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Will Trent is a brilliant agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Newly in love he is beginning to put a difficult past behind him Then a local college student goes missing and Will is inexplicably kept off the case by his supervisor and mentor deputy director Amanda Wagner Will cannot fathom Amanda’s motiv. 4 StarsThe Past Never Stays in the PastWill Trent’s pa

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Olves the long held mystery of Will’s birth and parentage Now these two dauntless investigators will each need to face down demons from the past if they are to prevent an even greater terror from being unleashedIncludes Karin Slaughter’s short story “Snatched” and a preview of the next Will Trent novel Unsee. 35 stars I eagerly anticipate every single book by Karin

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Ation until the two of them literally collide in an abandoned orphanage they have both been drawn to for different reasons Decades before when his father was imprisoned for murder this was Will’s home It appears that the case that launched Amanda’s career forty years ago has suddenly come back to life and it inv. My favorite book in the Will Trent series so far Crimina Pain and Pretending/With Study Guide in an abandoned orphanage they have both been drawn to for different reasons Decades before when his father was Pain and Pretending imprisoned for murder this was Will’s home It appears that the case that launched Amanda’s career forty years ago has suddenly come back to life and Sweet Valley Twins and Friends Super Chillers Boxed Set it Evolving the Mind inv. My favorite book Tell in the Will Trent series so far Crimina

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    “Sometimes it’s criminal what a woman has to do” 45 starsCriminal is the 6th book in the Will Trent series It is also my favorite book in the series so far Chapters alternate between the past in the 1970s to the present The past covers Amanda and Evelyn’s time as rookie police officers In addition to fighting criminals they have to battle constant sexism as they are seen as less than by their fellow officers on the force The 1970s Atlanta Police Force is divided by race sex and gender The politics of the time force Amanda and Evelyn to comply until they reach their breaking point Their mindset had me fuming and some of the words and thoughts that came out of their mouths had my mouth hanging open in shock but I understand that their thoughts and beliefs were a reflection of the timesAmanda and Evelyn are put on a case investigating the rape of a prostitute Their exploration leads them to the most dangerous man they have ever encountered a serial killer who rapes abuses and kills women all in the name of God The killer has an inherent link to Will TrentIn the present 2 weeks after the events of Fallen Will is shaken when he learns that his father has been released from prison When a woman is kidnapped who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Will’s mother he is ready to confront his father one final time potentially putting his new relationship with Sara and his career in the GBI at risk In becoming unhinged Will is intensely vulnerable and a new side to his character is revealedThere is a high level of suspense and tension in both the past and present narratives The killer is uite brutal with his victims and the details of what he did to them are uite sickening There were so many things that I loved about this book but what I loved the most was seeing how Amanda and Evelyn didn’t back down They evolved despite their fear and there are flashes of who they will become They develop a network of women who were not powerful in the 1970s but who become extremely powerful and influential in the present showing just how far they have comeThe final scene gave me the chills and made me appreciate Angie just a tiny bit

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    Criminal by Karin Slaughter is a 2012 publication I was making great progress with this series but got sidetracked somewhere along the way but hopefully I can get back on track now Wowza This is an amazing installment in this series and might be one of the best so far Will and Amanda’s backstories are examined as we trip back in time to the mid seventies when Will’s father is making a name for himself and not in a good way This story explains how and why Amanda knows Will so well and explains what exactly went down with Will’s parents I will never think of Amanda in the same way again after reading this installment Karin Slaughter did an amazing job of building suspense and giving us a much better and deeper understanding of the conflicted and flawed characters we have come to care about The attention to details especially in describing the climate and atmosphere of the 1970’s was impressive The Will and Angie saga is also on the menu and Sara is caught in the middle as Will struggles with his past and how to move forward with Sara These characterizations never cease to amaze me The revelations and shock waves come slowly at first but the last uarter of the book had me spellbound The final chapter holds a jaw dropping twist that left me in complete shock I can’t wait to see how everyone deals with the fallout from here on out This is an awesome series 45 stars

