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Why Men Love Bitches From Doormat to Dreamgirl A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own In A Relationship

Summary Why Men Love Bitches From Doormat to Dreamgirl A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own In A Relationship

Прошло несколько недель или месяцев и вы замечаете что его интерес к вам ослаб Не спешите покупать новое белье или готовить роскошный ужин из четырех блюд Мировой бестселлер Шерри Аргов «Мужчины любят стерв» это руководство для слишком хороших женщин которые усердно «работа?. Bella Swan should have read this book I am not really into self help books like this beca

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о добиваться вновь и вновь И вы сможете развивать ваши отношения по своему собственному сценариюШерри Аргов – настоящая роковая женщина и признанный эксперт по отношениям Ее бестселлеры уже 10 лет не покидают рейтинги com а суммарные продажи книг перевалили за 20 000 000 экземпляро?. The fact is you're not supposed to read a book like this let alone like it When this book

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?т над отношениями» Из книги вы узнаете почему ваши старания дают обратный эффект и что на самом деле заводит всех мужчин без исключения 100 принципов привлекательности которые сформулировала для вас Шерри помогут вам всегда оставаться для него женщиной мечты которую необходим. This is the worst self help book I have ever read The dumb fox theory completely negates

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    I bought itI read itI read it for the second time aroundI've learned so many things that I can't reveal because I discovered so many thingsto myself and even for the benefit of my significant otherI applied itIt workedIt was successfuuuullllInvestmentLast wordSWORTH KEEPING

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    Bella Swan should have read this book I am not really into self help books like this because I really don't give a damn about guys Sure guys are such fascinating creatures Sometimes I want them But most of the times I just want them to leave me alone And no I am definitely NOT a man hater I told you they fascinate me But I just couldn't make myself give a damn on whether men I know think I'm a doormat or a dream girl I have much better things to do than that And if a guy doesn't like me any sure as hell I won't try to woo him There are a lot of fish in the sea And we're living in a world with uite a number of oceansI enjoyed reading this book though I really think this book is a must read for all the girls out there who think that the sun revolves around their boyfriends My friend who just got dumped by her boyfriend for being too clingy recommended this book to me She said that if she only had this book earlier in her relationship her boyfriend might have never dumped her I don't know about that but I think this book might have helped her Because this book shows that girls who value themselves that are independent and have great self respect and confidence are the ones who are really what you call HOT Being a bitch here is defined not in a negative context A Bitch is someone who loves herself than any man and will never let a man control here life no matter how much she loves him She doesn't take shits from men and definitely doesn't tolerate being looked down upon like a doormat She's independent strong intelligent and has a life of her own She doesn't sacrifice her other relationships just to suit the schedule of her boyfriendA bitch believes that a relationship needs mutual respect and trust between the partners She believes that she deserves only the best because she's willing to give her best in return And yes we all need to be a little bitch sometimesIt is a perfect read for girls who needed a little bit of a boost on their self confidence and for girls who are in a not so healthy and co dependent relationship This book has tips on how to keep things interesting and to make guys crazy over youI won't recommend it to guys though because I don't want you to know our tricks

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    Speaking of the book objectively It contais a number of advices on pursuing something called worthy man or good man Such a man is romantic and cares for her potential partner but is also childish ego oriented and selfish He must be conducted by flattery and misconception Many of the techniues showed in the book are going to work on a large number of males in my opinionIt is also of my opinion that the outcome of this book is disgusting All the prescriptive and inductive methods on how a woman should deal with a man are the sign a given woman has been looking for the wrong male profile Considering such a view having a dog is much rewarding and for half the effortIt is my perception of what a worthy man is that makes me think I'd loath such treatment The dumb fox the archetypical woman who plays dumb to get what she wants and that is also the star role in the book is not the woman I would look for neither as a companion nor as a friend In fact I'd like to keep all dumb foxes and their falsehood as away from me as I couldI want a woman who has no need to deceive nor is conceited and also not afraid to speak up for herself She doesn't keep her cards close but puts everything in the table when the other side followsIf you are a woman and want to board a relationship in which you manipulate and calculate a male in order to make him obey by sexual bribery and misdirection please read it It is probably going to both work and testify you found yourself a worthless mimicry excuse for a man and of course that says something about yourself as wellEnjoy while you can

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    I read this book because a friend suggested it and loaned it to me I think this is a horrible book and I'll tell you why Most of the men described in this book are douchebags Plain and simple The author claims she got her information from actual men Fine I'm sure she did But those men if that is the type of information they gave her are douchebags And aren't we tired of dealing with douchebags by now? It's 2011 and I have self respect Too much self respect to put up with a man who always wants to chase me Too much self respect to put up with a man who likes to play games Is testing the other person out an inherent part of dealing with people? Sure But the tests need to be natural Any man who doesn't call when he says he would just to test my reaction can leave me alone That man is a liar and a douchebag I'm so tired of books that advise women to take lying as a normal part of getting to know a man This advice was strewn throughout the book It sickens me If men believe that they will get away with whatever they're allowed to get away with then why should we even listen to them? Why should we care why they love bitches? I know I don't Because I can have self respect and love for myself without being a bitch And I don't need to own that word and gussy it up like it's a good word It's not I can't believe this author suggested that when your man finally calls you a bitch you've succeeded at something Any man I'm with better never call me a bitch This book really ticked me off We need to up our standards Is there some good advice offered? Yes but it's on the backs of real women who know a loser when they see one And most of the book's advice only pertains to losers and the women who want them

