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Ng yuletide gala she meets the charming poet Dai Tregarron and finds her spirits lifted But scarcely an hour later the charismatic Dai is enmeshed in a nightmare accused of killing a young streetwalker who had been smuggled into the party   Even though she suspects that an upper class cliue is uickly closing ranks to protect the real killer Claudine vows to do her utmost for Dai But it seems that hypocritical Lon I've found an author of Christmas mysteries Anne Perry This w

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Although she lacks for nothing Claudine Burroughs dreads the holiday season for forcing her to face how empty her life has become She no longer expects closeness with her coldly ambitious husband and she has nothing in common with their circle of wealthy status minded friends The only time she is remotely happy is when she volunteers at a woman’s clinic a job her husband strongly disapproves of Then at a glitteri A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry is a November 2013 Random Hous The First Mile the holiday season for forcing her ServSafe ManagerBook with Answer Sheet (7th Edition) to face how empty her life has become She no longer expects closeness with her coldly ambitious husband and she has nothing in common with Low Life & High Life their circle of wealthy status minded friends The only Book of the Fallen (Requiem, time she is remotely happy is when she volunteers at a woman’s clinic a job her husband strongly disapproves of Then at a glitteri A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry is a November 2013 Random Hous

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Don society would rather send an innocent poet to the gallows than expose the shocking truth about one of their ownNevertheless it’s the season of miracles and Claudine finally sees a glimmer of hope not only for Dai but for a young woman she befriends who is teetering on the brink of a lifetime of unhappiness Anne Perry’s heartwarming new holiday novel is a celebration of courage faith and love for all seasons A very good but short story I admire Claudine's courage espec

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    812 A simple unsophisticated historical mystery This was my first Anne Perry book and I was kind of expecting a 'cosy romance' A Christmas Hope was one of many 10 Christmas themed books I picked up a couple of weeks ago All the other books I picked up were romances and I just assumed this would be the same it wasn't until I realised that Claudine was married to a cold unfeeling man who wasn't the man of her dreams and that he wasn't going to have a convenient heart attack that it occurred to me that this wasn't a 'cosy romance' but a 'cosy mystery'Claudine happens across a man at a party who charms her with his poet's heart She is shocked when only a little while later he is accused of murder She doesn't believe a man could say such romantic things to her one minute and then beat a woman to death the next so despite all the roadblocks those around her put up she does everything in her power to get to the truthThis is the eleventh book in Perry's Christmas Stories series but there is no reason to be irritated if you haven't read the previous ten A couple of times Claudine mentions another character Hester who runs the women's clinic she volunteers at and another case she was involved in that nearly got her killed is also brought up but the main characters Claudine and her husband and friends are all well drawn and wholly described I'm one of the strictest followers of the religion of 'series must be read in chronological order' so if I'm not that bothered then most other readers will hardly notice Not a fantastic read but an enjoyable one which is good as I have another two of Perry's books in my towering pile of Christmas themed borrows and I hate to give up on a book before I've even opened it

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    A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry is a November 2013 Random HouseBallantine Books publicationIn December 1868 Claudine Burroughs is attending a party when a scuffle breaks out She had stepped out for air and saw a little of the incident A young street girl was injured and later dies as a result Claudine believed the accused gentleman is innocent She proceeds to investigate the matter much to her husband Wallace's chagrin He would prefer she make contact with those in their social circles and buy new gowns But Claudine is bored with those things The investigation leads to some rather uncomfortable revelations and no one is altogether pleased with Claudine They would rather have an innocent man hanged it seemsThe marriage between Claudine and Wallace is another motive for Claudine to pressure a witness that has a great deal to lose Overall this was solid historical Christmas Mystery Claudine's personal situation with Wallace is a little sad But it appears she is resigned to her less than happy marriage and is determined to find her own peaceHer satisfaction at seeing an innocent man released from prison and the hangman's noose is the best Christmas gift she could receiveOverall this one gets an A

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    Setting of the storyThis story is set in Victorian London even though the year is not specified in this one It is about Claudine Burroughs a wealthy woman volunteering in Hester Monk’s charity run Cliniue for sick or injured prostitutes As she has no children of her own she is trying to find something meaningful to do with her time She lives in a desperately unhappy marriage so the work becomes a means to get away from her husband who tries to make her stop volunteering Claudine and her husband take part in a ball as usual only this time there is a serious incident taking place in the garden of the manor house 4 drunken men and a prostitute are involved She has been attacked is unconscious and bleeding badly Claudine sets out to help her and to discover what really happened The prostitute suffered a serious blow to parts of her head and face but there are no witnesses as to who actually struck her When Claudine arrives to help poet Dai Tregarron is bending over her trying to revive her and is subseuently blamed for the sinister deed However he denies having attacked her Claudine believes him and tries to carve out information about what really happened Who did actually strike the victim Winnie Briggs?The endless work Claudine has done for years keeping in contact with members of society has resulted in her having a substantial social capital which becomes crucial as this story progresses She uses her connections for all they are worth to carve out information Backdrop to the story is the extensive Christmas celebrations and the fun and games which are on everyone’s mind All members of society feel it important that nothing gets in the way of all the partying planned for the Christmas season The CharactersClaudine has a difficult unhappy arranged marriage to her husband The volunteer work at Hester Monk’s Cliniue for sick and injured prostitutes gives her a sense of accomplishment and positive input she certainly does not get at home or when going to charity committees like her husband wants her toHusband Wallace doesn’t love his wife He is consumed with the craving for and wealth power and standing in society and treats his wife as a tool to help him achieve this He tries to prevent Claudine from doing charity work having relationships with people he doesn’t know and generally having a life and a mind of her own I really found him an appalling person I could notice no positive traits whatsoever save for the fact that he did not drink or gamble Maybe Perry made him a bit one dimensional but he was probably perfect for the husband role in this story My Overall ThoughtsI have read uite a few of Anne Perry’s Christmas stories and find them enjoyable and interesting each in their own uniue way This one I felt kept uite a bit of focus on the importance of nothing interfering with the fun and games of Christmas celebrations Not even a murder Society are trying their best to cover up the attack on the prostitute as she is not wealthy important or connected and therefore in their heads it would be best to forget about her and let fun and games of the Christmas season have priority It all becomes a curious and shallow mix of Christmas cheer and murder investigation Short as it is only 154 pages this story manages to unsettle me I feel sad and angry about the total disregard for the victim but pleased to see that there seems to become a sense of urgency to do the right thing and tell the truth towards the end I enjoyed reference to the uite new custom emerging which was the sending of Christmas cards This would probably set this story around 1843 when the first Christmas card was sent A Christmas Hope Christmas Story #11 is recommended for fans of Anne Perry’s previous extensive number of works and for readers of crime fiction in generalMy rating 4 stars 5All opinions are my own

