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Forced By Daddy

Summary Forced By Daddy

A uiet night turns into a fearful encounter with a home intruder When a woman at home alone comes face to face with one of her fantasies she has no choice but to give in Will her body betray her or will she come to enjoy living through this kinky fantasy she's kept to herself all these yearsThis 3000 word erotic short includes graphic scenes of forced sex pseudo incest and light BDSM All characters are over 18 and none are related by blood This story is a mirror of the story My Rape Fantasy by Roxie FeurougeExcerpt for Forced By DaddyHis knife moves down my stomach now passing next to my navel and to my panties It traces down my pelvis and stops just above my slit He grabs my panties and cuts one leg off my panties and does the same to the other side before pulling the fabric out from under me and throwing it to the floorHe sets the knife down on my bedside table now but stays next to me His hands are covered with leather gloves whic.

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H is why they were so cold when he grabbed me The fabric feels good against my skin as his fingers lightly tickle my hip bone slowly moving down He pulls my legs apart before firmly rubbing the palm of his hand on my cunt only on the outside The man presses his hand against me just using barely enough pressure for me to feel it in my clit I shudderPlease just stop I cry uietly now I'm not even sure I mean the words now His touch feels so good as he dips his middle finger into my slit and rubs against my sensitive nub My body is calming down and my breathing is slowing as he continues to play with my clitoris His other hand roughly rubs my breasts It feels good really good Even though I'm ashamed I can't help but let out a moan of pleasureHe chuckles again before removing both of his gloves and sticking a finger into my hole The sudden intrusion shocks me into spreading my legs further giving him better access to my pussy I'm not cryi.

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Ng any A warmth is coursing through my body as I begin to truly enjoy this sex being forced upon me I should be ashamed but I just can't be I want his prick in meI think of my dad and almost feel that shame return but then a second finger presses into me and hits my g spot I arch my back in response The man leans over and his mouth sucks in my nipple as he continues to finger me slowly In and out his fingers explore my depths massaging my insides and sending wave after wave of pleasure through me As his speed picks up he starts to lick my nipples with the pad of his tongue Midnight Climax Erotica is a small publishing company that seeks tofind the best indie authors that are challenging the status uo We'reworking to prove that independent authors can produce works just asbeautiful heart wrenching and poignant as those released by largepublishing companies We are committed to bringing readers the verybest hottest stories available tod.

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