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This is a book for anyone who is irritated by the disconnect between the perky promises and mindlessly cheerfully affirmations that apply to a specific sun sign and the crappy week that ensues It is the ultimate corrective to the plethora of happy sappy horoscope books and inane astrology columns that appear in daily newspapers around the worldRevealing the truth whether you like it or not about your star sign Bad Birthdays uncovers. Just for funand very funny This book sets out in a very enjoyable way the 'flip side' of your astrology sun sign and what it's like to relate to someone born under each sign my significant other says it's accurate thoughhmmmm

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Where the cracks are going to showWith special sections detailing the unlucky personalities with whom you share your birthday as well as unfortunate events that might have happened on your birthday Bad Birthdays contains all you ll never need to know about your signSo whether you re a Cursed Capricorn a Tragic Taurus or a Lousy Libra we re all doomed to a destiny that is far less peachy than everyday astrologers would have us believ. cheesy but in a cute way i like astrology and all but i ESPECIALLY like bashing every single sign which this book does it was cool and there is so much information and i felt like on some things i was freakishly on the same page as the author like through capricorn singers virgo talk show hosts and gemini murders but yeah yeah it was cool


The true uirks oddities and unpleasantries that characterize your unlucky sign of the zodiac and rule your destiny When it comes to love do you think that watery Pisces are naturally romantic lovers Think again if you re unfortunate enough to have a relationship with a Plagued Pisces or a Contemptible Cancer you re in trouble Reference the relationship sections to rate your compatibility with other star signs or at least highlight. I won this through a Goodreads giveawayFirst of all I love the design of this book Judging a book by its cover usually works for me about 80% of the time and this book is just as cool as its coverI love the attitude this book takes toward astrology which I'm not a believer of honestly and I can see myself asking people when their birthdays are and flipping through this book to describe their crappy sun sign There is nothing vague about these descriptions which explains some of the clear missesThe only downsides are that I'm not sure how seriously this book is meant to be taken and some dates feel kind of incomplete

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Sarah Christensen Fu is the author of How Great is Your GuyGal the Bad Birthdays the Truth Behind Your Crappy Sun Sign 2014 and the authorvideo producer of the adult non fiction Baby Sign Language book and DVD kit Thunder Bay Press Spring 2014 Her first adult novel A Diet to Die For Simon & Schuster July 2013 is written under the pen name Sarah StedingSarah Christensen Fu also help

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