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    This is the worst self help book I have ever read The dumb fox theory completely negates the entire book How are you going to prove you don't need a man around when you can't change a tire or lightbulb without him? RIDICULOUS I'm not going to dumb myself down to make my boyfriend feel better about himself that's his insecurity issues to work on This book basically teaches a woman how to play mind games and be passive agressive which in my opinion are NOT going to land you a healthy long term relationship

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    Fun readSpent my time laughing with this bookThough it was a little bit repetitive45 stars

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    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good with this review Curiosity never killed anyone Who? WHO TOLD YOU THAT?I read this book out of curiosity and for experimental purposes I did it for science Besides it was either this or 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey I feel effective enough as I am right now Should've gone with the effectiveness anyway So I spent the past few days learning about the bitch theory How to be a bitch The bitch lifestyle What the bitch eats sleeps thinks Go for the crotch or rip his heart out straight upBut first What the author means by this term Bitch Bitch noun A woman who won't bang her head against the wall obsessing over someone else's opinion be it a man or anyone else in her life She understands that if someone does not approve of her it's just one person's opinion; therefore it's of no real importance she doesn't try to live up to anyone else's standards only her own Because of this she relates to man very differentlyThe “new and improved” bitch is not a bad thing She is a refined version of the proverbial “old” bitch She’s not abrasive or mean nor does she nag to get what she wants She speaks with her actions and she’s only a bitch when she has to be According to some the word derives from the first letters in the following phrase B abe I n T otal C ontrol of H erself The only higher crown the only higher honor is to be called a “High Maintenance Bitch” It’s a sign of success indicating that this is the woman the guy ends up keeping Pretty great I'd say I learnt a lot from this bookthat I will not be using Why? Because I don't want to be a bitch I disagree strongly with a lot of points in here Nice girl syndrome? Maybe Some points were solid I won't do this book a dishonour and be oblivious to them but I believe you can be a nice girl and still be firm and strong I believe you don't need strategies and game plans in relationships Trickery and a whole lot of other shenanigans to effect commitment If you do then don't be sorry when it feels like a lie Because it is a lie The problem wasn't the advice and tips itself but about the context and how they projected the imagery of puppet and puppet master This isn’t about how to play a game or how to manipulate someone This is about whether you are genuinely needy or whether you can genuinely show him that you’ll be an eual partner in the relationship It’s about whether you are capable of holding your own in a relationship Eeeeeeeee WRONG If all that planning and strategizing isn't manipulation then my name is Tuli periwinkle That is too manipulationThis book is so pretentious This is the same book that seeks to expose and condemn the tricks men play and their own attention seeking methods And yet it supplies us readily with tricks of our own I'm imagining that scene from Pitch Perfect where the bellas have a riff offCategory Songs about sex with the Trebles I'm imagining a red line and on both sides of it the two genders are armed with swords drawn and ready for war I'm imagining Levana with her hands up in the air screaming Love is a conuest Love is a war Someone's going to lose or get hurt However when a woman makes him wait and he’s romantic over time the dinners and the flowers keep on coming Why? Because he formed the habit of treating her with respect before he got what he wanted Tell me something I don't knowHave you ever heard of the theory of classical conditioning by Pavlov? The Russian physiologist carried out an experiment which in time garnered the term Pavlovian conditioning We know dogs normally salivate at the sight of food Okay Pavlov said This was an unconditioned response as in something inherent and unlearned Pavlov noticed that his dogs automatically associated food with his entrance into the room and always delivered a salivary responseassuming he came bearing gifts The objective of classical conditioning was to get the dogs to associate a particular thingstimulus with the rewardfood To teach them to react this way Even I'm not in support of this I imagine a day of high frustration when you forget to bring the offerings those dogs are going to bite you But if you're lucky they'll go straight for the jugular and make it uickIn his experiment Pavlov used a bell as his neutral stimulus Whenever he gave food to his dogs he also rang a bell After a number of repeats of this procedure he tried the bell on its own And what do you know? The bell on its own now caused an increase in salivation The dog had learned an association between the bell and the food and a new behavior had been learnt Because this response was learned or conditioned it is called a conditioned response The neutral stimulus has become a conditioned stimulus I don't think I need to explain how abnormal it is for me to think of this experiment while reading this bookWhat woman doesn't want respect? But now we debate this saying The end doesn't justify the means There's the common example of children who were beaten growing up good Such great exemplary kids with such great unjustifiable scars If you have to manipulate every time to get your desired result in a relationship be this be that be those twist and bend and change shape until you bend out of form to a certain extent this tactic might be productive but Where does your peace of mind lie? While this book may rely on a man's densenessnot me the book implies he's not stupid he'll notice the pattern and act the way you want get what he wants anyway and it all becomes reverse psychology Say hello to the boomerang theory I guess it's a win win situation where we're all happy and satisfied but this kind of happiness can only be marked by impermanence Always having to go through a ritual of push and pull humans are not springs even the most resilient toys get broken Now with your brain juice bleeding out and him mentally exhausted it's a wonderful life right? There's a difference between being smart and being a strategist I was also really annoyed by how the author's male references were cardboard cut out one track minded jerks Every man wants to have sex first; whether he wants a girlfriend is something he thinks about later By not giving him what he wants upfront you become his girlfriend without him realizing it And after giving him sex he would just let himself chase after the next hottie on the block I know one man and I can swear on my Harry Potter books that he is not a chasing sex animal or hunter on the prowlRoarrr But since the real references in this book outnumber my vote by many to one I'll bow out of this argumentIt is of my opinion that yes one shouldn't waste effort on the wrong person and lose one's self by giving too much but then you shouldn't resort to selfish childish mind games and still lose yourself trying to act a role It's like living on two extremes How about finding a middle ground?☑ First lesson should've been➡Try toBe okay with yourself as a person As an individual Throwing yourself into a role in a relationship is simply blunder fail bollocks batshit stupidAnd➡ I really felt sad reading some of the things the men who were interviewed for this book said Some of them honestly came off as JERKS who never learned that Tom and Jerry games should never escalate outside of the screen I look forward to them featuring in the sexy counterpart Why women love jerks The A Z A man's guide to being the greatest jerk of a woman's life Grow up my friends➡ The only thing I can say concerning this book is take what you want and leave the rest fashion it to your own use Be yourself and if a man asks for something not you run away Fast Until your legs touch the back of your headInitially all I had to say to this book wasThe intention of this book is true The contents It's a matter of who's reading it and what they're taking from it So the right thing to say is not This book is wrong or Whoo hoo Women empowerment gone awry I liked uite a few things about this book a few hold true but this just wasn't me For me But on the bright side there were really stellar uotes that meant a lot to me Like the one I leave you with now Throughout life people will try to shake your faith in yourself When this happens remind yourself that the only way they can succeed is if you allow it When you walk down the street of life always hold your head high and keep walking Don’t ever let anyone shake your faith in yourself because that’s really all that you have

