SUMMARY ç Fated Betrayal Twisted Destiny Saga #2

Fated Betrayal Twisted Destiny Saga #2

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Iance with the man who murdered his father Ryan fights to stand strong He finds an ally in powerful sorceress Marella; a woman who has a startling connection to him When Luca and Michael try to break Ryan an unlikely rescuer comes to his aid Nathanial King of the Dark Realm his long time enemy and the man who murdered his father It uickly becomes clear that there is to Nathanial than meets the eye But can Ryan overcome the past and bring.


Himself to form a much needed alliance with the Vampire King After Nathanial seduces Marella the woman he’s desired for centuries Marella battles to keep Vazra from finding out about her betrayal while struggling to deny her growing feelings for Nathanial As the fragile peace between the White and Dark Realms rests on the edge of a knife there is one great hope The product of Cora and Ryan’s powerful bond the bridge between the realms.

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18Summoned to the White Realm for their own protection Cora and Ryan struggle to deal with King Vazra’s shocking revelations A tryst between the fated lovers takes a sinister turn and Ryan’s darker desires are revealed forcing him to realize that he may not have as much control over his inner monster as he’d thought Facing a threat to their marriage from Cora’s former flame King Vazra’s attempted manipulations and talk of an all.

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    What is even happening right now? Ok it should be noted this story has 20 plot holes at least It’s a pain in the ass Also it’s got glaring mistakes grammatically and since I can barely English and I noticed that’s bad But even with all that it’s messy and amusing and I wanna know what’s gonna happen even if it makes very little sense

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    Ahhh I swear on all the is holy I need This series just keeps getting better and better The angstoh the angst is enough to give me a stroke I just can't get enough of it There is no point in going on and on as there are still 3 books in the series but this is an absolute must read for any PNR lover It honestly doesn't get better than this