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    When uincy Jordan’s life falls apart – her dad walks out and her fiercely independent mother suddenly can’t get out of bed or wash her hair – uincy is plucked out of her private Sydney girl’s school and sent to the seaside town of Crystal Bay uincy’s mum thinks this will be a good move for them staying with the aunt and cousins uincy has never met let alone heard much about‘uincy Jordan’ is the first book in the new tween ‘Crystal Bay Girls’ series by Australian author Jen StorerCrystal Bay is the Byron Bay esue town setting of this new series for readers aged 10 The series is appealing to that “tween” market – who are often described as being ‘too old for toys but too young for boys’ It’s a hard readership to appeal to particularly when they’re still too young for the gut wrenching dramas found in John Green and Melina Marchetta novels but swooning over Harry Styles and fascinated with what their teen years will have in store for them Jen Storer on her website promises the series will be filled with family friends and fashion romance tears and laughter That's Crystal Bay On the one hand Jen Storer and Penguin Australia have pitched the ‘Crystal Bay Girls’ series and this first book beautifully The ‘uincy Jordan’ cover looks older YA sophisticate something young girls will appreciate but at the back of the book there’s a cartoon rendition of protagonist uincy drawn by Viet My Bui as well as a French vocab list and some stylist tips The story is also full of those melodramas and tangled webs that most young people think and hope their teen lives will be filled with uincy has a mean girl nemesis at school has just discovered a shocking truth about her father bears witness to the breakdown of her parent’s marriage and is whisked away by her mother to the remote hippie town of Crystal Bay to stay with relatives she’s never met beforeOn top of this uincy is battling inner turmoil over her wish to become a surgeon like her successful father despite having an aversion to blood while harbouring a secret flare for fashion and design When she learns the reason behind her parent’s divorce uincy also has to come to terms with the idea that her father is not as perfect as she envisioned and might actually be due some of her wrath There’s a lot going on and many threads woven throughout the story but this is not uite Young Adult so most of it’s surface tension Like the interesting back story set up about a former friend turned pretty mean girl – Satin St Clair There’s clearly history between Satin uincy and best friend Jules the three of whom used to be friends until Satin got too pretty for uincy and Jules and moved on to the popular group But once uincy leaves for Crystal Bay that storyline is dropped off – the same way that the big explosive storyline about her father leaving is only ever briefly touched on later in the book and never satisfyingly resolved or at least on the way to some sort of détente In place of real heart to hearts with her mother or the dawning realisation that she is allowed and has every right to be angry with her father the second half focus of the book once uincy and her mum move to Crystal Bay is on a cute somewhat delinuent boy called HarrisAnd that’s fine Again this is for female readers 10 who will delight in the light flirtations of uincy and surfer boy Harris But I wish that didn’t mean that the bigger storylines didn’t fall by the wayside – especially because second book in the ‘Crystal Bay Girls’ series is called ‘Romy Bright’ and focuses on a new girl Will I ever know why Satin St Clair great name turned so viciously on her former besties? Will I ever get to read about uincy confronting her father for the first time since he walked out?I did enjoy this book particularly uincy as a private schoolgirlfish out of water when she enters into the fray at Crystal Bay High I can relate having once been a wide eyed private girl’s school student who was eually disturbed to go into University and have boys sitting in my classroom I got a chuckle out of uincy’s wry humour; I never imagined there would be boys There are boys everywhere Little ones big ones dopey ones Loud crass swaggering ones It’s like every boy on the entire planet goes to Crystal Bay High I so did not see this coming‘uincy?’ Esme is tugging at my sleeve For a moment I have forgotten what we’re doing I’m watching one boy with another boy in a headlock and a third boy is pouring bottled water down the headlocked boy’s back No one in the entire school is blinking an eye They don’t even glance their way despite all the yelling I am transfixed I am studying them like a BBC nature expert Only in an Australian school ground do we find this rare and only partially evolved species Fera simia Feral ape Approach with caution The ‘Crystal Bay Girls’ series will be a win for young female readers who aren’t uite ready to slow dance with boys at the disco but are already envisioning their teen horizons to be full of; boys melodrama parental suffering and grand adventures It’s not perfect but it’s a good start to the ‘Crystal Bay Girls’355

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    I was probably the best book that I have ever readthere is a second book but its about her friend Romy Bright I wish it was about her because it was extremely good

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    It was probably the best book that I have ever readthere is a second book but its about her friend Romy Bright I wish it was about her because it was extremely good

