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    First I'd like to thank Christina Kenway the author for giving me the chance to read and review her bookI'll start with the cons My biggest problem with this book was the voice It's supposed to be in the voice of the 13 year old protagonist Logan Lockwood Unfortunately the language and dialogue is written from a much mature perspective and it provided a disconnect and made it less believable at least for me But that's also a compliment as the writer has a fantastic and mature writing style and a great grasp on vocabulary Aside from a few places where she neglected to start a new paragraph when a different person started speaking aka two lines of dialogue in the same paragraph weren't spoken by the same person a little confusing her grammar was spot on a rare thing to find in a young author OR in a self published authorI also thought there were a few bumps in the story the importance of the trials was said but not shown There wasn't a lot of fleshing out of history or character development or plot development in the case of this world of The Order and The Trials and the villains and AscalonOverall though the plot was a lot of fun and even though the characters felt a little stock there's a massive amount of potential in this author I think she'd benefit greatly from a professional editor in the genre who could help focus the plot points find the inconsistences a fresh set of unbiased eyes can always help and narrow down the things that need developing to a short list for improvement She's got a lot of creativity and the story itself won't disappoint plenty of action and decent twists and turns I feel like a very young adultmiddle grade reader wouldn't catch all the things I've seen as an adult reader and would enjoy the story very much I enjoyed it in spite of those things I've mentionedI look forward to Ms Kenway polishing up her work as she gains experience and picking up the story of Logan Lockwood and the dragons

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    I would like to thank the author for a free electronic copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewThe Dragonlord's Heir was a wonderful read full of adventure and action The protagonist of this tale is Logan Lockwood an interesting young teen destined for greatness The story follows this youthful hero as he faces many trials and attempts to prevent the resurrection of Bolla a terrifying dragon that could destroy the world and find his father Overall I loved the characters and felt that the book definitely pulled me in Logan's world is one that I could return to again and again I would definitely recommend this book to all who enjoy a great fantasy read

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    For the debut offering of Christina Kenway this was a good start The positive I loved the cover It was inviting and drew me in I can identify with where the author is at in her publishing journey for about a year ago I too was here I published my first work and assessed I knew how to write well Because of that I did not acuire the services of an editor and the first version of my first book uickly reflected that in reviews that were less than enthusiasticOpportunities for learning I say that to say this I think the concepts and plot twists are there but the work as a whole needs polishing I found myself confused at times re who was saying what line As well I found some of the descriptions repetitive I can only handle so many chills going up someone's spine to reflect fearI saw a few bigger problems though 1 The story begins with Logan's mom releasing her 13 year old son Logan to a man she only barely knows and doesn't trust I understand that the middle grade reader may not have an issue with this but as a mom there's NO way I would have sent my child away with someone like this Also Logan's reaction is uiet acceptance There's not much resistance and it just wasn't believable to me2 The trials there wasn't much transition into WHY the trials were needed I'm still a bit confused as I write this review They all of a sudden happen and I'm not clear how they fit into the plot Why did Logan have to go through the trials? I understand he was the dragonlord but was the point to toughen him up? Was it to test him? With the first test David accompanied him which against the other 2 tests really confused me Those he was with kept telling Logan he would be fine and would come out alive I understand that only the dragonlord could retrieve the parts of Ascalon I understand all this but I'm still lost as to why the trials had to be so all of a sudden and what their true purpose was The author never clearly says and so I was left confusedOverall the book felt disjointed and needed to flow better between events I think a good editor could give some help and pointers For me having now had two books professionally edited I have seen significant improvement in the uality of my writing as I've learned from the feedback she has given I would encourage the author to do the same As I said at the beginning I see some elements in the writing that could easily be refined and crafted into a book that all middle grade readers would loveIt appears the author plans to write books in this series and potentially make a career of it IF that is the case I encourage her to accept constructive criticism as it is offered at this point as it is meant to help not hurt She can be a truly great author one day

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    I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review This was a great start to a series Granted there was not a lot of world building in this book but I am sure that as the series progresses we will learn about the the history of this world and the importance of The Order and the Trials The plot was fun and fast paced with enough twists to keep it interesting and not bog the story down with them at the same time Can't to see where the series goes from here

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    I would first like to thank the author for sending me an electronic copy of this book This book is full of action and adventure This book is very intriguing and very well written Christina Kenway is a very imaginative author

