselves in the darkFTC Advisory Knopf Books for Young ReadersRandom House provided me with a copy of Ghostlight No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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    Ghostlight is the popular horror fiction story which was written by author Sonia Gensler The book talks about some horror experience on the Hilliard house which Avery grandmother notices Avery and her brother Julian that they shouldn’t go The story begins on the main character Avery and her brother summer day Next they are going to visit to grandmother Then Avery’s grandmother is very happy that their granddaughter and grandson ate dinner together At night they felt very bored and they deiced to go to the Hilliard house which her grandmother doesn’t let them to go because this house has a ghost Next Avery wants to make a horror movie in the Hilliard house so she asks his sister to steal the key and go to the Hilliard house When they arrive at the house they felt very cold Then they never imagined which they will experience in the ghost house I can tell you this book which feels very scary in the end There are two parts about the book which I like to talk The first part is the main character Avery She is a brave and selfish person Why do I say she is a brave and selfish person? Because she doesn’t care about her grandmother’s and her brother’s warnings and went to the Hilliard house and she faced a lot of problems Then she changed her personality after Avery faced this awfulness experience she became mentally mature and careful person The second part about the book is when Avery and her brother needed to suggest some ideas to escape the Hilliard house They found some items to fight the ghost and used the ladder to escape the Hilliard house The part that I disliked about the book is that there isn’t enough horror in the book In the book there are a lot of interesting parts such as how to finish their movie how to solve the entire problems and how to get out the horror house For example they need to think about some ideas to fight the ghost and listen to people’s advice But the beginning and the middle part of the book weren’t very scary and it might prefer for children to read I want to see horror parts in the book In conclusion I will recommend this book because the author writes very interested in every part and when Avery faces a problem she usually had some ideas to solve those problems which make me feel excited on the book For example Avery and her brother found out the history of the house and they found out some weapons to hurt the ghost If I need to give a score in this book I will give four stars in this book I hope you will enjoy reading it

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    I started this one during Halloween week but another scarier book gained my full attention From what I read it's a juvenile fiction book that's a pretty easy read as the writing is simple Perhaps tweens ages 9 would enjoy it's spooky ness

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    Mary Downing Hahn is a master at writing ghost stories for children I love her books They are suspenseful scary and keep you on the edge of your seat Unfortunately for Sonia Gensler her novel Ghostlight is none of those things The story starts off slow and boring; it wasn't until I was 25 into it that things started to pick up I think many readers would've given up by then I was surprised that Avery May would assume and blurt out her assumption that Lily was adopted just because she didn't look like Julian I don't recall a vivid description of Julian that would lead to this conclusion The are other unexplained or brushed off things such as artificial insemination that either make no sense or don't need to be included at all Why would Grandma supposedly a strong Christian want to sell a house she knew was haunted? Why would someone buy it without going inside you can be certain Grandma didn't give them a tourOverall the book was a disappointment

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    Epic fail It's a ghost story but with a harmless ghost who only appears once kind of and there's nothing remotely scary AT ALL For the love of all that's holy please take a pass on this one Read The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney instead Or anything Just not thisETA I left my copy lying around on my bedroom floor and my cat urinated on it Not only am I not even mad but I think it's a rather fitting end to Ghostlight's reading experience I was concerned about the rug cue unpaid promo for Clorox Pet Urine Remover

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    This was a great book Loved how the farm's history unfolds and the tragic past of it all I also adore the closure provided in figuring out who is haunting the old deserted farmhouse Another aspect of this that I enjoyed was the kids making a film a ghost movie and how making this film actually brings our heroine and her brother closer together as well as her relationship with her mom and grandma I wasn't as big a fan of the little boy our heroine befriends but that is mostly because he came across as extremely self centered manipulative and selfish at everyone else's expense

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