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For years Jonathan Damon has buried himself in his scientific research but now his uncle threatens to pull the funding for his lab unless Jonathan makes strides toward marriage and family So he decides to bring a fake fiancee to his c. 25 stars Awkward Many scene in this book just awkward I can’t name them on

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The part of his fiancee but being thrown into unusual intimacy with her brilliant sexy boss stirs up feelings she has never been able to admit before If only those feelings could be returned An alternate cover edition can be found her. This was an enjoyable read A heroine who has had a crush on her clueless gen

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Ousin's wedding to mollify his uncle And the only convenient candidate for this particular experiment is Sarah Sarah has been Jonathan's assistant for years and she knows he's never thought of her in any other way She's happy to play. Reviewed Enticed by BooksI’m not going to mention the word “slump” at Pricing Strategy: How to Price a Product to mollify his uncle And Migration and the Refugee Dissensus in Europe: Borders, Security and Austerity the only convenient candidate for Lamby Lamb this particular experiment is Sarah Sarah has been Jonathan's assistant for years and she knows he's never Changed By His Son's Smile thought of her in any other way She's happy Elgg 1.8 Social Networking to play. Reviewed Enticed by BooksI’m not going Beautiful Bandit to mention Change Your Future Through Time Openings the word “slump” at

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    This was a nice cute read It features Sarah and Jonathan Jonathan's uncle has funded their research lab for years but now thinks that Jonathan focuses too much on research rather than finding that one person who completes him Sarah is Jonathan's assistant and has been for years She has always appreciated the things that Jonathan does to show he cares She understands Jonathan than any other person because she has spent late hours working next to him in the lab When Jonathan confides in her about his uncle's concerns and his threat to pull the lab's funding she comes up with the idea of a fake fiance to throw him off the scent and secure their funding Jonathan can think of no one to take the role so Sarah volunteers herself But in the course of this charade he falls deeper and deeper under her spell They have a misunderstanding but he makes it up to her in an amazing wayThe plot is fun and flows well There are minor hitches that make the flow almost stiff at times but not enough to really detract from the story Jonathan does have some moments of possessiveness and jealousy but I wouldn't exactly label him as over the top possessive Sarah is a little unsure of herself but grows confident in herself and what she wants from life I loved watching her grow into a confident woman You don't necessarily need to read the series to understand this story but if you like to have the back story of all of the secondary characters then I would suggest starting with the first one Overall this was a fun cute read

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    25 stars Awkward Many scene in this book just awkward I can’t name them one by one but if you passed 30 40 % chapter you will survived This kind of big family with money and after years no contact they get together and seems fine and finally get a long very well The story on main character itself pretty basic between boss and assistant while the h has been living with her secret love towards him for years H has no clue at all H is just pretty clueless of everything The big Awkward moment for me is their first sex encounter I know even the performance is out of the charts

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    Reviewed Enticed by BooksI’m not going to mention the word “slump” at all in this review because in this case it was the book not me Engaging the Boss promised a story that couldn’t have been perfect for me A nerdy scientist born in a filthy rich family who needs to pretend to be engaged to his assistant for a week to please his darling stubborn old nosy man uncle A The guy was a doctor Smart hot and very polite although too polite and uite at times B They couple had to pretend to be lovey dovey for the guy’s cousins wedding I love arranged marriages and pretentious relationships are basically modern day arrange marriage Right? And finally C The guy was rich but not a show off by any means Respect and a lot of appreciation for that And one D The girl had body issues and never thought of herself as a pretty woman that men desire I like how real her doubts and insecurities felt because doesn’t everyone have those thoughts about themselves at some point in their life? Everything about this book sounded perfect until I actually read the story and turned out it wasn’tJonathan has a very closed off and uite personality to a stranger his actions might seem rude and even ignorant but knowing a person like Jonathan in real life I understood his personality the minute his character was introduced Jonathan is not a very emotional person small talks are certainly not for him and he doesn’t like when people are appreciative towards his good deeds He’s the type of person who loves to not be a center of attention and just be fully immersed in his work at all times Being anti social in a romance book can be a buzzkill particularity when the hero is not even that open towards the love interest which in turn makes the readers uestion the connection between the couple and that is exactly how I felt towards Jonathan and Sarah I couldn’t see why Sarah was so in love with Jonathan Yes he was very considerate towards Sarah’s needs but how can you love someone who can’t even say that he loves you in return Or better yet someone who can’t even give you a proper proposal? Who can’t even say the words “Will you marry me?” and instead just stands there with a ring in a box waiting for your answer to an unasked uestion ?? There was no romance between them whatsoever and that is why I’m very disappointed and especially hurt with this book Seducing the Enemy and Playing the Playboy were both exceptionally great and extremely romantic read Engaging the Boss was nothing compared to them or even by itselfHalfway through the story the main lead of the next book fourth brother of the Damon clan was introduced and I was so distracted by his mysterious character that I couldn’t even focus on Jonathan and Sarah Ben was smokin HOTT He had this air of mystery around him that made me crazy I was dying to unravel the secrets behind that brooding bad boy In the previous book we kept hearing about the fourth cousin living in America who hates the Damon family so from the get go I was very interested in meeting him and now that we have met him in this book I can’t wait to read his story And ooh he’s going to have a good one to tell Ah so excitedEngaging the boss was my least favorite book in Heirs of Damon series The story was good the characters were okay and the romance was so very invisible Also the ending wasn’t very complete What did his uncle do after finding out the truth? Did Jonathan get another funders? Maybe we’ll know than this in the next book We’ll see As for recommendation this book is only 99 cents so it’s not too bad for the price but if you’re solely looking for a good heartfelt story then this is not it

