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Hat could explain this explosion of bipolarity Is it a legitimate diagnosis or the result of Big Pharma marketing Exploring these uestions Darian Leader challenges the rise of 'bipolar' as a catch all solution to complex problems and argues that we need to rethink the highs and lows of mania and depressionWhat he asks do these experiences have to do with love guilt and rage Why the sp. Manic depressi

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Strictly Bipolar is Darian Leader's treatise on the psychological disorder of our timesIf the post war period was called the 'Age of Anxiety' and the 1980s and '90s the 'Antidepressant Era' we now live in Bipolar times Mood stabilising medication is routinely prescribed to adults and children alike with child prescriptions this decade increasing by 400% and overall diagnoses by 4000%W. One in four Am Droit musulman : du statut personnel et des successions d'après les différents rites, (Éd.1895) psychological disorder of our timesIf the Droit musulman - Des successions: D'après les différents rites, et plus particulièrement d'après le rite hanafite post war Ramadan rariq - Les musulmans dans la laïcité responsabilités et droits des musulmans dans les sociétés occidentales deuxième édition period was called the 'Age of Anxiety' and the 1980s and '90s the 'Antidepressant Era' we now live in Bipolar times Mood stabilising medication is routinely Contingency in a Sacred Law: Legal and Ethical Norms in the Muslim Fiqh prescribed to adults and children alike with child Fondamentalismes, intégrismes : Une menace pour les droits de l'homme prescriptions this decade increasing by 400% and overall diagnoses by 4000%W. One in four Am

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Ending sprees and the intense feeling of connection with the world Why the confidence the self esteem and the sense of a bright future that can so swiftly turn into despair and dejectionOnly by looking at these uestions in a new way will we be able to understand and help the person caught between feelings that can be so terrifying and so exhilarating so life affirming yet also so leth. As a person pe

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    I've recently been tentatively diagnosed as bipolar so this remarkably readable and informative book came along at a most opportune time for me Darian Leader is able to convey complex concepts in lucid engaging prose and I intend to read by him As for this book it explores the trend towards diagnoses of bipolarism the pharmaceutical approach to management and the inner experience and drives of the condition Bipolarism is complex than a simple pendulum state and the manic end of the behavioural curve could be seen as an extreme form of depression The kind of depression suffered in bipolar disorders is also different from the self loathing melancholia of a pure depressive Leader identifies themes like the inability to see shades of grey the need to perform to gain approval the experience of being connected with the universe and the converse sense of numb frustrationUltimately this book calls for a nuanced case to case understanding of bipolarism and stresses a humanistic approach that focuses on the uniue biographical factors that have shaped each case over a proliferation of medication although these have a place too It helped me understand why I may be bipolar and what may be driving my condition although a definite diagnosis will only emerge from further work with my therapist If you're interested in what seems to be a defining mental condition of our times if you have been diagnosed as bipolar or have a loved one who has been diagnosed as such or if you just want to catch up on current thought on this condition this short extremely readable book seems like or less the thing you could pick up although I'll definitely seek out and read Stephen Fry's memoirs as soon as I can

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    One in four Americans is estimated to have some form of bipolar disorder How did we come to this?Darian Leader makes a very compelling case against the way we tend to see manic depression as a uestion of biology a thing to be resolved by pharmaceuticals It's considered to be a whole spectrum now and he explains why a correct diagnosis is crucial often times symptoms are part of other disorders and we don't really ask enough uestions to distinguish one from the other We aren't treating the disorder we fine tune medication instead of asking what caused the onset of mania or depression doctors simply ask how the pills have been lately If something's not a okay we simply give you another medication to add to your breakfastUnderstandingly recovery rates were better in the pre drug era when traditional psychotherapy was employed Manic depression was seen as the one type of psychosis that would resolve as time goes by whereas now the diagnosis is immediately followed by a heavy chemical cocktail in the form of pills and pills and pills to cure the side effects of those first pills After distinguishing the original bipolar disorder and calling it manic depression Darian Leader takes on investigating the symptoms and analysing the specific symbols in mania or depression The constant need of talking the way language changes its meaning the need of splittingcontrast the shopping sprees the revenge fantasies the obsessive rituals the need to blame others the sense of connectedness to the world are each analysed with examples from Leader's own practice or memoirs by people with manic depressionWe need to explore the details and investigate the past in each individual case if we want to do anything about that disorder at all It's a great book about something that we'll hear and about I got it on a whim but would definitely recommend it It's not difficult to read and relatively tiny which might be a bonus as wellJust to be clear I'm not condoning the use of pills they could save your life it's a serious disorder and like any other it calls for medication Let's just not forget about how important analysing is is what I'm saying

