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Friend Jane But it seems like the witch made it to New Orleans and then disappeared without a traceJane is ready to do whatever it takes to find her friend Her desperate search leads her deep into a web of bl Black Arts is going on my favorite reads shelf Extraordinary writing and fabulous character gro

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Jane Yellowrock is a shape shifting skinwalker who always takes care of her own no matter the costWhen Evan Trueblood blows into town looking for his wife Molly he’s convinced that she came to see her best 435 Another buddy read with the UF Freaks BBB Because Beast is awesome Well finally things hap

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Ack magic and betrayal and into the dark history between vampires and witches But the closer she draws to Molly the closer she draws to a new enemy one who is stranger and powerful than any she has ever faced When I got this I was already sure that I was going to like it since I have loved every installm

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    Jane hasn’t exactly been on Evan Trueblood’s Christmas card list lately So when he shows up out of the blue something must be wrong Molly has gone missing neither one of them can trace her and there’s something fishy up with black magic witches and vampires Because of course view spoiler When Jane discovers Molly may have been abducted by and is being fed fromcontrolled by a vampire there in New Orleans she has to figure out who is holding her captive before it’s too late hide spoiler

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    435 Another buddy read with the UF Freaks BBB Because Beast is awesome Well finally things happen in such a way that we should reasonably expect in the next book Jane to stop pining after the cheating self involved Beta cat Ricky bo Ghhhrrrr I still have a hard time understanding what she sees in him? He is a layer a cheat and she always has to go and save his ass when he is in trouble I guess him being so very pretty and sexy he must have magic in his genes somehow Well good riddance I say “I also know about running away I said when staying around is so much harder And I know the happiness the I searched for a word and had to settle on the joy when sticking around and fighting things mean I get to keep the people I love near me” We also finally got to see how Molly's family has been doing since they dropped off the scene And it has not been pretty Molly is missing and Even drags the kids to New Orleans storming Jane's house and demanding for Jane to produce his missing wife Apparently before she vanished she had left him a note stating she is going to visit her However Molly never arrived and a frantic search ensues The house is full of her two partners the Younger brothers who have become very dear to me by the way Evan and now the toddler EJ and his 7 years old sister Angie baby Speaking of the little girl the cutest most precocious character in the book she has become a handful She is getting stronger and stronger in her witch power and is starting to try and manipulate everyone around her not only with cuteness but also magical means I cannot even imagine the hell she will be when she becomes a teenager Her parents are going to go gray every minute Beast likes having the kitts around but is worried about all the grown males in the vicinity she had had some bad experiences in the past That was very sad to read On top of the search for Molly two of Katy's girls are missing as well and since this is her job she is charged with finding them And as if this is not enough in order to make the commotion complete Leo is having a soiree to have new supplicants and a very old and very scary vampire swear fidelity to him as well as delegates from the weres of Africa visiting and Jane has to be in charge of the security of the event Talk about having a full plate Having this type of set up the book was full of action intrigue explosive revaluations and even was able to sueeze some very tender moments in as well Those were my favorite We even got introduced to some new and very terrifying characters which I hope we will get to learn about as we go One thing to say this series is only getting exciting as the volumes build up and I am very committed to be along for the ride all the way to the end “I've spent all the years since full of guilt and misery even though I didn't remember it I've let it run my thoughts my plans my whole life But the experience doesn't own me I own it What I do with it is up to me just like what Molly does with her death magic is up to her” Jane I love you and I hope the shifting in relationships and the great sweat therapy you got from the two Native American ladies finally puts you back on the right track emotionally ANd I can't wait to see what happens thenI wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good book