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    I felt compelled to write a review about this book because it changed the way I dated and most importantly changed the way I treated myself This is one of the most influential self help books I have ever read and I have made all of my girlfriends read it Sherri Argov is insightful and cuts through BS with her sword of truth Yes the title is a bit much but you get the true meaning of the word bitch when you actually read the book The underlying premise of the book is about having self respect self love and maintaining control of yourself and your power as a woman I have read this book time and time again and can tell you with utmost conviction that all the principals in the book work like a charm with men It's not about playing a game its about holding your own They absolutely love bitches they can't get enough of us This book is a secret weapon for women every where I truly felt awakened and empowered in every sense of the word after first reading this book It truly changed my life and I have not said that about many books A must read for all women

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    The fact is you're not supposed to read a book like this let alone like it When this book came recommended to me from a few members of a woman's group I belonged to at the time skeptical wouldn't begin to describe what I thought I mean the title alone kind of wants to make you gag Most men hate bitches don't they? This book can't help you find keep or get a man right? Well right But I think that's the whole point of the book and possibly its beauty After a few chapters you realize the book is about you as a woman and being a strong woman who can sift through the nonsense some men spew than it is about finding dating and keeping a relationship The one thing this book will teach any woman is to know that you are all you need Even if you already know this it's a good thing to have confirmed And knowing this and truly believing it is what will make a man love and respect you according to ArgovI say it's at least worth a look see

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    I read this book several years ago when I was younger and not so smart At the time I had been dating someone for about 6 months without the title or commitment and unfortunately I was the girl in this book A few months later I got tired of the bs and turned into the bitch that this book tells you to be not because I did it intentionally but because I just didn't care any And guess what IT WORKED he did a 180 and was the one chasing and wanting the commitment I gave it a shot but my heart just wasn't in it because I never stopped not caring after the bs A few years later I met my current boyfriend and a year and half later we are both completely happy and in love living together The thing I realized about this book though is that yes it works but don't you want to fall in love with someone and be loved back for being YOU? No mind games tricks or fronts? My current boyfriend fell in love with me for me because I am nice love to cook for him and clean around our house because when we met I did things like give him pedicures We spent everyday together and didn't play games We were honest ourselves and happy And I found a hard working successful respectful responsible family orientated committed loving man The book works YES I used its tactics for several years by just not caring or having my heart invested but really don't you want a man that loves you for you not bs mind games you can play?