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A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories

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An entertaining and educational introduction to Jewish Bible stories In this beautifully illustrated picture book seven stories from the b.

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Ties for shared discussion A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories is an entertaining and delightful introduction to the teachings of the Bib.

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Ible are retold for the very young Children can follow the stories in pictures while an adult reads aloud and each page provides opportuni.

About the Author: Mary Hoffman

Mary LassiterMary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer born in 1945 She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total she has written over 80 books including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids

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    This has enjoyable stories from the Jewish Bible and most importantly my son enjoys hearing the stories

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