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    Top Five Reasons Endless Water Starless Sky is For You1 You love a good YA fantasy riddled with treachery and darkness2 You love a retelling with so many twists it is almost unrecognizable3 Zombies Or are they?4 Beautiful almost lyrical writing that will suck you in5 You love to expect the unexpected

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    This really felt like 3 stars but I rated the first book 3 stars and this was way better than it so I guess a 35 is accurate So for official reasons 4 stars will doI definitely liked the premise and atmosphere than the story itself The characters improved a ton from the first book considering the fact that I either didn’t care about them or lowkey hated them before Like Runajo was completely ridiculous in the first book and Juliet was a stupid robot while Romeo was sweet but boring and Paris was an inconsistent wimp But I really felt for all of them in this and liked Juliet and Romeo together Paris was a bit less than I wanted but that would have been fixed with just a few scenes with him and what I got was perfectly fine Their struggles really moved me in this I legit shed a few tears which even books I thought were good sometimes don’t do So it earned that at leastThe atmosphere and scene setting were fantastic and I loved the lore Everything with the land of the dead was iconic and awesome and felt like something I’d write It really had a mythicalfolkloristic vibe that I loved And the aesthetic was just on point If it weren’t for some pacing issues I would have rated the worldbuilding 5 solid starsAnd related to that the plot and execution of it really faltered in this By the middle of the book it felt like it should have been ending and I guess the main conflict just wasn’t as intense as this kind of story needed Like the world was literally going to end and it felt like a mild inconvenience because it had already almost ended 150 pages before I liked the necromancer as a villain WAY than what I ultimately got and felt like he was taken out of the picture just way too soon to hold any narrative tension If it hadn’t happened this way I probably would have loved this As it was this book was boring and awkward and felt like it was tripping over itself This duology was a huge disappointment from this author

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    35 out of 5 StarsThe first thing I noticed about 'Bright Smoke Cold Fire' was the cover I was completley mesmerized by it which lead me adding the book to my tbr shelf If there were an award competition to which book has the most detailed captivating and beautiful cover this duology's would win without a doubt at least in my opinionAnyway I always heard that Rosamund Hodge writes the beste retellings there's so much rave about her book pecifically her first two books But Bright Smoke Cold Fire's synopsis intrigued me the most because a I love Shakespeare b it's a retelling c the cover honstly I can't talk enugh about itSure I love most of Shakespeare's works and Romeo and Juliet has been his famous one for centuries however it has never been my favorite because there's too much romance and it and the main star crossed are too young and the story overall is extremely melodramatic but it also didn't stop me from reading this duology also I've never read RJ retelling beforeIn the first book I wasn't a fan of the characters I couldn't connect to neither of them they were all dull and flat in their own ways and had only one goal But the vivid expansion of the world building and the writing was both beautiful and captivating I really couldn't put these down therefore I finished both of these books in just two daysAs the plot progresses and I started reading the second book I was already used to the characters and the main four protagonists developed not a lot but stillOverall this duology wasn't bad I uite liked it They're fast paced complex and interesting One of the things I noticed about this duology is that it's not very liked by the readers and it's because they loved the author's first two books their dissappointtement is very understandable I would've felt the same if one of my favorite authors first works were incredible but not the next ones I honestly can't say anything about her previous books because this duology was my first read by this author But these book weren't as bad

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    35 starsEndless Water Starless Sky was an overall decent finale to this duology Not the best one out there but it at least ended on a good note That being said my issues with this finale have to do with what happened in the middle rather than the endBeing that EWSS is a seuel I won't go in depth with the plot to avoid spoilers but I will point out some structure issuesEndless Water Starless Sky is supposed to be the solution to the problems that were presented in Bright Smoke Cold Fire Was there a solution to the problem? Yes Was it done well? Kind of sort of it's really hard to sayProsWe get to see Juliet's POV and that was one of the best selling points of the story Juliet in both books is an enigma because of her upbringing while challenging moral dilemmas in regards to her being a weapon What she deems guilty vs what isn't Not to mention she gets shit done instead of waiting aroundRunajo is still trying to find an answer to stopping the Ruining from killing the entire city Personality wise she still is determined to find an answer But in EWSS she does wonder if she is even helping at all She has wronged Juliet and wants to seek some form of resolution to her sense of justice and if she can be helpful to Juliet her clan and her city Her no nonsense attitude is still my favorite aspect of her She and Juliet were the best parts of the bookConsThe book has two story arcs The first arc being stopping the Master Necromancer The second is finding a way to stop the ruining The final parts of the first arc were rushed I had to look back on a few pages in case I missed something but that wasn't it Everything about the last parts of the first arc happened so uickly Then comes the second arc and while it wasn't bad or rushed like the first arc I did find the placement of it weird Sometimes I would see story arcs blended in together so that there is always something going on in both arcs This one it just felt weird in how they were placed The first arc was done and then we uickly move on to the second Romeo here is still a complete idiot I know he and Juliet in the original Romeo Juliet were dumbstruck idiots in love but the Romeo in the Bright Smoke Cold Fire duology is just an idiot Plain and simple I figured that maybe he'll get smarter in EWSS but nope He's still an idiot Verict Endless Water Starless Sky is a decent ending to a decent duology I haven't read Cruel Beauty yet and with seeing that Bright Smoke Cold Fire had mixed reviews I went into this duology with low expectations And it was because of those expectations that I found myself liking the duologyThanks for reading my review Cesar

