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When the Civil War arrives on her door step Gettysburg doctor Alexandra Winters uses her knowledge of medicine to help the wounded When an uncommonly handsome rebel officer finds her tending the wounded in his battlefield he takes her for a spy until she confesses her darkest secret; her brother fights for the south He vows to find her brother and insists on escorting her home But Alexa already has enough gossip attached to her name thanks to a scand.


Alous divorce; she doesn't need to be seen keeping company with the enemy at a late hour Major Caleb McKenna CSA has grown weary of war and bloodshed Dreams of glory and valor are long gone as is the memory of his beloved fiancee back home in Georgia Try as he might he can't recall her face Instead it's the bewitching image of Alexa Winters that haunts his every thought Her stubborn refusal to show weakness is put to the test when he brings news of h.

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Er missing brother His attempt to comfort the stoic beauty uickly engulfs them in a firestorm of passion leaving Caleb torn between a promise made to the gentle belle awaiting his return and an emerald eyed jet haired Northern temptressWhen the major is gravely wounded Alexa comes to his aide Hiding a Confederate officer in a house filled with recuperating Union soldiers is risky but fighting their growing desire is a battle they can't afford to lose.

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    I have never read a romance novel based during the Civil War and I'm glad that this one was my first I received a free copy of the audiobook from the author and boy was the audio good The narrator Dawson McBride is good and with him you can always tell the characters apart That is a bonus because in some audiobooks you cant This book tells the story of Alexa Winters who is a female doctor in the town of Gettysburg PA The book opens up right before the onset of the battle with Dr Winters holding a gun to a confederate soldier while he was trying to barge into their house When Major Caleb McKenna finds out about this he puts a stop to it Throughout this their paths were meant to cross When Caleb is gravely wounded Alexa heals him and hides him in their cellar However feelings towards the rebels isn't great and he can't stay in the cellar forever This novel was really good and it showed how feelings can be created in short periods of times My only complaint about is at the end of the novel I would have expected Alexa to at least berate Caleb a bit when he shows back up It seemed too easy really but that could just be me

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    Wow Nicole McCaffrey does it again This story brings together the horrifying bloodshed of the Civil War the family struggles for both the North and the South and the raw emotions brought on by all that surrounds those living during that time periodDr Alexandra Winters looked beyond the color of a uniform and aided whoever needed her help When a Confederate officer is badly wounded she does what she can to heal him even if it means hiding him from the Union soldiers I listened to this book on Audible Great writing by an amazing author characters that go straight to your heart and a narrator who makes you truly feel the story Dawson McBride was fantastic as he read changing his voice to match the characters pausing for emphasis when needed and softening his voice for those romantic scenes Dang he's good And those romantic scenes were tingly and hotMany thanks to Nicole McCaffrey for allowing me to listen to such a great book

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    I really enjoyed this audiobook the story and characters were full of life and easy to follow Dawson McBride made the book come alive Fantastic narrator

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