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    4 StarsThe Past Never Stays in the PastWill Trent’s past has been kept tightly under wraps Lock and Key actually He remembers it though he hardly ever talks about it It turns out he has his reasons Will’s father has been in prison for his entire life Till now Unfortunately for Will his boss Amanda Wagner kept that little fact from him He discovers it for himself when he turns on the news and discovers that a young college girl has gone missing and when he is kept from investigating the case for a very good reasonForty years earlier Amanda Wagner and Evelyn Mitchell were cops in Atlanta’s Police Department Both investigated a truly brutal crime involving the disappearance and death of young women Though they are hindered at every turn they persevere What they find is horrifying and Detectives Wagner and Mitchell barely make it out aliveThe way Karin Slaughter intertwines these storylines is nothing short of brilliant I was mesmerized waiting with bated breath at how the storyline that took place in 1975 impacted Will Trent and Amanda Wagner’s relationship I must say that I am liking the development of Will Trent’s character How he is being drawn out of his shell and letting others in like Faith Mitchell and even Sara Linton though my feelings haven’t really changed there I do think both deserve happiness though for me there will only truly ever be one man for Sara sorry Will Trent fans I like Will a lot I think he stands on his own really well I just wish that KS had created someone “new” for him but alas life goes on I look forward to seeing where all of the characters go from here on outPublished on Goodreads on 21720

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    I have read a lot of reviews and a lot of people said that this was their favorite book in the series I will have to disagree on that To me it was very slow I do love Will Trent and he is my favorite character and the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I really learned a lot about Will Trent and loved this part of the storyThe story keeps going from the year 1975 to the present It changes back and forth and if you didn't keep an eye on it it could get a little confusing We learned a lot also about a case that happened in 1975 with Amanda and Evelyn Mitchell We got to learn about Amanda also Back in that day woman didn't really have a place on the police force I did like the book close to the end the last 100 pages It did shock me when I found out who the victim and killer were Only Karin Slaughter can come up with an awesome ending like this Sometimes I don't know how she comes up with her ideas I sure do love reading her books and have become addicted reading them

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    I am not sure what else I can say about Will Trent I love who he is I should have been prepared for what was revealed in Criminal but I wasn’t I shed tears for Will felt anger towards Amanda and I really wanted to scratch out Angie’s eyes Grrrr she makes me so angryThere is so much that is revealed and a lot to process I really had to pay attention The story is told between the past which is in the mid 70’s and the present The past reveals things about Amanda and Evelyn and other’s that explains Will’s younger life Some of the connections were a little surprising and some I had started to piece together Parts were rather gruesome There were some religious references and Shakespeare too Have you ever heard of Ophelia?I will be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the back in forth in time but there really was no other way to do it The reader needed all this information and Karin Slaughter gave it to us Every little bit I was going a little cross eyed and it did slow me down a bit but it was so worth it in the end And sweet Sara she really is Will’s angel Things are far from easy for these two For every wonderful moment they share they both have to continue to fight the uncertainty Will needed to let Sara all the way in That is it for now I’ve already started Unseen which is book #7 I might take my sweet time with this one The next one isn’t out until the summer of 2016Such a fantastic series and I highly recommend it to all my friends

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    My favorite book in the Will Trent series so far Criminal is a masterpiece Finally the reader gets to find out how Will was brought into the world who his parents are and how Amanda is linked to his life from the beginning There are so many stunning revelations I can't even begin to imagine the breadth of Karen Slaughter's brilliant mind Slaughter is virtuosic with the pen She leaps and bounds and ties knots in our hearts Will Trent is such a magnificent creation I will have to read it again to try and catch her in the sleight of hand the magic of her art

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    35 stars I eagerly anticipate every single book by Karin Slaughter and she's never let me down when it comes to Will Trent and Sara Linton and after last year's fantastic Fallen I was really excited to read her new book Criminal is however my least favorite book by this author yet and the first book in the Georgia series that I've rated less than 4 stars After thoroughly enjoying each of the previous 12? novels in this series it's something of a shock to find myself with such mixednegative feelings about this oneThe two things that normally make Karin Slaughter books so damned good are crackling suspenseful mysteries and strong characters that you passionately care about In Criminal those elements are woefully obscured by the book's structure too many POVs many of which are too long for secondary characters too much focus on Amanda Wagner's past which sounded like such a great idea except that she's much less compelling and sympathetic as a young rookie and a serious lack of time spent on the central characters we've come to know The starts and stops of the many many characters POVs make for a jumbled narrative and a frustrating reading experience and they detract from both the cleanness of the plotting and any emotional response we might've had to the characters I'm frankly very surprised that a Slaughter book would be this messyEventually the central mystery is an interesting one if a bit on the predictable side The little we see of the WillSaraAngie dynamic continues to be fascinating The flashback sections that took place in the 70s did provide a few good things it was kind of neat to see Evelyn Mitchell's early career since we all know how it later turns out a bit about Will's early beginnings and through Amanda it was interesting to read about how female police officers were treated back then But the issues of discrimination as well as so many others were done with a much less expert hand than I'm used to seeing in Slaughter's books Even the level and detail of the violence which the author's been criticized for and I've never had a problem with before seemed unnecessarily extra brutal and verging on salacious here For the first time in reading this author's work I felt serious twinges of distaste as I read about view spoilerwomen being sewn to mattresses women with their mouths and eyelids sewn shut or open etc etc hide spoiler