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    The best analysis of manic depression so far It gives an account of how the pharmaceutical companies branding this as a biological condition and making it totally drug dependent This condition has to be studied individually clinically and not brand one with set parameters of the bipolar spectrum Nowadays this condition is treated with multiple drugs and trying to find the right cocktail this is totally driven by the drug industry Now time is the factor and thereby old clinical approach is forgottenBring in back the good old family practice and do away with the spectrum parameters

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    Manic depressive illness although serious used to be rare roughly 1% of the population Yet during the past three decades and people have not only been diagnosed but put on a cocktail of medication to address their 'bipolarity' Now are such diagnosis genuine? Or is this increase a symptom of something deeper that is something gone wrong with our mental healthcare systems?Darian Leader 'a psychoanalyst and a member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research and of the College of Psychoanalysis' surely throws here a needed debateHe may have a point in accusing the pharmaceutical companies of marketing an illness so as to sell drugs to people 'Historians of psychiatry have all made the same observation here It was precisely when the patents began to run out on the biggest selling mainstream antidepressants in the mid 90s that bipolar suddenly became the recipient of the vast marketing budgets of the pharmaceutical industry'I don't know about that and uite frankly I feel wary of such argument tantamount or so I felt of accusing big pharmas of conspiracy to make profits I personally don't want to go thereWhere I fully agree with him is when he denounces modern psychiatry that has redefined manic depression with ill conseuences First it has stripped such illness of its specificity 'the flight of ideas the special sense of connectedness to the world the oscillation of a fault and the effort to create a categorical separation of good and bad' to now include a new spectrum of very different mood swings each with their own features Out with 'manic depression' In with the uite new 'bipolar' catch all label BP1 BP2 BP3 BP4 BP5 BP6 and their satellites which being too simplistic doesn't help the understanding of a complex illness Then because not only content to have thus airbrushed the very specifics of manic depression it has reduced itself to the prescription of pills as if cocktails of medication were the best if not only way to address mental issues As he clearly states it isn't Understanding patients' histories is also crucial a human touch that modern psychiatry sadly seems to have dangerously lost touch with 'Strictly Bipolar' is a short read challenging at times but nevertheless a powerful argument for a new approach to treating what remains a very serious illness Bipolar cannot be dealt with casually thrusting pills all the while neglecting the human factor That such a condemnation is needed shows how cold and dehumanised economically interested? our healthcare systems consciously or not came to be A must read for anyone interested in the topic

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    Excellent little book and a must for serious coaches It is a joy to read an idea explored in such an intelligent and concise way Read alongside madness explained and what's wrong with you your body never lies and simplicity parenting and you'll get a very healthy world view

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    I discovered Darian Leader belatedly about a year ago and he’s definitely become a favorite He has a great psychoanalytic gift for interpreting symptoms I love the clarity of his writing His hostility to biological approaches is unnecessary and offhand and is a repeating flaw in his work

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    Love this bookThe psychopathology of manic depression is written not ignoring the sociocultural and economic truths of a generation and contextualising the narrative discursive framework of the experience of vitality and energy in mania The motifs of references in personal histories of people living with bipolar and critical differences from other psychological states was very insightful to read for me Look forward to reading from this author

