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Such a silly answerChildren will love helping Little Answer to find his uestion in this wonderfully funny interactive sto. Little Answer is lost The small being seems to serve the purpose of answering a set uestion but is unable to find the uestion to which they belong So the uest begins to fulfil Little Answer's destined purpose but with rather humorous conseuencesTotally uirky and philosophical Hopgood invites the reader to ponder upon some of the bigger uestions in life and perhaps acknowledge that these uestions are sometimes too big for us to know the immediate answer The conclusion of this tale was particularly warming and I feel provides the reader with the reassurance that we must not underestimate the things we already do know even if we cannot decipher the meaning behind everything


What makes the world go round Sausages What makes the wind blow Sausages Where does everything come from SausagesLittle A. A lovely story about finding your place in the world and that even the smallest uestions and answers are valuable

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Nswer is desperate to find his uestion But there's a big problem his answer is Sausages What uestion could possibly have. What a lovely story with a lovely messageNo matter what everyone belongs and is the answer to something There is a purpose for everything and everyone I loved this story

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