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    I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Endless Water Starless Sky the second half of the story begun in Rosamund Hodge's previous novel Bright Smoke Cold Fire And after practically swallowing it whole I can report that it does not disappoint It is however very hard to discuss without giving away spoilers to anyone who hasn't read the first book Therefore my remarks will be generalAs usual Hodge's prose is beautifully written and her background in mythology and folklore continues to inform her work view spoiler Which is the best way I know to add verisimilitude to such elements as a journey through the underworld hide spoiler

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    Romeo had looked at a Catresou girl and loved her He had believed that Juliet was than a weapon and that it was worthwhile to love her however little time they might have He had died believing itJuliet had believed that once tooShe couldn't free her people She couldn't free herself And she couldn't save the city from its doomBut she could be like Romeo and learn to love her enemies She could protect these people around her for whatever time they had leftIt wasn't exactly hope but maybe it could be enough This is the second half of the tale begun in Bright Smoke Cold Fire which I enjoyed a lotThe city walls are not holding despite increasingly large blood sacrifices The dead continue to rise mindlessly hungry Yep Zombies and the end of the worldThe Juliet has been trapped into protecting Romeo's family at great cost to her own Meanwhile Romeo is attempting redemption by protecting Juliet's family Oh the irony And the romantic gesturesParis is still dead but alive enough to obey the necromancer's spell Runajo is still trying to find a way to protect her city while tortured by her betrayal of her friend JulietSo we've got the perfect setup for the conclusion of Rosamund Hodge's riff on ShakespeareThe story is complex enough that I'd forgotten important details from the first part and had to reread it before I could launch properly into Endless Water Starless Sky We still have all the big themes and literary devices that gave the first part depth and complexity Here the story has everyone running as fast as they can to try to avert disaster both of civilization and of their personal lives There is a lot of fighting and a lot of talking in the first half — we did mention this is a riff on Romeo and Juliet right? But it all worksAs engrossing as most of the book was it really entered new territory in the last fourth where it becomes an otherworldly Dante esue journey This part was wildly inventive and yet delicately balanced to guide the reader to the ultimately satisfying conclusionI really loved it and will definitely be rereading it sooner rather than later If you liked the first half you'll like this If you haven't read either then you've got a treat in store

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    I don't think the break between books helped me or Hodge's audience She did recap a good portion of the first book's events so I wasn't completely lost but the story wasn't as interesting here There were several climaxes that felt like we were approaching the end of the book as opposed to ends of arcs It threw me off that when the last event in the blurb comes around I didn't really care enough to power through another 100 pages The pacing was also a bit iffy which I'm not sure is due to how fast I read this or how the parts were drawn out but it could have moved faster so scenes didn't feel like they draggedThat being said I still liked the characters Hodge's writing and where the plot went the ending might have been a bit too saccharine though Hopefully her next book is stronger61716 Before ReadingThe ending for the first one pained me And it's going to be a long wait until this one comes out or if I get an ARC of this then maybe not so long But I want to know what happens with the characters They're getting into some deep treachery now and I don't want it to end I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED

