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Ent surprising and funny memoir Cadence Emma cycles her way from England to Hong Kong with a violin she calls Aurelia strapped to her back. ‘Cadences are waypoints in the music places where you can take a breather readjust your instrument and hurtle on to the next bit of the adventure’On 9 December 2000 Emma Ayres accompanied by Vita her bicycle and Aurelia a three uarter length violin borrowed from a student arrived in Hong Kong It was the end of a 16000 kilometre journey that had started in England one Friday many months earlier This is a book about a number of different aspects of life about experiencing and being; about travel and music; about journeying through the past making choices in the present and choosing possibilities for the future Emma structures her memoir around musical keys and writes of her own musical adventures and loves ‘Our lives are full of interrupted cadences full of moments when the direction is changed’Interspersed with Emma‘s descriptions of her journey to Hong Kong are memories of her childhood Some memories are positive than others and if cycling provides a means of escape and enabling a buffer of distance from the past then cycling 16000 kilometres mostly alone provides an opportunity for a very considered introspective analysis‘To move forward we need to make decisions Whether they are right or wrong’But during her journey in the present Emma mostly enjoys the different experiences the journey affords Being mistaken for a man ‘Emmett’ in Pakistan undoubtedly makes aspects of that part of her journey easier In most places music transcends many barriers and in some cases even international borders‘Then you are very brave This is your courage’I read this book because Emma Ayres is one of my favourite radio presenters For the past few years I have been listening to her breakfast show on ABC Classic FM while I walk for between one and two hours most mornings I’ve learned a lot about music – yes even though I can’t read it or play an instrument – and have made the acuaintance of many new to me composers and pieces of classical musicEmma Ayres is an accomplished viola player who has recently played with the Afghan Youth Orchestra and the Bombay Chamber Orchestra about which she made two radio documentaries‘To share the value of music is the resolve of my life’Jennifer Cameron Smith

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Memoir intercontinental cycling adventure music guide CADENCE is the debut book by ABC Classic FM’s Emma AyresIn her provocative intellig. Loved this book Devoured it in two days Such a joy to find out about the mind and adventures of the funny and compassionate Emma who fills the airwaves every morning If you love classical music travel and being an aware human being then this book is well worth your time

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But it is also a journey through the keys and the music that inspired shaped and provided refuge for Emma throughout her travels with music. I read Danger Music the later work by E Ayres before I read this one Conseuently I interpreted Cadence as a prelude Emma embarks on a long journey of self discovery vacillating between Viola and Cello just as she vacillates on the verge of self discovery on the threshold of a decision she finally takes in Danger Music Cadence is a masterclass for both cyclists and musicians

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Emma Ayres born 1967 is a musician music teacher and radio presenter She is notable for her work on the Australian ABC Classic FM radio station as well as for her numerous charitable efforts

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