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Skip to the Loo My Darling A Potty Book

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Loo Bunny's not the only one skipping to the loo Look who else wants their potty uite a few With rollicking rhythm Sally Lloyd Jones gets the party going in a book that simply rejoices in the call of nature Everyone is invited to While this book

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Sally Lloyd Jones's riotous narration and Anita Jeram's endearing illustrations make this a charming and energetic invitation to potty trainees everywhere Bunny wants his potty What will Bunny do Only one thing for it skip to the So I'm not in t

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    Skip to the Loo A Potty Book is a very sweet young children's book illustrated by Anita Jeram who illustrates the 'Guess How Much I Love You' booksThe book follows bunny as he wants his potty which he is no where near so what will he have to do that's right skip to the loo He is joined by a whole host of other animals who need the looLuckily the animals including kangaroos cats dinosaurs and even a few dressed up as ghosts make it to their potty's on time There are so many animals that they have a potty party all that is need is a special someone to join themThis boardbook contains a lovely story about animals needing to use their potty's It is aimed at young children to help them use their potty'sI know a high majority of parents get their children to use a potty whilst they are toilet training them Mine went straight to the toilet so never used a potty This would be a great book for a parentguardian to read to a child that is either just learning to use one or apprehensive about using a pottyThe illustrations are divine and the story is oh so adorable There is even a mirror at the end to show who the animals are waiting for to join their potty party

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    So I'm not in the habit of reading picture books and I'm certainly not in the market for potty books but this book arrived to my office today and it was too cute to ignore The pictures are adorable and the verse is fun to read aloud The mirror at the end of the book will be a hit with the kiddos Highly recommended for anything looking for a sweet potty book that you won't mind reading over and over again

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    This is another book discovered via our latest Alexi Scott trip and being part of bedtime routine with their two kids This is a great potty book It's totally British Lindsay was a hoot reading it aloud to Maggie It makes little sense but if trying to teach pros and cons of the potty good read aloud and lessons here It's not my forte as far as reading and read aloud but we were laughing as we read this one aloud

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    While this book provided an interesting take on the song Skip to My Lou I am not sure that I enjoyed it I appreciated the message behind this book that everyone should use the bathroom and that it can be made fun but ultimately I believe this book missed the mark It was just a little too odd for me to get completely on board with

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    My daughter is 1 12 years old Her wriggly bum almost didn’t make it to the end of the storyI’m looking forward to potty training Definitely going to sing this song to entice her to go to the loo She loves that I sing the “skip to the loo” lines it makes her want to danceIt’s not as heartwarming as Guess how much I love you but I liked this story all the same

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    Ha Very cute celebration of using the potty Lots of giggles here

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    Uhhhhh I'm not uite sure who this will appeal to If your child finds that imagining all kinds of anthropomorphic animals using the bathroom together is helpful go for it

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    I hate potty books but I'm glad they exist I guess

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    Since we own a 9 pound pet rabbit my little girl asked for bunny books on our latest trip to the library The cover of this title shows a cute little bunny standing on his potty stool looking happy My youngest is a reluctant potty trainer so I thought this might be a good pick The illustrations are very cute The animals are at a picnic and each has to go potty It gets a little strange when they all line up and then use their potty stools in a large group in the middle of the woods The thing that captured my daughter's attention most was a large mirror near the back of the book in which she could see her reflection I didn't really get what that had to do with bunnies or potty training but it was by far her favorite thing here All in all I didn't really get it and I would have been annoyed if I had paid for it rather than borrowing it from the library for free Disappointing

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    This book has lots of cute animals trying to make their way to their potty lovely illustrations akin to Guess How Much I Love You and some funny words and noises for little readers to enjoy There's also a mirror page at the end of this boardbook which encourages potty training toddlers to copy their animal friends and use the potty too I really like the illustrations there is uite a lot going on within each page which is really nice and has lots of little conversation points or things to look at for toddlers who are mostly picture rather than word oriented at the moment Lots of silliness which reminded me of the language used in Winnie the Pooh who doesn't love that? mixed in with an important topic for potty training the mirror is a pretty clever touch too ARC provided free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review

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