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Mastered by the Maruis

CHARACTERS Mastered by the Maruis

For Girls and bringing home Violet a woman who turns out to be feistier than Warren anticipatedThe Maruis of Havenshire has no intention of allowing his wife to rule over him so he takes her in hand and teaches her that even adult women can earn themselves a spankingFor adults only


Historical Domestic Discipline RomanceLord Warren James Maruis of Havenshire is content with remaining single Warren believes a woman belongs in the house caring for her husband and children and not involved in political or business matters The new women’s movement sweeping throu

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Gh the nation has made his search for a wife impossibleWarren watched his good friend Harrison Graham Duke of Fallbrook fall in love with an untitled woman who understands the proper role of husband and wife Warren follows in Harrison’s footsteps by visiting Miss Doreen’s Home

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