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K was in full bloom Her family comes in the wonderful tradition of English eccentrics In Heads and Straights she creates a funny moving account of a family eager to escape the confines of class Through interlocking tales of their extravagant and often self destructive journeys away from the Circle line stops of Sl. A lovely little book that follows the author's family tree; I read it at one sitting in a Costa in Staines and the excursion to 1970s Chelsea was very welcome Heavy on anecdotes which made me want to read them aloud to friends and plenty of characters who are indeed characters but no plot to speak of other than the unrolling of time Less like the Circle Line than the Metropolitan in the way it wanders around the place Recommended

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Oane Suare South Kensington and Gloucester Road Lucy evokes the collision between conformism and bohemian excess and the complicated class antipathies that flourished in that particular time and place In the end we are left wondering is it ever possible to escape or do we in our travels simply loop back on ourselv. If you are between 40 and 60 and spent any of your youth in London do read this very short memoire

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From Lucy Wadham the bestselling author of The Secret Life of France an autobiographical tale of bohemians punk the King's Road in the 1970s and family part of a series of twelve books tied to the twelve lines of the London Underground Lucy is a Chelsea girl brought up off the King's Road in the seventies when pun. Enjoyable tale of a girl's memory of growing up in London with her rebellious sisters Docked a star for not REALLY having much to say about the circle line And uite a rushedabrupt ending