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Adventure at Lookout Farm

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M used to be part of the Underground Railroad The kids explore the property particularly an old barn which is now used for summer stage performances Abby is invited to join the cast but her stagefright wins outs; she decides to continue exploring the day of the play and discovers a narrow old tunnel and a hidden room that turn out to part of the Underground Railro.

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Abby Randolf is a leggy 12 year old with shiny black hair and icy blue eyes Her mother and stepfather have decided to send her on a farm vacation while they attend to business matters But Abby is angry She believes that they just want to get away together and she finds no sense in their making her go to a farm of all places to visit their friends people she doesn'.

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T know Surprises and adventure await Abby at Lookout Farm The Whitakers are a mixed family Their African American twins were adopted when they were babies They are twelve years old too After a bumpy beginning with Abby holding back from committing to friendship the three children discuss being adopted and being adopted into a white family Rumor had it that the far.

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