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    I'm going to start by stating that this book was Heather Gunter's debut novel and I have to say she knocked it out of the park I thought this book was fabulous I am a totally sucker for a sweet YA love story that is based in high school Sometimes it is totally refreshing to read a book about the love and feelings in a relationship without all the sexual content interfering With that said I will say that even though Maverick is to young for me he still made my book boyfriend list He was so sweet and amazing even if he does screw up for a short time In this book Heather touches on the very serious subject of abuse Now when I say abuse everyone just assumes that I am talking about physical abuse but not in this case Heather shows us a side of verbal abuse that is just as damaging as physical abuse can be What Charlie has to endure at the handsmouth of her father was just horrible I truly wanted to drop kick her dad so many times in this book We do finally find out why her dad is so horrible to her but to me it's just not a valid reason to treat someone that way Her mother is just as bad I don't want to say much on that subject just because I think everyone should read this book to get the full idea and feelings this book has to offer I was so proud of Charlie by the end of the book and so happy that she realized she needs to work on herself to make herself happy I know I listed this as a HFN ending because the way the books ends you just know that Charlie is a good place but that there is there I was thankful that Heather included the Prologue of the next book Heartstrings because that really wraps up the end of Love Notes It explains what came about with both Charlie and Maverick I thought Tori was an amazing friend and character I loved how she stood next to Charlie no matter what and never judged her I look forward to reading her book when it comes out I'm dying to know her secret

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    Into the Night Reviews Web Facebook for great book reviews new release updates giveaways and 45 out of 5 stars Love Notes is a beautiful YA debut from Into the Night Reviews very own Heather Gunter I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to read an ARC prior to release for this review In Love Notes Gunter very successfully tackles the challenging subject of self esteem and the impact others have on how we see ourselvesCharlie has spent her whole life hearing about her short falls Her weight her looks her everything – in the eyes of her father she just doesn’t measure up Due to her dad's job Charlie and her family move every few years For Charlie freuently being the 'new girl' at school is hard work particularly with her lack of confidence so she tends to try and fly under the radar With all the moving around Charlie hasn’t had the opportunity to develop lasting friendships and reap the benefits that come with them nor does she realise that her experiences at home at not 'normal' With next to no self esteem and counting down the days of her senior year in high school at yet another new school the last thing Charlie expects is to catch the eye of the football captainMaverick is not your typical ‘jock’ Unlike many he’s not into meaningless flings with the girls that throw themselves at him He’s focussed on his football maintaining his grades and moving on to college with his football scholarship On the first day of school he literally runs into Charlie knocking her flat on her backside And immediately his interest is piuedLove Notes takes us on a development journey of friendships relationships self esteem and much Charlie has to come to grips with the fact that her self perception is challenged by others and is perhaps not what it should be Maverick has to consider his love of football his dream to play in college and its place in his future And both of them have to work out if they can be there for each other as they do this Told from both Charlie and Maverick's points of view we get to see both characters perceptions and understand their perspectives I am a big fan of this style as it gives great insight into the experiences of both characters and for me allows the reader to develop a stronger connection with them both as opposed to only one The relationship between the two evolves beautifully as Maverick slowly nurtures some confidence into Charlie’s battered self esteem But just as things are starting to look up tragedy strikes and threatens not only the relationship but Charlie’s already limited sense of self worthGunter has created some absolutely delightful characters in Love Notes – Maverick is everything a girl could hope for in a boyfriend Tori Charlie’s new found BFF is to die for Her wit and sass are perfect and she manages to cajole Charlie out of her shell very effectively all the while harboring a secret of her own Will Maverick’s best friend is also fabulous – calling Maverick on his crap when he least expects it precisely what you want from someone who’s known you all your lifeIn Charlie I think Gunter has accurately created a girl who has had a life time of put downs – she has a good balance of insecurity and yet hope The impact of such consistent criticism from one of the two people you look to for unconditional love cannot be underestimated and I think the strength of character Charlie shows is worthy of great admiration I loved how the changes in Charlie were progressive this made her character so realistic and believable I was particularly impressed with Charlie towards the end of the book – there were a couple of scenes that reuired great courage and she stepped up really wellLove Notes is a touching YA story about developing a sense of self worth that I just loved Despite a lifetime of negative messages and with the help of her new found friends Charlie shows that nothing is insurmountable A beautiful first effort from Gunter It's a relatively uick read perfect to settle down with on an afternoon when you don't want to think too hard about what you're reading but rather relax and just get lost in a sweet love story Gunter finishes the book with a teaser for Heart Strings book two in the series which tells Tori’s story and I am definitely looking forward to it And for those of you that don't like cliffhangers don’t be concerned ;

