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    I really enjoyed this second book in the series It was well written and I thought the mysterysuspense aspect was engaging I liked visiting with the characters again though I think this book could be enjoyed as a stand alone I thought the romance was perfectly integrated with the story Ms Daniels is a talented author this is my second book I've read of hers and she is uickly becoming a favorite for me I am looking forward to my next trip back to Cardwell RanchI checked this book out of the library and I am voluntarily sharing my honest review My review is not influenced in any way

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    My reviewJustice at Cardwell Ranch is a part of Cardwell Ranch series but can easily read as standalone It was my first book written by BJ Daniels and I enjoyed it a lot After finishing Justice at Cardwell Ranch I actually decided to read the first book in the series too Justice at Cardwell Ranch is well written the writing is smooth and professional it is filled with thrilling suspense and mystery and fascinating settings of Montana It is easy to read and the novel captures you from the very beginning and keeps your attention until the last page is turned PlotMeet Jordan Cardwell who is coming back to his home town to attend his high school get together and to find out if and why his best friend killed himself at high school Besides that he has not been seeing his family for several years and lot of things have changed in his life and also in his personality Especially after his divorce Jordan needs and wants to face his sister Dana but before that happens he is involved in a murder case He has agreed to meet Alex another friend from his high school time Alex is sure that their common friend Tanner did not commit suicide but was killed When Jordan is appearing to their agreed meeting place Alex is shot on the spot and since Jordan is on site while it happens he becomes the suspect number one At least for a while Then the body count starts to increase and you uickly find out that what might seem obvious is notDuring the investigation Jordan gets closer to his family and to Deputy Marshal Liza At the same time the other members of the Cardwells are added to the story and you will uickly start asking uestions why are they all suddenly appearing in the ranch? What are their motives?The suspense part of the story was very intrigued and very well plotted Besides that there is romance woven to the story romance between Jordan and Liza which is in my opinion staying little too much in the background CharactersLet me start with telling you that there are many characters in Justice at Cardwell Ranch It was uite confusing for me in the beginning and hence the reason why I decided to read the preuel As said it is not necessary but it will make it easier for you to understand the background of the charactersThe amount of characters does not damage the uality of them though I think the author did an excellent job with creating characters who are catching your attention and who intrigue you You will find out that you can easily love some characters as much as you can dislike few others There is a nice balance between the likes and dislikes Characters are definitely supporting the plotGenerallyJustice at Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels is a solid and interesting suspense spiced up with some romance and seasoned with fascinating characters I would definitely recommend it

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    Very good book Jordan has come back to Big Sky to investigate the truth behind his best friend's suicide while they were in high school The day he arrived one of his high school friends who might have known something was murdered Liza Turner is tagged to investigate and soon finds that there are troublesome secrets coming to light Even though he's a suspect Liza is attracted to Jordan Her instincts tell her that he is not the murderer but that he can be dangerous to her heart I really liked both Liza and Jordan Liza is doing a great job as deputy She remembers Jordan from the whole will problem six years earlier and not in a good way Though she doesn't trust him at first she uickly realizes that he has changed for the better When he explains why he is in Big Sky and how it might impact her murder investigation they start working together to investigate Liza also discovers that she is very attracted to Jordan but doesn't expect him to stay around I liked Liza's intelligence and the way she was able to put things together Jordan was great too I loved the way that he had changed for the better He had been devastated by his friend's suicide and when he found out it may have been murder he had to come back and check into it He was attracted to Liza right away and found himself finding any excuse to be with her Investigating the how the suicide and then murder were connected gave them a lot of time together I loved the way he accepted the fact that he was going to have to earn people's trust and how hard he worked to do so I liked the way that he respected Liza's job as deputy but still wanted to protect her The mystery of the suicide and murder was well done and had a pretty tense ending I hope Stacy and Clay get stories of their own too

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    I loved this book even than the first HudsonHud and Dana have been married for 6 years now and have a little girl and boy five and four and are expecting twins Dana found her mother's new will leaving the ranch to her in a cookbook so she didn't have to sell the ranch and there is no suabbling with her siblings over money or selling the ranchThis book involves Jordan coming back to try and find out if his best friend in High School really committed suicide or was he murdered? Jordan has never believed that Tanner would take his own life because he was too excited about all his plans for after graduation When Jordan receives an anonymous note at the time for his 20th HS reunion he decides to go home and investigate his friend's deathLots of twists in this mystery with lots of uestions that thankfully are all answered in the endThe descriptions of fall in the mountains of western Montana made me long for the North West US of my middle school daysI love how each book is a complete story and does not end on a cliff hanger which I hateHighly recommended for clean romantic suspense mystery thriller fans Read this one in 1 sitting

