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  • The Wrong Place at the Right Time
  • M.E. Tudor
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  • 04 July 2019
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The Wrong Place at the Right Time

M.E. Tudor Ô 5 Download

When Mary Hanon has to go into a leather bar to get keys from her roommate Ashley she doesn’t know she is about to have the most amazing sexual experience of her lifeJackie Meredith has had a crush on Mary ever since she started delivering UPS pack. I really expected to like this than I did Sadly this book has a lot of faults The most obvious being there are lots of spelling and grammar errors The other thing that baffles me is just how much these characters are based on negative stereotypes The biggest issue I had however was just how awful these two main characters and one secondary character are One of the mains calls the other a dyke thug and on the very first page there's the following line except the women who were married to men She didn't fool around with women who played both sides of the fence Who knew being Bi is a bigger offence than being married The other main character admitted She had to get her out of this bar before she did stupid shit like force Mary to fk her which she would have done with any other woman Forcing another woman Are you frikkin' kidding me Then there is the secondary character who is the ueen of snobs and thinks because someone is butch they're an illiterate hick among other awful presumptions Thankfully this was a short and uick read and supposedly book 2 is better than this one I'll keep my fingers crossed because this was worse than wet socks or a hangnail or soggy cereal you get my point

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Ages to the law firm where Mary works She is stunned when she sees Mary in the lesbian leather bar known for sexual promiscuityMary gets cornered by three predatory women in the bar and Jackie comes to her rescue which leads to an erotic encounter be. Was going through my TBR pile and saw Judge Not I'd read this one about 4 years ago so figured I'd give it a re read before Judge There's a lot of sexy time in the beginning it's sorta flipped backwards as far as a normal book goes but there is actual plot as well as PLOT I really liked Jackie in this one She's cool Ash Mary's roommate got on my nerves a lot but kinda grew on me Anyway off on to book 2

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Tween the two of themMary and Jackie try to ignore each other after the encounter but their attraction to each other is too strong As their sexual relationship starts becoming romantic will the two women be able to conuer their fears to have somethin. Average read No ‘Wow’ factor to fully engage or intrigue me 275

About the Author: M.E. Tudor

ME Tudor lives in south central Kentucky with her partner She has an Associates Degree and Bachelor's Degree from Western Kentucky University and works as a librarian When not working or writing ME loves to travel camp and hike with her long time partner Rose Her first novel Suddenly was published in 2012 and has been followed by erotica novellas romances a murder mystery and le