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Corpora Delicti The Administration #9

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Wealth Is the Only RealityOn the surface stability has returned to Europe According to all the official metrics released to news feeds the Administration and the corporations are stronger and united than ever Only in the most secret of government surveillance departments and corporate security divisions would anyone suggest otherwiseOn the surface Senior Para investigator Toreth’s year is ending badly His boss hates him his junior is looking for a way out and his new case seems like a. Oh FFS This book left me with a dire need for ONE THING BOOK 10 There is so much territory left to cover The future of The Administration the possibilities for Sara's new love interest the dynamic between Toreth and Sara between Toreth and Warrick and the pseudo and unacknowledged love triangle between the three Is Toreth being groomed for Tillotson's job Would that be a good or a bad thingAnd WTF are Camille DuPre and Carnac the weasel up to Can't be anything good Glad that Turnbull the ice ueen seems to have an iron fist at controlling the somewhat unhinged sociopaths in the Socioanalysis Dept How could they be anything else when The Administration starts their training when they are 6 years old And there is something about Marley Thomas that has warning bells going off in my over imaginative brain She is so Warrick's type and that makes me nervous How can he be expected to be faithful to Toreth when Toreth's idea of being faithful means not bringing his extra curricular fcks back to the flat he shares wWarrick Toreth is the emotional euivalent of a shark cold blooded with a need to keep moving to survive his own stunted emotional development And yet there is something about him that absolutely breaks my heart and makes me think of the chicken and the egg Was he born with his extreme emotional flaws or did the way his parents treated him cause them to develop I believe he truly loves Warrick but has no idea how to process andor show those feelings in a positive way He's terrified to give anyone that much power over him even as he wants to hold that kind of power over the most important people in his life When oh when will there be a book 10 I've said it before and I'll say it again I read a lot a lot of mm BDSM sci fi future dystopia type books and there is nothing that even comes close to The Administration as far as complexity of world building And the way that Manna Francis gives insight into the very psyche of her somewhat fcked up characters will keep me coming back to The Administration until the final installment of the series is released Dayumwhen will there be a book 10

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Thering What should be good family news brings concerns for the future With so many secrets to keep where can he turn to finally guarantee the safety of his family and corporation And what will the conseuences of his choices be for his relationship with TorethThis is the ninth book in the Administration series and follows the intertwined private and professional lives of somewhat justifiably paranoid senior para investigator Val Toreth and overly inuisitive corporate director Keir Warri. CAN'TFUCKINGWAIT

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Dud Even the upcoming holidays bring unwelcome news But the new year starts him down a trail that will lead him from an unpromising beginning via an unappetizing corpse right into the financial heart of the Administration and the highest stakes investigation of his careerOn the surface corporate director Keir Warrick’s life is on the up His virtual reality corporation SimTech has weathered the storm of the revolt and new opportunities are appearing Away from work though clouds are ga. I think this is the first book of the series i give a 3 star rate Honestly i have mixed feelings about the book as a whole Like in Blood Circuses this book is focused on Toreth's cases and Warrick's family matter than in the relationship tho there are scenes of them together than in the former which was good but not satisfactory at all because there's no development in their relationship it's pretty clear they have communication problems and the walking on eggshells Warrick does bc of Toreth's innability to process emotions is taking its toll on him We will probably see conseuences in the next book if there's one The mistery was interesting i really liked to see of how the bureaucrats work along with other sides of the Administration to control citizens and Corporations The worldbuilding of The Administration is one of my favorite things of the series and i don't get tired of discovering all the disturbing intricate shades This book felt like an introduction to a deeper fucked up side of The Administration world thus ends with many open uestions does that mean we will see a book 10 I hope so

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I'm the author of The Administration Series a near future SF dystopia published by Casperian Books You can find the series in paperback e book or partly on line at the Mannazone websiteI've been writing original slash since 2002 — or homoerotic fiction mm romance yaoi as you prefer Original slash is my personal term of choice because I feel it best represents my writing in terms of sty

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