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    I've found an author of Christmas mysteries Anne Perry This was the perfect choice of book for the week of Christmas A Christmas Hope has a Victorian setting which in itself always offers a break from reality and a Victor Hugo or Charles Dickens style of murder to be solved Perry is a master of presenting moral and ethical dilemmas of illustrating hypocrisy among some of society’s favoured few I will be reading books by her for certain

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    Full disclosure I'm an Anne Perry fan Fifteen years ago a friend put me on to Perry and I've read her Pitt series WWI series plus a few Christmas No doubt I’m addicted Perry's Christmas mysteries are the winter euivalent of beach books Not actually novels novellas A Christmas Hope is the latest offering and perfect for a wintry weekend when a uick cozy with a backdrop of Victorian England 1868 London here will fit the bill Perry fans will be happy as a Christmas Hope adds to another beloved characters back story and new readers can enter Perry’s Victorian world without needing to be familiar with her other works Perry typically uses supporting characters from her two Victorian mystery series featuring Thomas Pitt and William Monk as the main character for each of her Christmas stories A Christmas Hope features Claudine Burroughs a character who works in Hester Monk’s medical clinic in the William Monk series A murder mystery provides the back drop for Perry to also tell the story of Claudine’s troubled marriage Though enjoyable the mystery itself was predictable which is why I’d give A Christmas Hope 6 out of 10

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    Claudine Burroughs isn't enthused about the upcoming Christmas season She is married to a cold and harsh man She would much rather volunteer at a hospital for sick prostitutes then attend the frivolous parties of high society At one those parties and unfortunate incident occurred Someone had smuggled in a prostitute and ended up having her killed A man is charged but Claudine suspects he is innocent The hypocritical high society would rather protect themselves from scandal than send one of their own to justice Claudine sets on an investigation of her own which results in freeing the innocent man She is also able to help a young girl to reach a chance of future happiness by sparing her the risk of an unhappy marriage I was impressed by Claudine's compassion for the lesser fortunate and her courage to stand against an hypocritical husband and society

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    A very good but short story I admire Claudine's courage especially since she didn't know she had it I also sometimes wonder as she does about the person I might have been Doing the right thing isn't easy Claudine definitely has become one of my heroes

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    35 would be the right rating Good plot good suspense

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    This is the fourth Anne Perry Christmas book I’ve read this season I found the first half heavy going perhaps because I had a heavy cold and kept falling asleep The last half improved howeverClaudine Burroughs like so many of Perry’s heroines is a wealthy Victorian woman unhappy in her marriage and bored in her society She attends a party and comes upon a murder She doesn’t believe that the person accused a “romantic” Welsh poet is guilty but doesn’t know how to go about proving his innocence Typical of Perry’s books however she does Yes this is a typical Perry book and if you like her books you will probably like this one I tend to seesaw about her books—I get tired of the moralizing and I honestly don’t think that Victorian England was very much like she portrays it except in its rigid formality But I like the way she writes the turns of phrase the adjectives and I have always been interested in Victorian England This book is heavy on the moralizing its descriptions are minimal as she focuses in this book on the internal struggles rather than the external I got tired of Claudine she seemed a bit too good to be true and yet I wondered why on earth she was attracted to a wastrel poet she had only exchanged a few words with But as I said the last 40 odd pages the book is only 197 pages long were good as a new element a new energy was introduced As with a couple of the other Christmas books I read she ended it well for the original problem although I should like to know how Claudine fares in the future—does her husband forgive her? How does “society” cope with the scandal that ensues from her discoveries

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    Claudine meets Dai Tergarron at a Christmas party She doesn't really want to socialize with him but out of respect she does That encounter will change the course of her lifeA girl Winnie Briggs dies at that party and Dai a womanizer and drunk is sought as the killerI enjoyed this read At times I had to take notes to keep all the people and facts straights But as I read the story became clear This became a struggle against truth and convenient living The truth does cause problems at times and this story demonstrated that Yet if a lie persists one has to live with it for the rest of their life The Christmas message isn't one of a perfect birth in a perfect place No it's one of darkness rejection and less than ideal conditions What a great story giving hope to the light shining in a dark world

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