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A man whose lifelong dream of achieving celebrity status in the literary world is finally becoming a reality But Ron isn’t only a writer He’s also a sadistic serial killer who kidnaps tortures and murders women in his basementNicole Lee is a beloved wife and mother She’s also the only woman who has ever escaped Ron’s clutches After being held in captivity for nearly a year she found a way out a way to be free once again and go back to her life Only she can’t The life she knew before her abduction is gone Separated from her husband and son Nicole is psychologically broken She spends m. Most FUED up book I've ever read Disturbingly dark

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HELDNicole Lee a young wife and new mother steps out of the mall suinting against the glare of the midday sun completely unaware that her life is about to change forever In a matter of seconds she is steeped in fear as the world she knows and the life she loves fades away As the panic sets in and the terror takes hold Nicole tries to keep calm though she's now in a frantic fight for her life Locked in a deadly battle of wits with a psychopath she struggles to keep her sanity as she's heldA 59000 word novel with bonus contentFor mature audiences onlyPUSHEDRon Redwine is an up and coming author. 5 WTF StarsOkay ladies and gentlemen this is the craziest shit I have ever readRon is a struggling author who decides to do some research for his next book Held He kidnaps Nicole a mother and wife from the mall one day all in the name of research of course He takes Nicole homeYeah I am going to stop right there Here is why its better to read this story and be completely grossed out shockedHeld had me reaching for momma cringing throwing up in my mouth and lastly laughing Yeah laughingRon says the absolute craziest things He is a complete psychopath and he is written to perfection I loved this book it's a crazy gory and a complete mind fuck BUT it isn't for everyone My review for Pushed will be listed separately was as I do not wish to spoil

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Onths in a mental health facility trying to put the past behind her so she can return to her familyUpon her release Nicole hides herself away in a fleabag motel where she wrestles with her demons alone When an interview on the local news advertises the last two stops on Ron’s latest book tour she becomes enraged Furious that he’s able to live his life happily while she’s reduced to an existence filled with guilt and despair she decides to take matters into her own handsPushed too far Nicole seeks her revenge using Ron’s own devices against himA 51000 word novelFor mature audiences only. DNF at 60% Only completed Held Not recommended for anyone who doesn't want to read about torture Right from the beginning I don't uite feel Nicole's fears even though the entire Held was written in her POV So even after completing Held Nicole's character doesn't uite speak to me Torture scenes were too much and too freuent for me to stomach so I had to skip those but had to complete the book just to see what happens to Nicole at the end Wished the author had written on the escape scenes how Nicole eventually returned home and how she began on her recovery process so that the reader could perhaps get closure after enduring through the torture scenes If the author's intention by not giving too much closure is to push the reader to go on to Pushed then I'd say that was successful Regardless I need a break to recover mentally before I can continue with the 2nd novel so it's DNF for the time being

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