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The Making of Tesco

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From one man’s Hackney market stall to a company serving fifty million customers in thirteen countries every week this is the extraordinary story of one of Britain’s most remarkable companies Told by those who themselves feature in it – Tesco’s own employees – it relates a fascinating social history as well as an epic business ventureDrawn from hu. Excellent book on the history of TescoCharts the history of the company in a very systematic way Full of uote from key players at the company


S from Cheshire to the Czech Republic Why and how did Tesco survive and mostly thrive where other British companies stalled And what impact has Tesco’s success had on its employees and consumers Here is Tesco’s authentic story carefully researched and engagingly written by Sarah Ryle told for the first time by the people at the very heart of the busines. I found parts of this book a bit boring I didn't really need to know the life story of some members of staff it felt a bit irrelevant I did find some of the history interesting however

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Ndreds of hours of interviews with Tesco staff collected by National Life Stories at the British Library these personal accounts from across the decades are frank insightful sometimes funny and above all very humanHow then did Tesco grow from Jack Cohen’s barrow in Hackney to the hypermarkets in Hungary and Thailand and a home delivery service to customer. Informative warts and all account

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