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Inspired to find the most imaginative ways to make the best use of her hens’ steady supply and at the same time use as much fruit and vegetables from her garden as possible Genevieve Taylor has created a year’s worth of recipes that are shaped by the changing seasons and are spontaneous unfussy and joyful Her passion f.

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An egg is the simplest and most versatile of ingredients Nutritious rich in protein low in fat perfect for a uick brunch essential for baking and key to so many starters main courses and puddings there is something magical about the humble eggEggs are cheap and available to us all – particularly to those who keep chickens.

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Or food that tastes and looks gorgeous whether for every day or for parties shines through each and every recipe and photograph in this wonderfully handy bookMove over omelette and custard here are tortillas and tarts pasta and pies sauces and ice creams curries and clafouti and a couple of cakes for every month of the year. Midnight Tango year.

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    Genevieve Taylor is an author and food stylist She lives in Bristol with her husband and two children her chickensdogs and cats She writes a blog a monthly column for Bristol’s ‘Crumbs’ magazine She is also the author of Marshmallow Magic Stew and SoupThis book is loosely based on Taylor’s blog and charts a year in her kitchen as she works to find the most imaginative ways to make the best use of her hens’ steady supply of eggs and at the same time use as many fruit and vegetables from her garden as possible It is not a recipe book just based around meals involving eggs in the sense you may have been expecting It’s not just omelettes and custard I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were recipes for ice cream pasta cakes and pies in there tooAfter a brief introduction from the author the book is split into four seasons with a small index by month As each recipe has a date it reads like a kitchen diary One day a Warm Brioche for Breakfast the next day a Carrot and Cumin TartIf you were searching for a specific recipe it may be hard to find as the recipes are literally in no order that I could discern other than the one the author chose to make them There is however an index at the back by main ingredient I actually like the chaos as the variety each month it provides has a nice balance of sweet and savouryDespite being of a compact size the book has a reassuringly traditional feel The photos are small but beautifully shot and composed Not surprising really as the author does this for a living The recipe instructions are fairly easy to follow and the recipes are of a wide range so anyone should be able to find one they like regardless of skillThere are classics like Kedgeree or Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg My favourite recipes are the ueen of Puddings Gala Pie and the Salami Pesto and Ricotta FrittataThe sheer variety of recipes is what really sells this book to me It really does prove that the egg is indeed the most versatile of ingredients and the author delivers each recipe with a true passion illustrating a natural flair for the ingredient If I didn’t have regular visits from a couple of urban foxes to my garden I would dearly love to have some chickens of my own

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    I would love to keep some chickens I know it's unlikely that I'm going to manage to do so in the next few years so I live vicariously through friends' anecdotes of their chicken life and also through books like this oneThe author has a very personable style and the recipes all come with a gentle rambling story or background about the ingredients or dishAs my seven year old said Mum I just can't find the words to describe how amazing this is He went on to eat than a uarter of the pie in a single sitting Nothing makes this Mummy happier than seeing her children eating and enjoying their food as much as she doesHow heartwarming well as long as she's not feeding them like foie gras geeseMy slight complaint is that the book is still old school with its measurements and methods For instance juice of 5 ripe juicy limes for a lime tart Are my limes juicy enough? 5 slightly under juicy limes can make a bit of a difference It is common these days to give a volume amount as well so that we know how close we are to the desired amountThe recipes are also a little on the sweet side for me However the Portuguese Egg Tarts for example were a hit with all my guestsOverall this is a pleasant book If you prefer the accuracy of rigorous explanations and descriptions of the stages of cooking so it's clear whether you have achieved the correct consistency then there are perhaps suitable books If you prefer warm snuggly writing as if a friend were relating how they came to make a dish then this is a good book for you It has lots of oozingly gorgeous descriptions of food that invoke memories of finger licking goodness and it does feel as if you are invited to spend time with the author in her cheery family's home

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