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    My favorite book in the series thus far FANTASTIC The intricacies of this story was off the charts VERY EMOTIONAL Heart wrenching On to the next one

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    When a college student goes missing and Amanda Wagner refuses to let Will Trent participate ensuing events resurrect the case that launched her career and expose the roots of his parentage The story transitions between the present and 19741975 Whatever I previously thought about Amanda Wagner and Evelyn Mitchell was upended here Their early obstacles faced as the first women in a police department run rampant with sexism and racism were daunting The fact that they not only persevered but succeeded is than admirable That first case was awful because of the nature of the crimes the underbelly of the part of the city they were investigating and the rotten politics of their own department Now the man they captured for the crimes has been released from prison and young women are disappearing again This was a tough story on so many levels most especially the 19741975 issues that we find appalling today However I really liked how it all unfolded and I wouldn't have appreciated it as much without that background And I now understand Amanda's relationship with Will its origins and reasons behind the current dynamics Sara also plays an important role and I loved how their relationship evolved The narration was solid never overpowering the story which would have been easy to do Another outstanding story in the series

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    Slaughter needs to rethink the series going forward I had many problems getting through this book 1 The actual criminal plot takes forever to get moving Too much of the first half is devoted to the ongoing personal sagas that are pretty much identical for each character as in earlier novels eg Will's inability to articulate or share problems with Sarah Will's dyslexia Will's absurd attachment to his witch of an ex wife It's like a broken record A good police thriller should at least devote half of the novel focusing on the investigation and story This book is only about 20% focused on the crime The rest of the book is devoted to the soap opera among the characters and Ms Slaughter impressing us with her knowledge of Atlanta roads buildings and news events2 The author knows Atlanta inside and out So do I I live in these same neighborhoods But much of what she shares is unrelated to the story It is just filler Did she really need to weave in the story of Atlanta's Runaway Bride? And did I really need a description of the linoleum pattern on the floor in some 1970's apartment of one of the characters? Enough already 3 The back and forth between the 1970's and current time was confusing and just not necessary I really think Slaughter did this just to work in tangential stories about Atlanta in the 70's 4 Slaughter needs to focus on one or two central characters in each book This book moves from the POV of Will to Sara to Faith to Amanda to Evelyn to Angie and so on And if there were not enough female characters to keep track of Slaughter then introduces the POV of a half dozen or female prostitutes and their histories I just could not keep them all straight and by the time the book returned to a character I had forgotten what was going on with them5 If you have not read the other Slaughter books you will not have a clue about these characters No attempt is made to bring the reader up to speed or let you know that Sara and Will are a couple or the familial relation between Faith and Evelyn etc 6 Some of the police behavior is this book was truly unbelievable and unprofessional One police officer goes to a dangerous building with her partner to interview a drugged out dangerous pimp The officer allows her partner to be sexually molested by the pimp without intervening but then she finally musters up the courage to hit the pimp with her purse a tactic she had to resort to because she never loads her gun as her husband doesn't approve of guns in the house Gimme a Break A police officer would lose his or her badge if such an event ever happened Yet in this novel thee is no investigation discipline or even any criticism Instead the characters just joke about it Also I work in a field where I am around Atlanta police officers The officers I deal with speak to each other in a professional manner especially at crime scenes and when actually performing their job duties Good friends on the force may tease each other but I just do not believe that police officers are so rude and aggressive with each other at crime scenes etc Slaughter is falling into the old cliched plot device that reuires all cops in police procedurals to behave and act rudely to each other Its like Slaughter has been reading one too many Harry Bosch or Mikey Haller novels and is employing the rude dialogue seen in Connelly's booksI wanted to give this 1 star but did not want to be the only reviewer marking it that low I have liked some previous books by Slaughter but she is developing some bad habits This book was an annoying stinker

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