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    This book contains many stories big and small about and pertaining to the following things Gods monsters mad kings wise old crones shamans medicine men brothers and sisters strife mystery bad science worse geography and did we already mention true love?I've had my sight on this graphic novel for nearly a year so I was sad to see myself barely pushing through it now The set up for The Encyclopedia of Early Earth sounded right up my alley but the execution turned out to be less soSince this has many adventurous short stories set throughout the book I was waiting patiently for some much need correlation to occur but it never did With Greenberg's The One Hundred Nights of Hero I cherished the fact that each tale was either a preuel or seuel of sorts But the narrative became tedious real uick with the many unrelated anecdotes thrown your way You get to meet this new set of characters but then you never see them again for it to make sense why they showed up in the first place They had no real purpose other than to fill the pages of this bookThat's not to say that all is bad I did really enjoy the numerous fourth wall breaks and the skilled storyteller protagonist with his rather uick of wit and savvy tales Plus the art had some heart stopping moments throughout That last line in parentheses had me crack a smile  All in all Though my hope that Greenberg had penned another gem was suandered I'm still grateful that I got to read this graphic novel after months of anticipation Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying The Encyclopedia of Early Earth just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with

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    I get very nervous when the library world is all atwitter over a graphic novel 9 times out of 10 it's something that has a very prose y narrative and usually confronts some sort of issue of difference Someone living life as a deaf gay conjoined twin with a very serious synaesthetic disorder Something like thatI'm not shitting on those types of writers or their books Some of those books are great Some of them are not But what I notice is that certain review outlets tend to strongly favor something for existing far outside the world of capes and tights A comic that doesn't feature a costume or a secret identity automatically gets a couple extra points from certain reviewers who consider themselves above that sort of playfulness I'm guessing these people are very good at using words like inasmuch The main problem with those reviewers they tend to judge things differently than I would For me the uestion is Is this a good comic?I always go back to Alison Bechdel's Fun Home on this one I just didn't find it stimulating to my imagination or curiosity and it left me feeling a bit cold But it was an Important book so it got a lot of great reviews and whatnot Maybe I'm in the vast minority here but I just didn't derive any enjoyment from itThat's why I was hesitant to start The Encyclopedia of Early Earth If library review outlets are excited about something ugh this is sad to say I almost find myself proportionally less excitedIn this case THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS WERE RIGHT They did it We finally agree I don't think this will be a lasting peace I still have nightmares of being tied to a table and having Nancy Pearl cut me open and pull out my innards while I yell Freedom or likely Excelsior But for now we've found common groundThis is a really great book A great read It reminded me of the kind of stories you used to hear when you were young the different stories about how the earth came to be how the seasons changed Another reason to hate science by the way Thunder was a lot exciting when Thor was involved And I wouldn't mind my weather app showing a Ymir's beard icon when a cold front was blowing inAt the same time it's not boring bullshit either It doesn't have a lot of Many moons ago The writing style the way the characters talk it's a great balance of modern and timeless The bird god he's goddamn hilariousOn seeing the Tower of Babel This is HUBRIS You know how I feel about hubrisAlso a hilarious scene where the Bird God's son lets it slip that the Bird God's daughter has been dating a mortalBy the way Kiddo has been shacking up with a human and she's going to make him into a Godextremely furious bird god face accented by many many action linesThis is one of those great graphic novels that I think anyone can enjoy on a number of different levels Pick it up Nancy Pearl be damned

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    Well this was an incredible journeyThe Encyclopedia of Early Earth is a story about stories It's a story about a Storyteller and his lovely adventures discovering Early Earth I very much enjoyed these stories within stories the concepts and the very interesting art workA long time ago two people met and fell in loveBut there was one tiny problem They could not touch each other at allSo the boy who was a very great Storyteller in his land told the girl stories about his life which like I mentioned before led to and delightful storiesHe tells her about his land called Nord a land in the very north of the world Nord is a cold region but in summer it is a beautiful place He talks about his three mothers who were sisters and how they found him on the shore and decided to take care of him He tells her about how his mothers split him into three different parts of himself for they wanted a kid of their own to take care of and did not want to share it with the others And how they realized it was a big mistake and joined him back together but there was still one piece of him that was missing And that was how he had left his home in search of that tiny part of his soulHe tells her about his adventures in various lands about the Gods and the giants and how an Old Lady slayed a mighty giant The stories are all wonderfully delightful and adorable The art work wasn't the best I've seen but it suits the theme of this book It's a lot like traditional paintings and I really enjoyed this uniue art workThis graphic novel is perfect to read as a bedtime story It's colorful and has a lovely concept on the whole Also the hardcover edition is a really pretty edition to own if you're a collector

