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Out of This Orbit Cosmic Soul Mates #2

CHARACTERS Out of This Orbit Cosmic Soul Mates #2

Jaye is not one to back down from a challenge and Darlah Mae is proving to be uite the challenge No matter what he does. 3½⭐︎Jaye our favorite blue drama ueen from the last book is featured in this installment with Dar daughter of the pilot from The Incident They just can't seem to get along and then one day they're caught in a compromising position and something in Jaye triggers making him fixated on the mousy little brunette with a nipping problem This is a really goofy little series of stories so if silly and immature humor isn't your bag they could be annoying Since I have been part of a similar friend group I find these comforting and hilarious laughing out loud several times during the reading And honestly it's refreshing to see adults being silly and playful rather than simply broody and sarcastic all of the time Jaye really is the biggest baby at times but when he view spoilerdidn't tell Dar they were soul mates and married so she would have the chance to pick him on her own and not feel trapped hide spoiler


Ation with the adorably mousy brunette and everyone assumes the two of them are having their wicked way with each other. Of the four books so far this is my favoritefunny sexy and witty

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He can't seem to ruffle the curvy woman's calm outward composure That is until he finds himself in a compromising situ. Second in series In a future where aliens and humans live ‘as the norm’ Rom com Sci fi romance with all the great lols that we know and love jeanette lynn for 🖤🖤