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    Holly Chambers has been through a nightmareand it continues to torment her dreams months later Her near miss with a home intruder bent on rape has left Holly traumatized She's lost weight and cannot sleep When she does sleep she's plagued with nightmares of being attacked in her bed Often these nightmares turn erotic which disturbs her even Nearly at her wits end Holly finds she's been slipped a card for Delta of Venus Inc Therapy hasn't worked medication hasn't worked so Holly decides a reenactment a safe reenactment of her dreams might be her ticket to healingThough reluctant Miss Bright Vice President of DOV takes pity on Holly and allows the fantasy to be set up with one of her skilled Scene FacilitatorsAt this point in the story I was a little concerned that I wasn't going to enjoy the rest because dub con and non con even in a role playing scenario is not something I care to read aboutBut as with the other DOV stories there's always a turn a twist that alters the original plans that takes something hot and dirty or in this case scary and dirty into something sexy and sweetLike with the first Delta of Venus story we are given a bonus hero POV chapter at the end of the book Because these stories belong to the heroines the women with the fantasies it fits that the motivations of the Scene Facilitators aren't included in the flow of the story But it is nice to get a glimpse afterward of his feelings and take on the situation We also get to know a bit about a former Scene Facilitator and also Miss Bright who will both have their own DOV stories in the futureIf I enjoyed this one less than the others it was only minimally and just due to the fantasy as therapy idea which seemed all kinds of wrong Though this deals with sensitive subject matter there is no rape or simulated rape scenes in this novella

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    Well written with a few grammaticalediting issues This is a stand alone book with no cliffhanger but characters are introduced for the next book in the series 35 stars rounded upThe setup for this book is pretty unrealistic with a woman paying a lot of money to recreate one of the worst things that has ever happened to her Don't let that dissuade you Suspend your disbelief and go along for the ride because it all starts out very dark but the story gets turned around into a humorous romantic story with a big HEAThis is the second story in the series I've read This series was recommended by another GR reader Thank you Shannon and she wasn't wrong The stories are original sexy and humorous with real plots and a sense of suspenseful mystery Each book has a bonus chapter that reveals interesting and important details of the back story that would ruin the suspense if they were inserted into the stories themselvesRecommended for fans of erotic romance emphasis on romance

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    Book 2 in the Delta of Venus Inc series but each book is a stand alone At 105 pages I wasn't expecting much story but I ended up getting even less than I expected What I thought would be a dub con kind of story ended up not being that at all Holly had a near miss experience with an intruder and in comes Officer Delgado to the rescue With reoccurring dreams Holly goes to Delta of Venus Inc with the idea to set up a fantasy scenario of a dubious consent sexual experience Her fantasy lover had other plans and refused which was the part I was looking forward to so it was definitely a let down Bing bang boom it's over with a nice little wrap up that has Officer Delgado looking like a big now unemployed softy and a less than stellar story as a whole

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    25 starsHolly Chambers is awakened one night to a stranger in her bedroom and police pounding on her apartment door Items in the bag left behind when the burglar fled suggested she just escaped being a victim of rape or other violence The silver lining was becoming acuainted with hunky police officer Dante Delgado who supported her that night In the months that follow Holly suffers with anxiety nightmares erotic dreams insomnia and significant weight loss Holly gets therapy to deal with her PTSD but nothing helps As a last ditch effort Holly seeks the aid of Delta of Venus DOV a fantasy fulfillment agency to reenact the burglary with a sexy anonymous man to fulfill her bedroom fantasies put a positive outcome on the scenario and end the nightmares The vice president of DOV interviews Holly and expresses concern that such a reenactment might not be in Holly's best interest but eventually she agrees to set it upAs sweet and light hearted as the romance part of Holly's Dream Lover Fantasy is it struggles to overcome the disturbing thoughts you cannot help but have during the reenactment scene There seems at times to be a mildly comedic tone but it definitely isn't comedyhumor There are elements of a serious drama but that is downplayed The likeable characters of Holly and Dante and their romance are the redeeming factors in the storyI could see a similar story going over very well if there never was a break in; Officer Delgado was a sexy neighbor; and the fantasy fulfillment was just about Holly's dreams and repressed desires That would keep the disturbing crime victimization and psychological aftermath issues from dragging down the lighter romance theme