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    Apparently there are other books in this series about the Damon family which I'm not sure I'll read The most intriguing of the cousins may be Ben but that book's not out yetThis is a story of how a PhD lab assistant falls in love with her boss and everyone knows it but the boss He's from the wealthy Damon family and he's getting pressure from the uncle who was his guardian after his parents died to get married etc They come up with a scheme with her as the fake fiancé for a family weddingHe doesn't know how to communicate or understand love because his parents weren't loving and they died when he was eleven blah blah blah I've read this before and there's nothing new here Characters weren't developed She has issues thinking she's not pretty but she's beautiful Snoozefest There were some interesting love scenes although I've read hotterIt wasn't so bad that I stopped reading but I was hoping it would get better It didn't

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    Jonathan Demon is scientistHe's also gorgeous geek guy and one in the heirs of DamonHis uncle whose I forgot his name threatens to pull funding for his lab if Jonathan doesn't settle downJonathan can't let that happenedSo Sarah Jonathan's assistant steps in and suggest that she could be fake fiancé for himSarah love her boss and she knows this's wronganyway she wants to help himBut after spend a week together will this fake thing end or turn to be real?425 starswhat I don't like view spoiler1h is too friendly toward Jonathan's cousinThat bugged Jonathan as well as bugged me2 The arguing scene that H and h are totally rude toward each other And that's something out of character of them hide spoiler

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    This was an enjoyable read A heroine who has had a crush on her clueless genius boss and then a pretend engagement is fun stuff The hero is a bit emotionially stunted There are places in which this work in the story and other places in which it makes him unattractive as he makes strange assumptions about his familyThere are nice details of a childhood game and a secret gardenI will keep reading the writer although she has yet to find her full stride with me I am always intrigued

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    A sweet fast read Noelle Adams is the author I will always go to for comfort reads And she have never failed to deliver I like the flawed but lovable hero I like the strong heroine I like the cute dialogue and also like the unconventional refreshing relationship the couple hadWell done

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    Found this lurking in my overdrive account and though I'm pretty sure I've read it before it came in handy recently when I was too lazy to get out of bed and find a book and nothing else on my phone would load It's pretty standard fare for Noelle Adams and likable and developed than some of her uicker series and as absolutely unrealistic as one could possibly hope in a romance about a geeky inexplicably hot billionaire

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    I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Noelle Adams' books they feel a bit old school romance to me the heroines typically are virgins or as good as and the heroes are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams alphas and they can be a little too sickly sweet for my liking But free is free so I downloaded this onto my Kindle and started reading it last nightJonathan Damon is a scientist in Iceland and his lab is funded by his uncle Cyrus His uncle wants all his nephews to find love and start producing the next generation of Damons and threatens to pull Jonathan's funding until he does To secure his funding and get his uncle off his back Jonathan says he already has a fiancée Of course he doesn't but he asks his long suffering assistant Sarah to pretend to be his fiancée and accompany him to his cousin's wedding in England Jonathan is not a chatty Cathy and has trouble talking about his feelings Sarah has always felt herself to be intelligent and capable but not very attractiveOf course the house is so full that Jonathan's stuffy uncle Cyrus has put the engaged couple into a room with a double bed rather the separate rooms they were expecting Soon Sarah and Jonathan are sleeping together in ways than one but neither is admitting their true feelings Jonathan because he has trouble expressing any feelings and Sarah because she feels Jonathan doesn't really have true feelings for herOf course this has all the expected stages of a fake engagement story the 'other man' who provokes Jonathan's anger the shopping trip which transforms Sarah from frumpy to entrancing the moment of clarity and the exposure of the lie I just lapped it all up I had some issues with Jonathan getting on a flight from Reykjavik to New York without any apparent need for a passport unless of course he's a man who carries it with him at all times when he's at work But that's just me being pickyAnyway if you like a pleasant romance and or the fake engagement trope I'm sure you will like this too And yes I am going to read the others in the series

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