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The Storm Tower Thief The Lightning Catcher #2

Anne Cameron ¼ 5 review

The funny fast paced second book in The Lightning Catcher series Science weather and the fantastical combine for a school adventure story part Storm Chasers and part Percy Jackson about twelve year old Angus and his dangerous gift of predicting catastrophic weatherAngus has a lot on his plate He's attending the Perilous Exploratorium for. I enjoyed this adventure than the first book It was better than I hoped for It was also a lot suspenseful so for those that don’t like super intense stories or life threatening situations this is not a series for you However I would highly recommend this series to the rest of you A great 2nd adventure

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Great Fire of 1666 have been stolen and the evil Scabious Dankheart has released deadly spores called Ice Diamonds to plague the population Angus and his friends must find the legendary Lightning Heart a bloodred heart shaped stone of great power in order to put everything right Action packed lighthearted and perfect for reluctant reader. Angus returns to Perilous with his previously unknown uncle Jeremius He has a cube containing a secret message When the cube is opened The note tells Angus to find the lightning heart The lightning heart is able to stop the ice diamond storms that are happening at Perilous Dougal and Indigo help Angus in his uest It takes to the very last chapters for the action to heat up but there is some suspense along the way

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Violent Weather and Vicious Storms learning how to battle all sorts of extreme weather He's a Storm Prophet one of the rare people with the ability to predict catastrophic weather His parents world renowned Lightning Catchers themselves have been kidnapped And now Perilous has been slammed by a ferocious winter storm artifacts from the. This is the second adventure for the lightning cubs Angus McFangus Dougal Dewsnap and Indigo Midnight I thoroughly enjoyed it There were a lot of mysterious things put into play but the dangers of snow that were put on the students at Perilous were incredible In this adventure winter is everywhere Even in areas of the world that are supposed to be sunny has snow storms Many of the lightning catchers from all over the world are trying to help including Angus' uncle Jeremius Up until this point Angus didn't even know that he had an uncle He is his father's brother who is also trying to help get Angus' parents out of the dungeon's of Scabious Dankhart Angus gets a clue from his parents that if he finds the blood red lightning heart shaped object that could help destroy the ice diamond storm that Scabious Dankhart is setting off throughout the world Angus realizes that Scabious is up to something bigger and using the ice storms as a distraction It was very interesting to learn about the different types of snow related weather problems in this book Coming from Hawaii I don't have the experience of actual snow dangers

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