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    Holly hasn't been the same since the home invasion She's lost weight can't concentrate on work and very little sleep Any sleep she does get she dreams of a different kind of home invasion where things turn erotic and kinky Therapy hasn't helped and finally wanting to be the old Holly and recover decides on a last ditch effort to try Delta of Venus Inc's fantasy services to re enact that night with a different ending Holly's fantasy could have gone wrong and messed her up but things turned from role play non con to con with her sexy scene facilitatorThe story shows us Holly trying to deal with the trauma of the home invasion and possibly being raped although it doesn't go much into detail There's also the instant attraction between Holly and her knight in shining armor Detective Delgado on the night of the invasion The bonus chapter at the end of the story was a nice add and gives us insight behind Dante Delgado and his actions as most of the book is in Holly's POVEnjoyed the story and that last chapter makes me want to read about Damien and find out about Kayla's story

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    Holly’s Dream Lover Fantasy by Verena VincentWhat a lovely Gem I’ve found when I picked up this story I couldn’t put down so it was a good thing it wasn’t long in one respect but I would have loved it to be longer so I could read about Holly and DanteHolly’s home is invaded by a stranger and though she is not attacked physically she is still mentally reliving it months after in her dreams There are the bad nightmare scenarios which are to be expected but also some very erotic dream scenarios too That is unexpected as she hasn’t enjoyed sex the times she’s had it He previous lovers have called her frigid and she doesn’t see the appeal in it but with her dream lover she does things she’s not thought of or imaged she would want only with himDante is the officer that shows up that horrible night to help her and sparks something in Holly that she hasn’t felt before however brieflydesire I’ve already lined up Ms Vincent other stories to read and look forward to reading about the Delgado brother’s ps mmmloved the hair pulling

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    Oh how would I have loved to read this as a full length novel The author has just a great way with wordsThe storyline is very intriguing it keeps you interested how things will turn out for the heoine but at the same time there's a constant level of eroticism floating aroundEven though I can't stand the agency's owner though that's probably wanted by the author D the heroine came through as a strong character ready to face her demons while the hero in this story literally seems to be a genuinely sweet caring guy hidden away behind a mask of professionalismGreat read especially considering the author managed to put all this into just so few pages without making it feel overly stuffed

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    35 starsA good solid story just not as good as the first one But still very enjoyable

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    A uick light read The writing was very good and the story was entertaining I liked it

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Holly's Home Invasion Fantasy

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With the words Your Fantasy falls into her lap she formulates a plan to solve her problem What if she contacts this female fantasy fulfillment agency and lives out her erotic dream Would that finally give her peace and possibly some real physical pleasure outside the dream for once Contacting Delta of Venus Inc seems like her only option to exorcise her dream lover but who is the mysterious man she's invited into her bed Is he just a very talented stud for hire or something much much. 35 starsA good soli

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Here in her dreams every single night touching her forcing her to experience pleasure intense than she’s ever imagined But it’s not real and she feels like she’s slowly losing her mind No matter how tempted she is to continue to indulge in some kinky multi orgasmic high jinks with her very own dream man it's times to embrace reality again and move on from that horrible night Determined to stay in control Holly needs to banish her dream lover once and for all When a business card. Holly hasn't been t

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When Holly Chambers wakes up in the night to find a stranger in her apartmentshe has a pretty normal freaked out reaction to a creepy home invasion But after escaping her would be attacker relatively unscathed she starts experiencing one very unusual side effect from almost being the victim of a violent crime What started out as a really scary recurring nightmare has evolved into something disturbingly erotic and completely unwanted Or at least that's what she tells herself Now he's t. Book 2 in the Delta