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    Jane I have hope for youI was doing okay in this book I mean I really enjoyed that Evan and the kids came to town and Jane actually had a dialogue with Leo that seemed pretty healing I still want him to die the death a thousand paper cuts but then we here that motorcycle coming up the drive and I cringe Why??? Why is this guy here? What do we have to do to get rid of The Ricky dick? Why does Jane even bother with this guy? Why does she swoon anytime he shows up? I totally don’t get it at all He is horrible to her 90% of the time and yet she turns into a slobbering emotional needy mess anytime he shows up Thankfully something went down and I’m seriously hoping that it means the end of the Rickster I get why Beast wants him hell she wants every strong male out there but she doesn’t care about the emotional crap that comes with them Jane is looking for someone who is going to really love her I’m hoping she gives Bruiser a shot because that man is bending over backwards for her and has taken some hard hits literally because of it Eli said “Why did you beat your primo to a pulp? Just for starters” Leo held the Ranger with his eyes “My primo has been acting contrary to my needs He has placed another’s needs before my own” “And?” I asked feeling that there had to be to it “Onorios cannot be bound” Leo said simply I was always leaning to the Bruiser side of things which isn’t saying much since I hated Rick at book go but now I’m totally on board the Bruiser train and I’m really hoping that Jane gives him a serious shot because I think that if she finally let into the attraction between them it would leave whatever she was feeling for Rick in the dustOther than the drama lama of the love triangle I loved the plot line Molly is missing and Evan brings the kids since he thought she was with Jane It was sad to see how the relationship between Molly and Evan had changed after the death of Evangelina I liked the slow discovery of what Molly was dealing with and why she is so changed Angie is the cutest little shit ever and I loved seeing how she is dealing with having magic so young Molly and Evan are going to have their hands full for awhile with that little girl she is eual parts cuteness and mischiefThere are a few things that happened in this that had 0 explanations after they happen like Bruiser getting pulled into the gray place to come to Jane’s aid It is never figured out how he got there if it was because of Jane or something else I really wanted explanations on this since it seemed like a pretty big thing But a friend says that is what the next book deals with so I’ll let it go for nowSo to recap Cute Witchy kids decent intresting plot a possible conclusion to the drama lama love triangle 4 books too late IMHO and some big movement on the Jane personal growth front Lets keep the forward momentum going Janeread with

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    Black Arts is going on my favorite reads shelf Extraordinary writing and fabulous character growth has moved Black Arts to the top of my Jane Yellowrock adventuresEvan Trueblood and the wonderful kids come crashing back into Jane's life uite literally Molly is missing and Jane pulls out all the stops to find her friend But Molly isn't the only one that has gone missing and Jane is tasks with finding the other missing girls as wellJane's character is really coming into herself Outed as a skin walker Jane true self begins to really shine Getting accustom to not hiding is new for Jane but she is beginning to excel at accepting who she really is her nature and the nature of beastJane does once again get romantically slammed but after some time she comes to see the situation for what it is Jane comes to find to even greater realizations about her vampire connections I was left feeling hopeful and happy the Trueblood family especially the children are back in Jane's life Black Arts was a straight read throughleave me alone I'm living in the Yellowrock world right nowI'm not putting this book down for anythingread I loved it Faith Hunter once again created a brilliant story that captivated thrilled and surprised meI received this ARC copy of Black Arts from PENGUIN GROUP Berkley NAL Signet Romance DAW Roc in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication January 7 2014Written by Faith HunterSeries Jane Yellowrock Seuence in Series Book 7Page Count 336 pagesPublisher Roc Publication Date January 7 2014ISBN 10 0451465245ISBN 13 978 0451465245Rating 5 Stars FAVORITEGenre Paranormal FantasyFind this book on | Barnes Noble