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    Strictly Bipolar by Darian Leader discusses primarily the rebranding of manic depression into bipolar disorder at the end of the 90ies but through this rebranding Leader actually also analyses our overmedicated society Leader reviews how this change in name but also how marketing have transformed the earlier approach into a drug heavy approach focusing only on drugs and the fine tuning of these drugsTo take his words there is an elephant in the room the whole conversation is about what the drugs are making them feel rather than what their original feelings had been before taking the drugsLeader advocates for a return to the previous approach but if what he says at the end of the book is true recovery rates were better in the pre drug area who wouldn't? The book makesreferences many interesting points; here are a few groundbreaking eye openers for me Leader makes a very extremely interesting point on the connection between manic depression and language In manic states the person was at the mercy of acoustic and formal connections between words but in the depressive state it was meaning or signification that governed them How strange that the two axes of language words and meanings would each emerge in manic depression in alternate strengthsHe makes also an interesting point related to sociology the constellation in manic depression often involves an aspiration to a better social position He makes a very extremely interesting point on manic depression and cinema That's why if you observe the audience during a comedy film they keep looking not just at the screen but a teach other whereas if it's a tragedy the gaze remains fixed on the screen Favourite uotesLeader uotes many famous writers He uotes for instance Stephen Fry for the highs phases society is too slow for our racing minds everything is connected in a web of glorious colour creativity and meaning I can't help seeing here Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook Talking becomes easy words flow with a newfound fluencyManic depression is like an alternating hypertrophy and atrophy of unconscious conscience uote of Edward Glover Internet uestionnaires allowed self diagnosis in a few minutes and for many people it seems as if their difficulties finally had a nameBipolarity is less a pendulum of moods than an effort to keep two poles apart Cheney tells us that mania is than a disease it is a way of thinkingStrictly Bipolar

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    As a person person with Bipolar I was at first optimistic about this book Having now read it I think it's one of the most dangerous ignorant and insulting pieces of writing on the topic To make it clear I think you should not buy this book Not unless you're an ableist ignorant fool who wants to read a piece of Bipolar denial I normally would say in a review that a book is crap but I'd never say don't buy it I'm making an exception here because I believe the author should not be monetarily rewarded for this piece of uneducated trash What I found particularly ignorant and plain wrong was the author's hypothesis about the links between manic and depressed episodes in Bipolar The author is of the opinion that mania is a person making up for a deficit in her childhood and that the depressed episode is the same person 'making up for the guilt' of the things she or he did whilst manic I just find this idea absolutely absurd insulting and dangerous Bipolar is not a personality disorder; many studies have shown the existence of damaged parts of the brain matter in Bipolar people It has been shown to be hereditary It is not something that is learned like a personality disorder and therefore the idea that our manic episodes are a form of making up for childhood deficits is beyond bizarre Beyond this there is as usual for a book on Bipolar something like a 9 1 ratio of discussing manic vs depresssed pole behaviour Mania is 'sexy' and it sells books Who doesn't want to read about a mad man going on a huge spending spree travelling round the world on a whim or taking a load of drugs? Yet in the vast vast majority of Bipolar people manic episodes are far less common and far shorter than the long deep dark depressed episodes But of course I was naive to expect the author of this book to take a fair balanced view on this mental disorder that has so badly impacted on my life and many millions' others For this book to have received praise from such well regarded British intellectuals is beyond me It is a nasty ignorant take on a deadly psychological disorder full of barely veiled prejudices on the part of the author and ironically the entire book is based on third party accounts of Bipolar Ie the 'famous' Bipolar biographies too Avoid

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    Strictly bipolar is one of the most advanced books ever written on psychotherapyThough not a conventional book yet it adds to the debate of differentiating the mental disorders namely bipolar disorder and maniac depressive diseaseThe author here outline that maniac depressive disorder though very closely resembles bipolar disorder yet they are not the same Using very simple examples he has outlined the differencesEven in psychiatry taught in med schools they are designated as samehowever it is important to understand their differences so as to make changes in the approach towards themManic depressive states can be easily handled through counselling and doesn't necessitate the use of drugs acting on the brain chemical functions Throughout the book the author has enforced the differentiating factors through vivid repetition of various personal experiences and has raised a valid uestion that is apt for the present worldThe uestion is not ARE YOU BIPOLAR ?its HOW BIPOLAR ARE YOU?

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