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    I found this really dissapointing the illustrations are very good so detailed a very interesting style beautiful colours and very skilful but I found the plot rambling and in places boring and a hotchpotch of myths stories and legends The title as many people and even the blurb points out is misleading I really liked the idea of the book and I really liked the handwritten font In places the book felt like it was purposely trying to be far out and to shock other places it was uite nice I'm not sure what age group this is aimed at but it does include hunting ritual sacrifice lots of killing beheading forced marriage and rape the rape is alluded to and not shown This book must have had so much work put into it I wish the storyline and the age range had been clearly defined

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    This graphic novel is one I have owned for years without feeling uite in the mood to read it The other night I was reading a truly dark and heavy book which really brought my mood down and I thought it was finally time to give this one a go to bring my mood back up I was so right and this book did just that and making me happy and excited whilst reading and learning about the truly bizarre but wonderful world of Early EarthThis storyline follows two lovers who meet at the beginning of the story We see them in their boats as they draw near to one another and instantly fall in love slight cliché but the whole book is based on folk stories myths and legends so it's understandable The problem is that once they are back on their icy land they seem to be unable to touch one another due to a magnetic field disruption Instead of embracing like most lovers would the pair of them spend all of their days living as close to one another as they can and telling stories particularly the man who is actually a professional storytellerThe main body of this book is divided into 4 sections which each focus on one element of the Storyteller's travels to meet his new wife Within these sections almost every double page spread is a mini story of its own maybe focused on people or Gods or tribes or landscape The artwork within this has a very tribal blocky feel but it's such a vibrant style that it really draws you in I loved the freedom Isabel Greenberg allowed within her characters and her narrative and you can see the imagery reflecting this freedom too One of the wonderful things about this story is that it doesn't take itself too seriously either and the whole book is peppered with jokes and uips that really add a fun dynamic Of course the world of Early Earth and the events which take place are entirely mythical but some are based on our own cultures and myths and history and seeing what she chose to keep and what she chose to change was really great Overall I massively enjoyed this storyline and I would hugely recommend this to anyone who's feeling a little down and wants something joyful and lovely to read It's so packed full of stuff that my review can't uite cover it all but just know I really really loved it and gave it a 45s overall

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    Really loved it Definitely my favourite read of the year so far and definitely the best graphic novel I've ever read though I've not read many it was just so lovely and entertaining The illustrations weren't anything spectacular but they suited the tone of the story well I adored all the stories within stories they were all done so brilliantly I was hooked on the little made up mythologies and various small but epic adventures the MC went on It was funny charming and rather bittersweet Highly recommended

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    The first few pages in I felt like I was going to looove this It's just beautifully put together from the sparing elegant use of muted color in the woodcut like artwork to the charming font made from Greenberg's handwriting and the narrative style is wonderful eual parts clever and sweet ualities not always easily paired This is a collection of loosely connected stories all mythical or myth like in nature many of them retellings of tales from the Bible and the Odyssey told by a wandering boy storyteller searching for the missing part of his soul I'd read it again and I'd recommend it but in the end I didn't love it Its main detraction is just that the retellings are very little than literal retellings Babel the Sirens Cain and Abel among others; not straight retellings but not uite re imagined either They're just kind of retold Mixed in are some original bits which are very good but too few and far between I guess I wanted there to be another layer deeper and either profound or faux moralistic tying the anecdotes together to reveal a greater truth behind them in keeping with the fable like tone In the end these are just stories They are really fun though You should read them

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    I can’t put my finger on why but I liked this much better than The One Hundred Nights of Hero Both have gorgeous artwork and feature stories within stories within stories but the humor in The Encyclopedia of Early Earth landed with me a lot although sometimes there were moments that I could tell would be much funnier for a Brit I also found some of the turns of phrase in here truly enchanting These tales are a mix of references to the Bible to ancient Greek and Scandinavian gods and to other world mythologies and the collouial style is both refreshing and clever making old stories feel subtly new Recommended for readers and non readers alike

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    Completely charming Wonderful illustrations especially the use of color Every detail of the stories within stories enraptured me The world of kiddos hair The mapmaker's monkeys South Pole woman and Nord man This is my new favorite mythology I got this out from the library but have now ordered my own copy to keep

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    Brilliant Read both books by Isabel Greenberg you wouldn't regret even a single page

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