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    2019 past carol either had a much better attention span or lower standards Let's be honest probably a bit of both So what happened is that I started my cousin on the Yellowrock books and she read up as far as I had in the series book 6 and then bought the rest She then dropped off the rest for me to read in a spirit of 'returning the favor' and I in the spirit of cousin ness did not tell her that I had grown disheartened with the characterization of Jane and the continued presence of vampire politics as a main plotline I'm not judging her taste; she has a thing for biker chicks and cats Not to say I don't either but that my tolerance for all things vampy is now uite low At any rate I picked it up not remembering if I read it It wasn't long before I was pretty sure I had but I had a vague sense of tolerance about itWell tolerance then boredomI could not sustain any interest in it Admittedly I can see the draw for a first read in this book Jane's best friend Molly has gone missing and Molly's husband and two young children have come to New Orleans looking for Molly They end up staying with Jane and her two young henchmen Meanwhile Jane is dealing with the conseuences of the last book I think where her skinwalker Beast is bound to the head vampire Leo Leo also offers her a crazy amount of money to be the head of security in preparation for an upcoming European vampire visit to New Orleans Also meanwhile two young prostitutes from the house next door have gone missing one a vamp and one a witchThis basic three fold plotting is not aided by periodic attempts by someones on Jane's life nor by periodic visits to Leo's vampire residence where she occasionally takes time to fight with Leo Hunter's writing skills and Jane's detecting skills are frankly not up to the task About every chapter Jane encounters something that is probably supposed to be important as evidenced by such writing as something nagged at me but I couldn't uite identify what it was Alas I had no troubleOn the up side there's very adorable scenes with Molly's witch talented children and Jane and this is one of the books where there is active female presences including Jodi the police detective; Del a vampire from Virginia or somewhere; an antagonistic female; various female witches; and the Native women So while I can see why I might have enjoyed it the first time when I was in reading the series I have to say when I pick it up as a diverting read it just doesn't work as well There's a lot of twisty stuff and stories that are continued from prior books which makes it less satisfying as a stand alone and there's a ton of vampire related relationships who owes what to who areas of power etc that's just zzzzz I'm a little bored just writing about itAppropriate evaluation 2014 carol can suck itWithin the series 4 StarsOverall 3 stars for enjoyment2014Improvement on the last book Jane doesn't spend excessive time in romantic agnst or moping about her extended family More focused on problem solving

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    When I got this I was already sure that I was going to like it since I have loved every installment in this series but this was a major step up in not just the story but the look inside to see exactly who Jane Yellowrock is under the hard exteriorDon’t get me wrong Jane is STILL Jane but she does a lot of self introspection during this novel and comes out better for it I must admit I still spent most of the novel wishing for or waiting for her to kill someone that richly deserved it and there are a plethora of candidatesThe main thing here is that Molly is missing and she has to find her since Evan is a loose cannon without Molly but nobody seems to know what happened to her Jane will be piecing things together all through the book and concurrent plotlines that will all converge with deadly results as alwaysThe book comes to an explosive conclusion with most things settled but some things are left for the next book so it is not a cliffhanger but everything is not settled yet Ms Hunter tried to give us a bit of payback for the acts of betrayal of LeoKatieBruiser back in previous story but maybe I am a hard case since I was not really satisfied yet but it was not overlooked completely which would have been completely out of character there may still be some payback We shall seeBottom Line This is 5 Stars with no real reservations other than maybe I am such a revenge junkie I might want payback but that was not the real story in this novel Jane is her deadly best and she handles things better than anyone could and her love life still sucks but what else is new You don’t want to miss this so get your order in now and read it the first chance you get

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    Review after reading an Advance Reading Copy ARC of the bookThis story was so good in so many ways I hardly know where to begin If that isn't an indicator of how thumbs up this story is I wouldn't know what isIn this installment of the Jane Yellowrock series Evan Trueblood blows into town uite literally children in tow looking for his wife Molly who has apparently disappeared leaving him a note saying she was visiting Jane Jane hasn't seen or heard from her friend and immediately sets her Yellowrock Securities team Eli and the kid to searching for herThe story takes a roaring start from the first page leaping from helping Evan with Molly's disappearance to being called to Katie of Katie's Ladies and asked to find two of her girls who have wandered off after a party on their own to getting a call summoning her to spar with Leo the Master of the City of New Orleans after which he directs her to lead the security arrangements for a Gather he has spontaneously decided to hold Phew While being briefed about the Gather Jane discovers that some of the people invited are a suspicious surprise and that she seems to have been left outside of the information loopThe multiple plot lines are managed so well that the reader barely notices they begin to merge into a single point of originPart of the marvel of how well this story is written is how successfully the author invokes realistic responses to emotionally charged situations such as anger joy and betrayal In this book the human part of Jane Yellowrock truly shines and the story simply rocks

