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Alpha Bet Christy Cross #1

Scott Hildreth È 5 Read

Story that follows is an insane sexual romp throughout her early summer as she determines what she wants from a male counterpart This book is HOT sexy and has an absolutely hilarious story line. Christy Cross is boss This book is hot and funny all at the same time It is hard to believe that this book is written by a male but Scott has done it again this book will get you laughing and suck you in from the minute you open it the sex is hot and Christy cross is the boss It is a great sexual journey that we the reader get to travel thanks to SD Hildreth Her new found view on her sexuality and the need to take control of it is an amazing tale This is a must readThank Youn Scott

Read Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Scott Hildreth

Alternatenew cover edition for ASIN# B00HX3JKFIWarning this is not a romance novel The sex scenes in this book are graphic and not for the meek or closed minded Christy Cross has had an other t. 5 Kinda funky Thumbs up WARNINGCAUTIONBEWARE Uploaded with ImageShackcomThis book is by NO means romantic hearts and flowers lovey dovey or sweet If that is what you are looking for turn back now because you are soooooo SOL If you do not like vulgardo not read this If you do not like drunks and drunken shenanigansdo not read this If you do not like raunchydo not read this If you do not like filthy humorDO NOT READ THIS BOOK Or dobut you have been warned Uploaded with ImageShackcomThis is a COMIC EROTICA It is meant to be dirty hilarious and pee your pants fun No glittery unicorns no happy singing and dancing elves and no “you complete me” Prince Charming Uploaded with ImageShackcom THERE IS NO HEA well unless you count multiple orgasms as a happily ever after Hellwhat girl wouldn’tEvery rule is MEANT to be broken and Christy plans to do just that ”Twentywhogivesafuck” Uploaded with ImageShackcom Let’s meet Christy Cross Uploaded with ImageShackcom ”Fuck if you can’t have fun why live Uptight people need to get a fucking life” God definitely broke the mold with Christy To say the least Christy is a no bullshit kinda gal She shoots straightand she does it duuuhhh runk She is crazyand she is boss Christy Cross is Boss Uploaded with ImageShackcomChristy is TIRED of watching porn and using her hand as her only means of release She wants to let loose and she wants to give sex another go after her near blinding and traumatizing experience with a boy and his veggie Uploaded with ImageShackcom Uploaded with ImageShackcom The Bet During a drunken night Christy makes a bet with Heather her trusty sidekick Christy is going to screw fuck her way through the alphabet But she must do it IN ORDERA all the way to Z Anything goes Men women threesomes twosomes hand somes strap ons coffee Asian gangs fingers tongues butt pirates skateboards girls named CloeANYTHING ”Remember it’s only kinky the first time” Uploaded with ImageShackcomWhen Christy drinkswatch out You never know what she is going to do or who She keeps you on your toes and keeps you wondering “What fucking monkeyshines is this crazy bitch going to get herself into next” Uploaded with ImageShackcomChristy is cumming to terms with the fact that she LOVES bossing people around She gets off on itmultiple times Her and her magic fingers are going to break ALL OF THE RULES Uploaded with ImageShackcomThis book is neither here nor thereit’s fucking EVERYWHERE Noreallythere is fuckingeverywhere I haven’t laughed this hard with a book in a long while CHRISTY CROSS IS MOTHERFUCKING BOSS Uploaded with ImageShackcomScottI said it before and I am saying it again BRAV FUCKING O Uploaded with ImageShackcomYou sir sure know how to make a girl wet her pants and giggle about itand then wet her pants again Jesus fucking Christmas 6’3 covered in tattoos holy mothered perfectionmmmmmhhhmmmmmm Uploaded with ImageShackcomPsssshhhhlike Christy needs ANOTHER reason

review Alpha Bet Christy Cross #1

Han desirable sex life until now Out of college for the summer she makes a bet with her best friend She's going to turn her sex life around uickly she discovers that she is an alpha female The. This book is hilarious If you have a sense of humor don't mind being exposed to the raunchy side of life and can stand a little sex as it seems to happen to the other people this book just may work for youIt depicts a girl that is a drunk As in DRUNK She is her comfortable self when she is drinking When she is not she can barely thinkShe had an 'encounter' her senior year in high school a sexual encounter It went bad to say the least She has since then refrained from sexuntil her summer of junior year in high schoolShe's competitive physical and loves to bet She in a drunken night with her best friend made a bet The bet consisted of her fucking her way through the alphabet IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER by the end of the summerIt's kind of a Pulp Fiction esue format book It has a ridiculously funny plot a twisting turning oh shit I never saw that coming plotIt's never what you'd guess and not what you're expecting It is always funny as long as you're okay withMFF MM MMF A2M Strap ons money shots cum flying dildo's light drug use screwing your co worker driving drunk unprotected sex fucking cops drunken sex having sex without loving someone and using the internet to find a uick 'hook up'I read it this morning front to back A person read it over my shoulder He laughed so hard he had to go to the bathroomI laughed so hard I cried I literally criedIt's every bit of funny It's got a considerable amount of sex It has reasonable amount of raunch Well maybe a lotIt also breaks every rule of life that we've been taught Every one EVERY ONE The rules we were taught as kids It doesn't even come close to following themThey're not followed Not even closeIf you want to toss your respective hands of responsibility in the air for a six hour stretch read this bookIt's as funny of an erotica as you'll probably ever even be able to findAnd the sex is wellUnprotectedFor what it is I must give it five well deserved stars

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