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a reviewIn The Dragonlord's Heir we are introduced to Logan Lockwood on his thirteenth birthday where he learns that he has reached the age where he inherits his father's power as the Dragonlord a person with the power to use Ascalon the lance to fight dragons Unfortunately Logan's existence must be kept secret so that a man named Cain Hunter cannot find him and end the lineage of the Dragonlord Logan goes on the run with members of the Order of Ascalon a group of people who protect the Dragonlord and the lance Wolf and David in order to retrieve the three pieces of Ascalon before Saint George's Day arrives and Cain Hunter resurrecting the dragon BollaI enjoyed reading The Dragonlord's Heir Logan and Emma were the best parts of the books It was amusing and satisfying to watch their relationship grow Emma's back story was a little odd view spoilerand I have reason to doubt that her father is actually dead hide spoiler

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    I didn’t receive a free copy of this book nor was I asked to review itJust want to say that overall I really enjoyed this book Despite this not being my typically read genre since it was of a Percy Jackson preteen audience feel that maybe wouldn’t be fit for a twentysomething year old I thought the book was really creative exciting and well written Especially considering you are a young self published author writing her first book I was very impressed with the level of structure and adventure here So incredible jobDisclaimer I’m not really a review writer and have never done one so sorry if my thoughts are a little jumbled but hopefully some of the constructive criticism stuff will at least help you out a bit I really enjoyed the whole concept of the Dragonlord and the fate of Order being left to a 13 year old kid It was so creative and pulled off very well I think I loved a lot of the characters especially Emma who totally reminded me of the blonde girl in How to Train Your Dragon the dragon parallel here merely being coincidentalThough I will say that your character names are maybe a little too well placed Even though Logan and Emma are fairly generic names it was literally impossible for me to not picture a younger Logan Lerman and Emma Watson playing these roles I mean let’s face it they are pretty dang cast able in any role but I think the names were a bit too limiting for that reason maybe Though I’m sure this was unintentional Just worth pointing out Unfortunately I do agree with the inconsistency of the voice that has been mentioned in other reviews I feel like Logan doesn’t have a distinct voice and maybe that’s because some of his thoughts and phrases are a bit unbelievable given he is only a 13 year old boy I think I remember him repeatedly describing himself as “ill euipped” as a Dragonlord and realistically most 13 year olds would not use this in their vocabularyEven some of Emma’s dialogue is not relatable for a young girl The line “Stay alive Dragon boy” was good but probably too cliché and FAR TOO Hunger Games reminiscent Like Haymitch literally gives this advice to KatnissAlso sometimes things are pointed out that are not consistent with a 13 year old boy’s thoughts Like when we finally meet William Lockwood and the first thing Logan notices about him is that he is “strikingly attractive” Now it makes sense for him to describe Emma in this way upon him first seeing her but you probably wouldn’t hear a boy think of a middle aged man that way I’m sure William is attractive but if this is relevant information you feel the reader should know come up with a way to do it that is consistent with your respective character Perhaps this would have been better written as a third person limited like Harry Potter Sorry not to compare any aspect of this book to Potter but just an idea If you do write again from first person make the writing very distinct to the character especially in respect to age and gender It makes a HUGE difference in believability and even likability in your character I noticed that there were some parts you even go into 2nd person I think there was one point at the end where the reader is addressed and Logan says something like “As you can remember I’ve had uite a few bad ideas” So just stay away from addressing the ‘you’ in your writingThere were also a few “show don’t tell” parts in the writing that if were fixed would make the writing flow better Most of the time it was subtle But times you would come out and say things before they even happened like “the second trial wasn’t as bad as the first” and then state things like “then something irreversible happened” before it actually happened I’d say you don’t need to tell us these things; it’s bad foreshadowing Just write about itOne obvious “telling” part were the dream seuences in both chapter 4 and 7 You would kind of literally have Logan tell us “and then I had a dream It was a nightmare Here is what happened” I appreciate you not wanting to confuse your readers but I think it may have been unnecessaryOne suggestion for the next few books if I may? You really need characters Logan’s age Emma can’t be the only friend in his younger circle He needs a Ron Wesley Again sorry for the Potter comparison But you should maybe have a group of young boys fighting dragons along side Logan That would be awesome and it could have a lot of a Maze Runner feel which would take everything up a notch and give your readers options on relatable characters Understandably I feel like not many of your readers couldn’t relate to David or Julianna So yeah just give us a Weasley Or a Neville Or my goodness even a toned down Malfoy would do it for meAnother note on Julianna I think there was maybe a little too much build up for her character She is described as this evil ueen everyone should fear but I remember being a little disappointed when I finally met her I guess I did like her character overall looking back on the book but she was fairly overhyped when we first met her So yeah just be careful with thatAnyways I hope you can appreciate the review and take some of it into account for your other writing I’m excited to read from you Best of luck to you