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    This is the followup to Hodge's previous book Bright Smoke Cold Fire To recap Romeo and Juliet where Juliet is a clan assassin in a last city beseiged by zombies and protected only by the blood sacrifices of a creepy sisterhood Also there are necromancers and Paris and Rosaline Runajo are viewpoint characters and however you think this book is going to go you're probably wrong unless you guessed that it would turn into a surreal and totally evocative fairytale reminiscent of Dante's Inferno and CS Lewis's The Great Divorce but from a woman's point of view in which case I take my hat off to you and would like to consult you about the stockmarketThis duology hasn't been my favourite Hodge story that would be Crimson Bound but Endless Water Starless Sky delivers an ending that is deeply satisfying while still being eual parts weird and profound It didn't deliver some of the things I would have expected to get from a story like this but it did provide some things I didn't expect at all Beyond the final uarter of the book which I loved there's also the character of Juliet herself With her intense sense of justice and righteousness with her persistent attempts to reconcile the duty and obedience she believes in with the fact that her authorities are morally bankrupt self interested murderers Juliet is a YA heroine with a difference In a genre populated by predictably edgy rebels Juliet is an unpredictably edgy loyalist And she is awesome at it Endless Water Starless Sky is a YA novel with all the action suspense and romance you're looking for featuring a Romeo and Juliet who are just as keen on getting themselves killed for each other as you would hope for plus plenty of deeper meaning to keep you thinking long after finishing the story I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what Rosamund Hodge writes nextI received an advance review copy of this book under no obligation to write a positive review Endless Water Starless Sky is on preorder right now at

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    This book finishes the latest duology by author Rosamund Hodge On the surface this duology could be described in the briefest sense as Romeo and Juliet with zombies in a fantasy universe but that description does no justice to the complex and interesting world of the novels It would tempt comparisons with such recent works as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which was a funny mashup of a classic with the recent zombie fad Hodge's book is nothing of the sort It isn't funny and unlike PPZ her book is entirely original The characters and parts of the plot from Shakespeare are certainly referenced but what she has done with them stands on its own As the city of Viyara struggles to keep a remnant of humanity alive in the face of a terrible curse the main characters' struggle to save the city leads them to ask hard uestions about the course of their lives their identities and that ultimate uestion meaning Endless Water Starless Sky pursues these uestions relentlessly not shirking even when they lead the characters to face danger and death This book remains true to the dark fairytale style that Hodge has become known for and the cleverness of her narrative EWSS surprised me throughout with unexpected plot turns and an ending I didn't expect I need to read this again Highly recommend

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    Undoubtedly a step up from Bright Smoke Cold Fire Endless Water Starless Sky still suffers by being bogged down by the factors that made the first instalment a weak read but it also delivers with beautiful worldbuilding a dark and rich atmosphere and ornate prose These are the redeeming factors undoubtedly and things that Hodge has always impressed me with On the flip side I struggled with staying invested Whilst the second half of the book is better than the first the slower pacing did have me listlessly flicking through chapters like it was a chore I was also never overly attached to the characters though I can't pin point why because they were substantially built All in all the fact that this duology was a let down is just a small annoyance but I still have faith in Rosamund Hodge as a writer and I'm SO hyped for her next book WHAT MONSTROUS GODS which has heretic sorcerer ghosts Which sounds lit

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Ss Juliet and her former friend Runajo must comply with Lord Ineo’s wishes unless they can discover a different darker path to protecting ViyaraRomeo is tortured finally aware that his true love is alive he is at once elated and devastated for his actions led directly to the destruction of her clan. 35 starsEndless Lannes (1769-1809) maréchal de Napoléon : Colloque Maisons-Laffitte, 18 mars 2017 once elated and devastated for his actions led directly to the destruction Le Sexe sous l'Empire of her clan. 35 starsEndless

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In the last days of the world the walls of Viyara are still falling and the dead are rising faster than everJuliet is trapped ordered by Lord Ineo of the Mahyanai to sacrifice the remaining members of her family the Catresou to stave off the end of the world Though they’re certain his plan is usele. This really fel La France et les Français sous la IIIe République 1870-1940 of the world the walls Nouvelle Histoire de la France contemporaine, tome 9 : De la fête impériale au mur des fédérés, 1852-1871 of Viyara are still falling and the dead are rising faster than everJuliet is trapped Un souvenir de Solférino (Éd.1862) ordered by Lord Ineo Le champ de luzerne of the Mahyanai to sacrifice the remaining members Le Triomphe de la République - 1871-1914 of her family the Catresou to stave La République radicale (1898-1914) off the end Caulaincourt : Diplomate de Napoléon of the world Though they’re certain his plan is usele. This really fel

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The only way to redemption is to offer his life to the Catresou to protect and support them even if it means dying to do soWhen Romeo’s and Juliet’s paths converge once again only a journey into Death will offer answers and the key to saving them all but is it a journey either of them will survi. This is the fol