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    “Justice at Cardwell Ranch” opens six years after Dana Cardwell was deeded Cardwell Ranch in Big Sky Montana over her sister and brothers’ objections Happily married to Sheriff Hud Savage with two children and on bed rest for her third pregnancy Dana’s sister Stacy suddenly shows up at the ranch with a baby and her brother Jordon has come back for a high school reunion with suspicions about his former friend Tanner’s suicide years before As Dana struggles with her pregnancy and with ualms about her sister’s sudden return the main thrust of the story revolves around Jordon who’s caught at the scene of a murder by Deputy Marshal Liz Turner Although a suspect Jordon attracted to the diligent and cute deputy marshal begins to help her uncover clues to a murder that seems linked to a suicide years beforeFast paced intensity and suspense build with a high school reunion that draws all the suspects together and on the ranch as Hud has Stacy’s baby’s DNA tested Twisting and turning the action picks up with the Deputy Marshall’s car being run off the road and Jordon facing death at the hands of a murderer Short in length but intriguing the plot uickly progresses to two dangerous confrontations near the endAmong a host of compelling characters are the loyal trustworthy and protective Hudson Hud Savage; his down to earth and kind hearted wife Dana; the unpredictable Stacy Cardwell; the charming and slightly arrogant Jordon Cardwell; as well as the strong persistent confident and easy going Liz Turner Yet it's Shelby Iverson and her groupies with their cutting remarks and meanness that add spice to the plot as their lies cover ups and betrayals are exposedI rate “ Justice at Cardwell Ranch” 45 as I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading other novels in this compelling and absorbing series

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    An exciting suspense filled story rated 45 Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomUnlike his sister Dana Jordan Cardwell did not understand why anyone remained on the ranch But the family cemetery was filled with people who had fought the land which had given them little for their labors to stay there Six years ago their mother had passed away and Jordan and his siblings had fought their youngest sister Dana wanting her to sell the ranch and share the profits But at the last moment she had found the revised will leaving the ranch to her stopping the fight Jordan and the rest of his siblings had left town and have not been back But Jordan is still working on a mystery that happened when he was in high school His best friend Tanner had died and the death had been ruled a suicide But Jordan was certain that his friend had been killed However he had never been able to prove it With the twenty year high school reunion about to take place Jordan received a call from Alex another high school friend who seemed to have additional information about Tanner’s death To get the information Jordan would have to attend the reunion But when he arrived at the secret meeting place he found Alex close to death and his last word was Shelby the name of Tanner’s high school girl friendLiza Turner the deputy marshal in Big Sky Montana arrived near the scene in time to hear the shots being fired But when she made it to the body she only saw Jordan standing over him making him her prime suspect although her gut tells her he is innocent Her good friend Dana is pregnant with twins and is experiencing difficulties with the pregnancy so her husband Hud the town marshal has taken a leave of absence leaving Liza in charge of the investigation Well aware of Jordan’s actions six years earlier she is suspicion that suddenly not only Jordan but also his sister Stacy have both returned to Big Sky In addition Stacy has brought a baby home that no one knew about and she is acting suspiciously Liza remembers the old Jordan and is wary of the changes in him but she cannot deny her attraction to him As they struggle to discover the identity of Alex’s killer and the connection to the death of Tanner the body count begins to rise As her feelings for Jordan deepen Liza fears that he may be next Can she find the killer before that happens?JUSTICE AT CARDWELL RANCH the second book in talented author BJ Daniels CARDWELL RANCH series is a suspense filled contemporary romance that will enthrall you from the very beginning Just as you begin to believe you have the mystery figured out you are sure to be proven wrong With vivid settings family interactions clever dialogue surprising plot twists and turns mystery suspense an interesting cast of characters Montana a high school reunion and love this story is beautifully written and a pure delight Interwoven throughout the story are the past lives of the eight people attending their high school reunion I really enjoyed the love and protectiveness that secondary character Hud exhibited for his wife and children The love and caring seemed to permeate the pages of the book adding a great deal of appeal However this story is of a mystery than a romance Although this book is part of a series it can be read as a standalone I recommend this story to anyone looking for a great story with plenty of action and mysteryDottie RomanceJunkiescom

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    Ok so I won the fourth book in this series in a giveaway and now I'm reading the three before it in order to get prepared I have mixed feelings about it They're set in a wonderful place but the characters leave much to be desiredJordan Cardwell is back in town because of a buddy and a mysterious phone call So when Liza finds him standing over the dead body of his buddy things do not get off to a good start But Joran's charming and there doesn't seem to be a feasible way that his friend was murdered by him which means there's a killer at large And this is a killer who doesn't want Liza solving the crime In the first book Jordan took his sister by the shoulders and shook her And I seem to be the only one who remembers this At least out of a pool of myself and the book characters So how does he end up the likable protagonist in this book? It kind of angers me as that was physical abuse and it never comes up again and everything is sunshine and rainbows Liza at least is a good character and knows what she wants I liked how she made decisions and followed through with them It showed she has guts and is a realistic thinker We have some of the characters from the first book as well but they are toned down uite a bit Which is probably because six years pass in between the last book and this one Again I love that these books take place in an area of Montana I'm familiar with I've even been to Ousel Falls and having that personal connection makes it sort of special Although I do have to wonder why she kept saying down to Bozeman and up to West Yellowstone Bozeman is North and West Yellowstone is South The pace in this book was rather fast and jumbled and I thought the ending was a bit unbelievable Again what is going on with the water in that town? They have than their fair share of crazy people There's a little side plot in this book involving Dana's sister that I thought was actually interesting than the main plot It was all very mysterious but then it was resolved pretty uickly tooI've got the third book in my hands so I'll read it But I'd only give this one about 25 stars Hopefully they improve by the time I get to the fourth one or the nextJustice at Cardwell RanchCopyright 2012216 pagesReview by M Reynard 2013More of my reviews can be found at wwwifithaswordsblogspotcom