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    uincy Jordan is 14 and in year 8 at a private girls school in Sydney She dreams of being a doctor one day maybe even a surgeon like her father although she has a fear of blood When her high school nemesis Satin St Clair tells uincy that she saw uincy’s father kissing a woman not uincy’s mother uincy does her best to dismiss it Satin is always looking for a way to get at uincy and she doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction But after one very failed family dinner uincy’s father walks out letting them know in no uncertain terms that he’s not happy uincy’s capable Professor of Women’s Studies mother falls apart leading to the intervention of Aunt Tess uincy’s mother’s sister who has been long estrangedTess comes from Crystal Bay up the coast and uincy’s mother makes the decision to return to Crystal Bay with her taking uincy who is none too happy to be leaving her school her best friend Jules and Sydney for some hippy backwater she’s never even heard of She’s also intimidated to meet Aunt Tess’s eldest daughter Esme the cousin she never even knew existed At first uincy struggles to fit in – she’s unused to boys and finds attending a co ed school daunting She doesn’t have the right clothes there’s no uniform policy and she despairs of getting an education that would be of the same standard as the one she’d receive in Sydney However getting involved with the high school’s production of Grease allows uincy to explore her furtive love of fashion something she’s kept hidden away until nowAlmost without realising it uincy begins to settle into Crystal Bay She has friends of a sort she’s had a makeover and is beginning to fit in and she has a way to explore a passion of hers She also has a flirtation with Harris a young guy who might be a bit rough around the edges but whom uincy feels she can relate to She’s starting to feel at home in Crystal Bay but she still has unfinished business with her father in Sydney and now a choice to makeuincy Jordan is the first in a new series aimed at a younger end of the YA market It deals with many of the same issues but in a perhaps less intense sort of way uincy goes through a lot in a very short time her parent’s marriage breaks down she watches her father walk out and basically disappear and then her mother falls apart The aunt she’s never seen or met arrives and then whisks them all away to live in Crystal Bay a Byron Bay esue place for what is first said as being six months but looks like being permanent She has to start a new school that’s totally different to her old one she misses her best friend and isn’t sure where she fits in with her cousin Esme and Esme’s group of friends And for someone who has never really interacted with boys before she has to figure out what is going on with Harris if anything is going on with Harris It’s all foreign territory for uincy and it’s unsurprising that she suffers a couple of pretty emotional outburstsbreakdownsI think this book is well written and well constructed for younger readers perhaps 10 1314 but I’m curious to see if this is the last we get of uincy or if the story will swing around to her again once it goes through the other girls book two is Romy I’m assuming the others are Esme and Mary Lou uincy has a lot of things left unfinished at the conclusion of this book particularly with her father who was conveniently written out for the entire book other than a couple of brief text messages and one or two letters at the end I’d love for uincy to receive a proper explanation from him not really about the marriage break up and him leaving her mother but for why he also abandoned uincy at the same time It was a really horrid and cowardly thing to do not contacting her or seeing her after he walked out of the family home and then he took off for Europe with his new girlfriend He also delivers news that he must know will hurt uincy enormously or at least have an affect on her via a letter in such a callous way that it’s hard to believe he doesn’t suffer from some sort of emotional retardation and yet the letter he sends at the end of the novel seems to negate that He’s written in two very different ways uincy’s hero surgeon dad whom she wants to emulate her good natured ally against uincy’s mother and then a man who can’t even look her in the eye after the split to tell her his plans and how she fits into them in the futureThis book is packed full of things young girls will be able to relate to bullying at school and being made to feel inferior or uncomfortable the stress of leaving the familiar such as home school friends etc for something new and the fledgling feelings that begin to develop for boys and how good it is when they feel the same way as you do The cover is fabulous and I think it’s the sort of thing that would definitely have caught my eye and made me want to read it Even though I tend to like my YA a bit grittier and older than this one I am really looking forward to the next installment of the Crystal Bay Girls and finding out what’s happening

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    uincy Jordan by Jen Storer is set in the fictional beachside town of Crystal Bay uincy and her mother move there after her father leaves them They move in with her aunt uncle and cousins uincy is determined to get back to Sydney as soon as possible but things don’t go as she plannedI love beachside settings and really enjoyed this sweet little novel Before the separation uincy was under a lot of pressure from her parents and herself to be the perfect daughter and student She was set on becoming a surgeon just like her father and had to hide the fact that she really adored fashion Moving to Crystal Bay allowed uincy to realise her true passion rather than doing what she felt was expected She was uite bratty at first but I liked that she was uite self aware she knew her behaviour was terrible and eventually she changed her attitudeThis is a great book for teens it has romance friend and family issues and is a lot of fun to readThank you to the lovely people at Penguin for my review copy

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    A mostly cheerful and innocent novel great for those transitioning between middle years and young adult novels uincy's life is perfect until it all falls apart and is interesting to read how she picks up the pieces and finds out who she really is in the most unlikely if places

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    Enjoyed this book heaps I found the characters really interesting Getting my younger sister to read in General is a nightmare and once she started this she loves it

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    The crystal bay girls is a fantastic series especially for girls around 13 14 I loved uincy I just wish I'd known what happened with Harris

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At school and become a surgeon Her only regret is that she'll never be a fashion designer But sacrifices must be madeThere's no way that uincy is going to be 'Crystallised' ?. It was probabl The Cowboy Meets His Match regret is that she'll never be a fashion designer But sacrifices must be madeThere's no way that uincy is going to be 'Crystallised' ?. It was probabl

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Uincy Jordan doesn't want to meet her hippie cousins and go to school in Crystal Bay Her life in Sydney is perfect She's going to save her parents' marriage score perfect marks. When uincy Jor

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? that is until her cousin Esme the school musical and a cute boy called Harris change everything Think family friends and fashion romance tears and laughter That's Crystal Bay. uincy Jordan