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S and legendary creatures A Monster Creation Form to help you create your monster from scratch An annotated version of HP Lovecraft's chilling story The Unnamable Whether you write fantasy science fiction or horror your vampires ghouls aliens and trolls need to be both compelling and meaningful With Writing Monsters you can craft creatures that will wreak havoc in your stories and haunt your readers' imaginations and nightmar Entertaining with useful tips on how to create a monster and portray the environment and feeling you want your readers to experience

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Hilip Athans uses classic examples from books films and the world around us to explore what makes monsters memorable and terrifying You'll learn what monsters can and should represent in your story and how to create monsters from the ground up Writing Monsters includes In depth discussions of where monsters come from what they symbolize and how to best portray them in fiction Informative overviews of famous monsters archetype This review and others cane be found on my blog alongside other kinds of posts had read an article by Philip Athans on Writer's Digest about writing monsters an article I cannot seem to find now over a year ago The article finished with a promotion of his latest book the title I am about to review So when I saw this book on the shelf in Foyles you can read about my trip to Foyles in an earlier blog post titled In Fear of Storm Frank I felt the need to buy it I must say this was well worth the impulse purchasePhilip Athans provides an in depth guide into what makes monsters scary how you can make your monsters scary what to think about when creating them what to consider when writing them etc I have no doubt that Athans provides you with everything you need to know to create the horrors that will have your readers shivering in the summer sunThis is a book to keep on the book shelf near your writing space for a uick reference Sections are clearly labelled for uick access so you can flick through to whatever section you need at any given moment I read this book from cover to cover and whilst I'd recommed doing so on an initial read through it isn't necessary if you're looking for specific information For example if you're just looking for advice on how you actually write a monster then the final third of this book might be all you needAthans provides an invaluable monster creation form at the beginning of the book It's simple and easy and gives you or less everything you need in constructing horrific beasts This is perfect for new writers who want some guidance but can also be a checklist for experienced writers to ensure they've thought about everything they need to before introducing the creature to the tale they're telling Even if you don't want to get bogged down in the details and actually fill out a form every time you think of a monster it gives you all the key things to consider before writingAs with any how to book Athans offers plenty of examples throughout He goes through the tropes from vampires to zombies offering the good examples as well as the bad He draws from fantasy science fiction and horror He doesn't limit himself to literature either; he takes examples from films video games and even Dungeons DragonsHowever the number one author he likes to use than anyone else and he even includes a short story from him right at the end is the master of monsters H P Lovecraft You couldn't talk about writing monsters and not discuss the man who gave birth to countless nightmares and examples from his work fit in perfectly However whilst there were a number of examples from Stephen King and others it came across that Athans expressed favoritism towards Lovecraft If you see some indented text on the page you would be safe on betting it'll be him For Lovecraft fans this may be the icing on the cake Until now I hadn't ready any Lovecraft but the small snippets and the short story at the end have not encouraged me to look into his work You might feel differently but I got bored of the Lovecraft examples towards the end and the short story didn't have much effect on me either Maybe I was having an off day or maybe Lovecraft just isn't for meOverall this is a useful book to keep close for guidance It's perfect for new writers but could also be useful for those with exper

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Monsters are than things that go bump in the night Monsters are lurking in the woods beneath the waves and within our favorite books films and games and there are good reasons why they appear so often Monsters are manifestations of our fears and symbols of our society not to mention they're a lot of fun but each should serve a purpose and enhance the themes and tension in your fiction In Writing Monsters best selling author P I didn't learn a lot that was new to me here but I like the organization of the book and the examples it uses

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