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    Read this review on my blog Justice at Cardwell Ranch by BJ DanielsFrom the moment I received Justice at Cardwell Ranch I was totally intrigued I mean look at that cover Hot cowboy? Sign me upThe story is a murder mystery at its core but it’s also about family and realizing where home really is This is actually a seuel of sorts to Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch It involves the same family and some of the same characters but even though I hadn’t read the first one it did not take away from Justice It definitely stands very well on its ownJordan Cardwell tried very hard to leave his Montana roots behind and for a while he succeeded but he’s now a different man than he’d been the last time he was home and things are feeling right than ever Especially with Liza Turner aroundJordan’s childhood best friend committed suicide their senior year and it has always seemed like such an unbelievable act to Jordan Considering his best friend was independent hard working and very much looking forward to seeing the world after graduation So when he gets a phone call dredging it all up he is determined to find out what really happened to him Except then someone killed his source So Liza decides to help Jordan while at the same time solving the murder of the source Right off the bat Jordan and Liza have great chemistry together They worked well together tooAs the mystery unravels piece by piece we get to meet all kinds of interesting characters We also get to see a lot of Jordan’s familyI really enjoyed this book and as hard as I tried to guess who the guilty party was I never did get it uite right I’m also going to look up the first book in this duology and learn about the Cardwell family

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    What a fun read Right from the prologue I was hooked and the read thereafter just flowed I uickly got engulfed in the storyline because there was richness in all the characters Not only do we see the growth and what transpired to the Cardwell siblings six years after the split but we also see the range of maturation of the side characters from high school years to twenty years later Add a mysterious secret that results in a death to the mix and you've got yourself a recipe for a suspenseful back stabbing who dun it Didn't hurt too that there was romance in the air The kind of romance that soothes the heart instead of the loins But above all I like the principles that this story shouted to me believe in family have loyalty honor your marriage work hard love gently integrity matters care for people friends are great and so on Beautiful Well done Ms Daniels Thanks for the wonderful reading experienceI was transported to the Cardwells' Montana and I liked it I'm going back again because I will read of Ms Daniel's books And if the rest is like this book then I've found myself a go to author for comfort reads YayJinky is Reading

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    Dana Cardwell Savage has ranching in her blood unlike her siblings Stacy Jordan and Clay After a bitter fight and the discovery of a new will Dana is the owner of the Justice Cardwell family ranch and her siblings receive dividend checks which they happily cash This is about the extent of their interaction with each otheruntil now Dana's pregnant with twins and has been ordered to bed rest and to relax Of course this happens at the same time her sister and one of her brothers show up in town There's a new baby a new murder and the specter of past dirty deeds coming to lightwhich may change all of their lives in an instantBJ Daniels has written a wonderful western mystery novel in which a sweet romance blooms as a killer sets out to eliminate the past I enjoyed the characters and the growth they exhibited as the novel progressed Justice at Cardwell Ranch brings to light the lengths people will go to maintain a devastating secret It showcases the good bonds between family and friends as well A uick read yet very entertaining Justice at Cardwell Ranch is a wonderful book with which to sit back relax and be swept away in the story

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's will in a cookbook and became sole owner of the Cardwell Ranch in Big Sky Montana Now happily married Dana is surprised when her siblings Stacy and Jordan show up on the ranch. An exciting suspense filled story rated 45 Taken from my

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The highly anticipated seuel to Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch read by than  2 MILLIONCARDWELL CHARM WAS ALL HE'D EVER NEEDEDUNTIL NOWSix years ago Dana Cardwell found her mother. Very good book Jordan has come back to Big Sky to invest

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 and trouble isn't too far behind  As danger draws closer to the ranch deputy marshal Liza Turner uickly realizes that Jordan Cardwell isn't the man the town made him out to. Read this review on my blog Justice at Cardwell Ranch by

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BJ Daniels' life dream was to be a policewoman After a career as an award winning newspaper journalist she wrote and sold 37 short stories before she finally wrote her first book Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award last year for romantic suspenseShe lives in Montana with her husband Parker two Springer Spaniels Jem and Spot and a temperamental tomc