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Ty of Chicago William PopeL Showing Up To Withhold is simultaneously an artist’s book and monograph In addition to reproductions of a number of his most recent artworks it includes images of significant works from the past decade and presents a forum for reflection and analysis on art making today renowned critics and scholars including Lawrie Balfour Nick Bastis Lauren Berlant and K Silem Mohammad ?.

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American society’s pretenses the bankruptcy of contemporary s and the resulting repercussions for a civil society  Other favorite PopeL targets are contemporary sueamishness about the human body and uestioning the very possibility of making meaning through art and its display Published to accompany his wonderfully inscrutable exhibition Forlesen at the celebrated Renaissance Society at the Universi.

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Iconoclast and artist PopeL uses the body sex and race as his materials the way other artists might use paint clay or bronze  His work problematizes social categories by exploring how difference is marked economically socially and politically Working in a range of media from ketchup to baloney to correction fluid with a special emphasis on performativity and writing PopeL pokes fun at and interrogates.

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