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Happy Birthday Random House India is a beautifully written compelling and emotionally intelligent collection of short stories by award winning novelist Meghna Pant These finely nuanced stories provide a rare glimpse into the complex and mysterious inner lives of human beingsHappy Birthday was longlisted for the prestigious Frank O'Connor Award 2014 It has also been voted the TOP title on Flipkart’s editors picks for this month dedicated friend undertakes one last labour of love for a childless woman Nadia married into money finds herself facing uncomfortable truths about her comfortably numb marriage A Mumbai slum girl dreams Verdict The book is a powerful portrait of humans and the various shades of life Meghna Pant has a gift of precise evocation of people place and emotion She artfully ensures that the complexities of uestions which arise from real life are not toned down or made surreal by fiction Read TIF Review Happy Birthday and Other Stories by Meghna Pant Book Review

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Any layers Meghna Pant knows how to create characters that will surprise and move you – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Deft merciless and expertly tuned parables for the new Indian century– Jeet ThayilMeghna Pant pierces one’s heart with the reality and depth of her stories wrapping up her tales with unanticipated yet undeniable flourish Exceptionally thought provoking narratives that manage to be provocative and inspirational in the very same breath– Ashwin SanghiThese intimate stories juxtapose a range and register of aerial and emotional perspectives with craft delicacy and an intensely human sensibility– Namita Gokhal Meghna Pant's first collection of short stories Happy Birthday is one of the best books that I've read this year Kudos

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Of speaking words valuable enough to be translated into English An American tourist seeking nirvana sets off a sudden chain of events when his bag is stolen and destiny plays her hand A retired civil servant of modest means struggles to support his snooty foreign returned daughterMeghna Pant’s knife sharp stories are compelling emotionally intelligent and provide a rare glimpse into the strange workings of the human heart They evade neat categorization andare the perfect read for all curious spiritsThese are stories with a large heart and a keen eye deeply aware of the complex sometimes uncomfortable realities of India its m A commendable job Good Book The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals uncomfortable realities of India its m A commendable job Good Book

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