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Don't you hate it when you write a great review and then your computer glitches out and you lose everything? 8D So short version Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones Plus dragons Lots of fun but had a few flaws Why did Logan's mother just let him run off to do Dragonlord things with a person she doesn't trust? And said person she doesn't trust view spoilerbetrays everyone wow go figure HIS NAME IS WOLF AND PEOPLE SAY HE'S SUPER UNTRUSTWORTHY SO WHY IS HE PART OF THIS I guess that was the plot twist? That Wolf was a traitor? I kind of called it right away I don't know if that's because this was meant for a younger reader or what but it kind of ruined the big reveal hide spoiler

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    The debut offering from author Christina Kenway was a thrilling venture into the life of a 13 year old boy tasked with saving the world from the Great Dragons Logan Lockwood must fight his way through grueling trials that test his physical fortitude as well as his cunning Logan ducks scimitars hops collapsing pillars and escapes a room full of lava which pales in comparison to looking cool for the beautiful EmmaThe Dragonlord's Heir is a fun story that keeps you wanting Set in modern day America it's a refreshing take on the classic dragon tale Instead of a valiant knight in shining armor the fate of the world is set in the hands of a normal 13 year old boy Instead of racing through a fantasy realm the story takes us through parts of the United States bringing a feeling of familiarity not often found in a regular story involving dragonsKenway develops her characters well giving each their own distinctive personality and perspective on the events taking place She has a knack for comedic timing and well placed sarcasm throughout the story While the jokes are well timed the thrills of the story are nonstop Logan is constantly faced with challenges often testing his loyalty and morals as opposed to his strength Logan not only has to deal with all that comes with being the Dragonlord but he still faces the problems of a regular 13 year old boy Growing up without his father in a single parent home Logan meets his father for the first time in less than standard fashion and struggles with balancing his duties and making up time with his father Logan also finds himself in a budding romance with the beautiful and bold Emma I loved book one of The Ascalon Trilogy and certainly can't wait for the next As an adult I was captivated throughout the entire reading and I'm certain people of all ages will be just as enthralled I am very impressed with what Kenway was able to produce and I know she has a successful career of entertaining us with her stories ahead of her I plan on purchasing multiple copies for my elementary and middle schools and I know my kids will be arguing over who gets to be Logan in their latest game of The Dragonlord's Heir on the playground I can't express enough how much I enjoyed reading this book and if you're looking for an exciting uality read you would be doing yourself a big favor by picking up Christina Kenway's The Dragonlord's Heir today

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    As far as middle grade novels go The Dragonlord’s Heir is pretty spot on maybe even too perfect for the age group The main character Logan is the epitome of a thirteen year old He acts without thinking but thinks he is bigger and better than he is He over estimates himself and underestimates everyone else He craves independence acts independently all the while thinking it’s the honorable way to face his problems He is a typical teenager just about to come of age He is cocky and dumb His epic journey of becoming the Dragonlord progresses uite uickly The story plunges the reader headfirst into this alternate universe and hopes that they can hang on to the treads that are dragging them It takes off uickly and continues at a fast pace without slowing down much The greatest insight the reader gets into the characters and their personalities is in the last chapter Throughout the story Logan rushes along a path of self destruction and always barely escapes with his life He has no skill and no means for which it would ever be assumed that he can win And he doesn’t The majority of the story is a series of events in which Logan continually looses very easily I might add without putting up much of a fight He seems to just roll over and take it But miraculously he prevails over the dragon in the end Throughout this book I continually found myself frustrated with the main character and his lack of fighting He just takes every mishap that occurs and lets it happen He doesn’t put up a fight to even try and win He is only thirteen and perhaps this is how any normal person would react but it was still infuriating I struggle to get through the book because it was difficult to become engaged with such a plain character There were also some grammar issues and inconsistencies but my biggest issue was the lack of strong character development As a middle grade novel it works well My issues may be geared a little too high for the level at which the book is set But as a reader I wanted to be invested and engaged with the characters As it is I didn’t really care how it came out

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And slay any if they should ever be releasedBut when a man named Cain Hunter attempts to resurrect Bolla the dragon of the western world Logan finds himself embarking on a dangerous adventure to stop an enemy with a personal vendetta against the father he's never met Trekking from hidden tombs to watery graves it's. I was given a copy


Instead of doing math homework or playing video games like any other 13 year old kid might be doing Logan Lockwood is a bit preoccupied with slaying a dragonDescended directly from Saint George the legendary dragon slayer of old Logan's responsibility as the current Dragonlord is to keep the great dragons entombed. First I'd like to t

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Up to Logan alone to recover the mighty lance Ascalon and slay the beast before time runs outThe deadline is Saint George's Day April 23rdTo protect the world from the folly of the great beast and save his father's life Logan must assume his identity as the Dragonlord and reclaim Ascalon before Bolla is resurrecte. The debut offering