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    THREE AND A HALF STARSwhy yes I cheated and just edited screencaps of OTH for my editI uite enjoyed this book It was a much needed change of pace from my usual erotic romances that I welcomed it with opened arms Whilst Love Notes wouldn't win any awards for originality I was still charmed by the simple story of the school's heart throb falling head over heels in love with the insecure curvy new girl in town I liked both Charlie and Maverick and found them so absolutely sweet together Maverick is a great character and the way he is with Charlie had me smiling That kid sure has a way with wordsCharlie I wish you could see what I see you're just perfect for me But as sweet as I found Maverick the standout mc for me would definitely have to be Charlie I couldn't help but identify with her while reading the embarrassment and shame that arose from being picked on by the mean girls in school something that I was definitely familiar with growing up But what got to me the most was her dismal home lifeI can't deny the real emotions that churned in me after reading about Charlie's dysfunctional family life Its sad to see the distance in her relationship with her mother and her view spoilernon biological hide spoiler

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    this is a ya book for actual young adults not full grown adults like myself who are fans on the genre this story is very sweet and i could see how it would help a teenager with self esteems issues but it is repetitive simplistic and rushed it felt like the author is probably a fan of the genre and picked parts from other stories they liked and then put them together there is nothing original about this story

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    Looks really good sounds like a super touching story and characters

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    OMG there are no words that can accurately express Love Notes by Heather Gunter She has transcended the heart emotions of one girl and the lives she has touched without even knowing it I truly could relate to the main character Charlie in the story I was the fat ugly girl in high school the only difference between us is I never had a Mav and Torie All the emotions were made so alive with Charlie constantly not feeling worthy of love when you have JERKS had to use the nice words for parents The author was able to capture your heart to fully immerse you into a very emotional and captivating story There has never been a book that I could fully relate and connect with than this story Crying laughing anger all those emotions are felt for in the story between Charlie Maverick and couldn't forget Torie My favorite saying from the story was when Mav left a rose and a note on Charlie's carDear Charlie I wanted to leave you with something to think about The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship where we are starting However the red around the tips if the petals means that I have feelings that I would like to see grow into Please remember our talk from earlier I meant every damn wordYour friend but hopefully not for much longerMav How could you not love this book I feel that it will also help others realize that although people will be there to tear you down there will always be some that will carry you forward with love and acceptance But ultimately you must learn to see yourself through your eyes and know that you are special I cannot begin to tell you how highly I recommend this book and I can guarantee that I absolutely can't wait for book 2 Heart Strings which the author has graciously gave us a small tastes I can't wait to hear Torie's story I also have to mention another plus in this books favor is the absolutely beautiful cover

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    Looking up in the dictionary what self worth meant This is what it saysSelf worth the sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self esteem; self respectIt struck a chord with me and made me think I alone define my own self worth Not a boy but me No one else can make me feel good about myself My own personal value is what matters not what anyone else thinks or says But mine Pretty much sums up everything about this book Never ever be told you are ugly or stupid or worthless You are none of those things Everyone is special And only you and you alone can make this true There are so many Charlies in the world No matter the age the race or even gender remember you are beautiful inside and out

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    Dear Heather I came across your book on Smashwords I was looking for a book that I am pretty sure did not have love or notes in the title so I was pretty surprised when Love Notes was my search result I read the synopsis and knew instantly that I needed to read it What I read was nothing that I was expecting it brought forth so many past emotions that I couldn't help but fall in love with it “You clearly don't care if you repulse anyone You really should have tried harder to lose weight I think you may have gained a few pounds over the summer You’re dismissedIt was that sentence that made me audibly gasp Oh my god this poor girl I knew at that moment things are than likely going to get worse before they got better My heart hurt for her and not just because of the obvious reasons but because I was in her shoes at one point in my life The way you told things from Charlie's POV were raw and exposed I could feel the emptiness that Charlie felt the confusion of not knowing what she is doing to cause such hostility from someone that is supposed to love her unconditionally Not only do I bump into this person I fall and I fall hard I tumble all the way straight down on my very padded ass This was not the first impression I was going for Without even looking up I feel mortified and am internally slapping myself for my stupidity The instant that I look up I’m captivated by a set of perfectly bright blue eyesWith Charlie's last year of High School she seems to make a great first impression on the popular boy at school Maverick I loved how you brought Maverick's POV to the story To see Charlie through his eyes to see what her father has made her feel verses what she really looks like Now my favorite thing about this story you didn't make Charlie become miraculously cured of her body image issues I have read so many books where in the beginning of the book the female has self esteem issues and when the popular guy or millionaire playboy says You’re so hot I wanna do you poof she's Cinderella and never again thinks she's ugly What he doesn't understand is that I still can't believe that this is real That this guy actually likes me I have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror let alone a guy like Maverick thinking of me as pretty— than pretty I can't escape how I feel about myself and automatically forget everything that I’ve dealt at home just because some hot guy shows interest in me I’m trying but it isn't easy and it still feels like a dream that I could wake up from at any momentMaverick had to work really hard to get her I'm sure he would have had to work a lot harder if it hadn't been for Tori The girl who sees something in Charlie that Charlie hides from the world I loved Tori How she took a hold of Charlie and tried to make her see the amazing person that she is When Tori and Maverick tell Charlie how beautiful she is I could see the disbelief on Charlie's face I could feel her reluctance to believe the words Her father constantly telling her she's worthless was definitely not working in Maverick or Tori's favorThis story that you wrote is nothing short of incredible Authors like you are why I read why I love reading You exposed yourself You opened yourself to the world and let them see every imperfection we often hide For that I Thank You Things that you wrote in this book I related to on so many levels The part where Maverick meets her parents was like reliving every moment I had to bring a friend home Charlie living two different lives one where she is carefree and happy at school and the girl that goes home hoping she will never run into her tormentor I didn't go looking for your book but your book found me This story will forever be close to my heart Thank You for writing a story for every person out there that has ever been made to feel like they are less than the person they are That no matter how people hurt us and make us feel unworthy that there is always someone standing there to say You’re beautiful to me I alone define my own self worth Not a boy but me No one else can make me feel good about myself My own personal value is what matters not what anyone else thinks or says But mine