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    Sometimes when you are reading a series you get about 4 5 books in it starts to feel a little stale as if the author is tired andor resting on their laurels a bit Plot lines become familiar characters stop evolving So I'm thrilled to say not only is this a great rip roaring read but one of the best in this popular seriesJane Yellowrock is back knives stakes all And faithful fans in particular will enjoy the new revelations about her heritage who she is how she came by her skillsIn the meantime there are a few issues to deal with Two of Katie's ladies are missing Adrianna is out for revenge again there are illegal vamps in New Orleans blood slaves are getting ill Leo is planning a gathering After the last disaster Jane needs to tighten up security But the biggest worry is brought to Jane's attention on the first page She wakes to the sound of her doors windows being blown out by a howling icy wind Further investigation finds a very pissed off Evan Trueblood standing in her driveway Molly has been missing for 4 days he thinks she is at Jane'sJane hasn't seen her since she killed Molly's sister a witch who was a bit too enamoured with black magic From then on Molly's had problems with her own abilities Fearing a loss of control she hit the road without telling Evan Jane has always enjoyed living alone and it's getting a little crowded Eli Alex Younger are still staying with her now Evan and the kids move in So she contacts Reach for assistance soon finds Molly's hotel room in New Orleans but she's gone taken by unfamiliar vampsAs usual there's a lot going on the plot has several story lines that may be connected The cast of regulars is back with a few changes but not all will survive the coming battle Vampire politics are never easy to understand some of the old alliances have shifted One of them is plotting to challenge Leo for master of the city taking out Jane her little family in the processRick is still working with PsyLED when he shows up Jane feels the usual chemistry but he too is going to face a challenge It made me wonder if we've seen the last of him as Jane's love interest Not that there's a shortage Bruiser's position has changed but not his feelings for Jane And in one particularly surprising scene Leo reveals a different side Huh Never thought I'd feel a little sorry for the scary fanghead There are many agendas the action is fast paced deadly But what I really enjoyed was the new info about Jane She's a compelling character tough kickass but with a conscience that freuently makes her uestion what she does for a living The author has been slowly revealing her past to her the readers After a trip to Aggie's sweatlodge Jane finally understands who she is why It also gives her insight into the bond Leo made with her beast She's been terrified he'd find out use it to manipulate her but now has hope it can be brokenSome of the regulars will undergo changes as well I think this is one of the author's fortes The relationships are never static characters just get richer as they evolve with each book You are continually learning about them new ones are introduced to keep the story lines freshThe last few chapters will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see who's left standing But Jane Co won't find all the answers no doubt will have to face them again This can be read as a stand alone but it's rewarding if you start at the beginning as the back story adds much to each instalment Highly recommend for fans of paramormal or urban fantasy genres

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    Background Jane Yellowrock is the last Cherokee Skinwalker Using bones and teeth as her template she is able to transform into animals On top of her Skinwalker abilities as a young child hundreds of years earlier she took into herself the soul of a mountain lion to save her life That mountain lion is Beast and she lends Jane her powers of smell and agility and often some unwelcome advice on mating Black ArtsJane’s oldest and dearest friend Molly Everheart Trueblood has disappeared and she was on her way to see Jane when it happened When Evan an air witch and Molly’s husband shows up with their two children he brings with him a tornado and a whole truckload of worry Jane uickly learns that his worries are well founded it looks like Molly has been taken by a vampire And with the strange scent of witch and vampire showing up she is worried that Molly is being used to power blood magicand blood magic always demands a life Black Arts is book seven in the Jane Yellowrock series and in some ways I think it’s the best yet Certainly the best since book one Skinwalker Some of my favorite characters characters who have been absent for the last couple of books have returned and things which have been bubbling away in the series are finally resolved for both good and badThis book really feels like a fresh start and I’m excited to see what comes nextMany thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC

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