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Who Were the Wright Brothers?

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As young boys Orville and Wilbur Wright loved all things mechanical  As young men they gained invaluable skills essential for their success by working with prin. This book uses text and illustration to help studen

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?s first successful airplane This is the fascinating story of the two inventors and aviation pioneers who never lost sight of their dream to fly and to soar high. The Wright Brothers were brothers who grew up alway The Gingerbread Man up alway

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Ting presses bicycles motors and any sort of machinery they could get their hands on  As adults the brothers worked together to invent build and fly the world?. The wright brothers wanted to build the first airpl

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    Do you ever wonder who made and flew the first successful plane? Then you should read Who Were the Wright Brothers Recommended for all ages if you are interested in planes I give it 10 out of 10 stars Bo Briscione

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    Who Were the Wright Brothers by James Buckley Jr is a good book to read The two main characters are Wilbur and Orville Wright They invented the first successful airplane to ever fly but they didn't create just that they invented a few other things They had to definitely face some ups and downs the book describes how the Wright brothers got interested in airplanes This is a good book to read if you want to learn about the first people to invent the first successful airplane

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    This book uses text and illustration to help students recognize and learn about who the Wright brothers were and how they contributed to history The book offers information on the individual brothers information about their life prior to fame and information leading up and following their invention It is a very easy to read and understand book and I would truly recommend it for a classroom setting This book can be used in 3rd 5th grade but I think it would be most useful in the 5th This is because 5th graders learn about inventors in Social Studies and one of the focuses during that lesson is on the Wright brothers I found that it would be easy for students to use to gather information on these inventors and also be easy for many different reading levels especially if partnered reading takes place It would be a wonderful resource not only for simple information but also to use in a research assignment Have students pick one of the inventors they have learned about during the unit Those who pick the write brothers would benefit tremendously by using this book for research for said project It is a very good book for the classroom and I really recommend it for any teachers shelf

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    Who Were The Wright Brothers is a relevant biography to read with students from North Carolina The book is an engaging account of the Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur's challenges and triumphs in aviation They were an inventive and intelligent duo with many inventions to their credit and most famously the airplane It was fascinating to read about the variety of businesses they excelled in throughout their lives including a printing company a bicycling shop and finally an aviation enterprise The biography describes their young lives through the sale of the Wright Company in 1915 after Wilbur's death This book will likely be used as a short term read aloud book to tie together the Fourth Grade study of North Carolina in Social Studies with ELA and STEM assignments for an integrated lesson plan

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    I am really loving these books I am wanting to read even without my daughter I am loving how fun they are to read It is amazing how much you know about someone you have learned about in school and then how much you haven't learned Like I thought their first flight was famous right from the start Nope It took years before they got the credit they deserved for that flight I also didn't know about all the travel they did while trying to prove that they were the first in flight They also did a lot of test and fail to get their first plane off the ground This is just amazing I also didn't know that a piece of their plane went to space An amazing read for parents who has a child who loves anything to do with flight or history

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    The wright brothers wanted to build the first airplane that would fly with and an engine But many challenges stood in their way like how to steer right and left or what size wings they needed how would the plane look like? How do you use the engine? So they got to work but the biggest challenge was steering the plane They were working in a bike store so they got the engine handled and all the rest Then they try it outThis story is about perseverance and hardwork

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    The Wright Brothers were brothers who grew up always moving Their dad was a Bishop and they finally settled down in Ohio The Brother's mom was really good at making and fixing objects especially mechanics The brothers learned from their mom and started building the new bikes that had just been invented After a few years of making bikes they started thinking about making something bigger and better At the time it was a worldwide race to build a successful working airplane The brothers joined the race and ask the government where would be the best place to fly a plane away from human activity and windy at the same time The government replied with the town of Kitty Hawk in the outer banks of North Carolina The brothers moved there and worked on the airplane when something went wrong they would fix it and try again The first and longest flight was recorded by the brothers after multiple years working and fixing in Kitty Hawk After the brothers finished their successful airplane Wilbur took the plane to France while Orville made a replica and took it to the army to try and get it approved for them to use Both were successful with their advertising and made plenty of money by building selling training pilots and training engineers The plane got approved by the army but a few years after Wilbur died Orville survived and lived on to see his and his brother's airplane evolve to what it was in 1948 when he died I gave this a five out of five because it gives straight to the point details It doesn't go off on other things that were happening it just focused on the Wright Brothers and their accomplishments The book also gave you a background of their childhood to help you see how they got into mechanics and aviation The book gave pictures to help describe what the author was saying It also had a timeline in the back of the book to tell you what happened in the brother's lives and what was going on around the world while the brothers were doing what they were doing

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    This book was very interesting and fascinating So there are 2 brothers Orville and Wilbur wright They are trying to make an aircraft that will successfully fly but they have to work very hard because it is not easy So one day Wilbur picks up a cardboard box that's about the size of a lunch tray He turns his right hand one way and his left hand the other way They are in the process of trying to figure out what aerodynamics is So they go out and try this and it works Orville was on the land while Wilbur was on the aircraft They were super excited to share what they just accomplished It spent so long for them to get it and they finally did All of this was taking place in Kitty Hawk in North Carolina So without them we wouldn't have airplanes today I would recommend this book to someone who has interest in airplanes It was a really fascinating book and its crazy how they can get something that heavy into the air and flying I would recommend this book to someone who works hard and never gives up I would also recommend this book to some people in our class because they have been to the outer banks and where the brothers did it I would recommend this book to someone who loves flying in an airplane I hope whoever gets this book enjoys it

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    I am a big fan of The Who Was books I did however think this book is for mature younger elementary or upper elementarymiddle school as it deals heavily with the technical aspects of their flying machines and how they came to their conclusions I believe this part was very well done and could possibly still hold the attention of a younger reader if read slowly one chapter a day vs the whole book in one day I read this to my 6th grader who loves science and my 3rd grader who doesn’t understand science concepts nearly as well My 3rd grader definitely struggled to pay attention and grew bored uickly So reading this slowly to him was key to him understanding the main concepts the Wright brothers learned

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    I loved reading this book It was probably one of my favorites It's hard to say whether that's because of how it was written or because I like who it's about The Wright brothers are super cool They're my favorite kind of people They found something they were passionate about and they worked hard to make their dreams come true They wanted to fly How cool is that? It was almost an impossible idea but they kept plugging away at it and fixing mistakes I wish I could've been there when the plane first flew It must have been such an exciting moment I wish I could've met the Wright brothers They seem like the type of people that I would've gotten along with

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