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    Love notes by Heather GunterI don't know how I can describe this book other than to say its amazingThe writer created a story that will make you cry extremely pissed off and giggly happy I absolutely love Charlie and Maverick's characters Charlie has a tough life she is verbally abused by her father and ignored by her mother Her father seems to hate her but Charlie doesn't understand why Charlie lives a life of sadness of self loathing and Loneliness When a sexy guy pays her attention and calls her gorgeous and loves her she can't come to terms with it she doesn't believe it Maverick is the captain of the football team sexy as sin and wanted by every girl in the school He has the most loving parents and has friends galore But all he wants is Charlie He thinks she's perfect beautiful sweet and amazing The author writes a touching story of a beautiful caring girl who thinks the worst of herself she thinks she's fat and ugly and never had anyone in her life to tell her different I felt for Charlie from the beginning I wanted to be her BFF I wanted to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is I loved that Tori took her under her wing Tori is a best friend that everyone needs She made Charlie feel wanted and cared for and was always there to catch her when she falls I had a great friend in high school like that and I tell you it makes life better I enjoyed the relationship between Charlie and Maverick from the first hello to the first kiss to the I loves you then to the pushing each other away This story has it all This author is a amazing writer and will go far I have to give it a 5 star but love to give it can't wait for book 2Nanee

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    BlehIt was alright The plot is good but the dialogue feels pretty awful felt like a middle schooler wrote this book Everything seems down pat the pieces fit too nicely together it makes the whole thing unrealOn the other hand i do like the topic being discussed Verbal abuse do happen and not a lot of people realize how this is actually prominent in our society It's not something we can measure or place a statistics on coz its not like we put people in jail for verbally abusing someone Maverick is too perfect to be realCharlie is well I dont know a sweet girl but a tad of a weaklingTori has balls and I love her Will is sooo in love with Tori and is an amazing friend to MaverickEnding seems abrupt and a little bit of a letdownNot sure if I'll be picking up the next book in the series but i am really curious with the past and future developments between Maverick's friend Will and Charlie's friend Tori

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How do you cope when the people you care for hurt you the most When the way you feel on the outside smothers you on the inside And when you are left to face your demons alone will you learn that only you have the power to overcome themCharlie has never had it easy Between the constant moving and the incessant fat comments and jokes from. I'm going to start by stating that this book was Heather Gunter's debut nove Creation Basics & Beyond the people you care for hurt you The Blind Side of Love the most When This Is How We Pray the way you feel on The Halloween Mix-Up the outside smothers you on The Power of Letting Go the inside And when you are left Sebastian to face your demons alone will you learn The Day Dixie Died: The Battle of Atlanta that only you have The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues the power The Pirate Primer to overcome The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues themCharlie has never had it easy Between The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne the constant moving and The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne the incessant fat comments and jokes from. I'm going The Prop Builders Molding & Casting Handbook to start by stating Мегре и човекът на пейката that Shot on Gold this book was Heather Gunter's debut nove

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Ifferent about Charlie just makes Maverick like her Unfortunately Charlie doesn’t see it herselfProving it to her may deem harder than he thinks especially when tragedy strikes and tears them apartNow standing on her own two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really. Love notes by Heather GunterI don't know how I can describe this book other A Lady Never Meddles in Murder to her may deem harder Sluggy Slug than he Pricing Strategy: How to Price a Product thinks especially when Migration and the Refugee Dissensus in Europe: Borders, Security and Austerity tragedy strikes and Lamby Lamb tears Changed By His Son's Smile them apartNow standing on her own Elgg 1.8 Social Networking two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really. Love notes by Heather GunterI don't know how I can describe Beautiful Bandit this book other

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Her father her self worth is nonexistent Her reflection in the mirror shows her nothing but a plain Jane Music is the only thing that keeps her sanity in checkCharlie catches the eye of the town star uarterback Maverick With her curves her brunette hair and the voice of an angel Maverick has never met anyone like her Everything that is d. this is a ya book for actual young adults not full grown adults like myself