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Enemy Husband

CHARACTERS Enemy Husband

Ound her heart And she’s made damn sure no man will ever get past thoseThe EnemyStewart Rio legendary by the book Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s elite anti theft suad lives and breathes his job which is to lock up every thief in the country and throw away the keyThe MasueradeSparks. SIM #1402

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FBI arch rivalsThey’d ace their dangerous job of deceptionsBut would they surviveeach otherThe ThiefRookie Special Agent Sass Hawthorne has breaking and entering down to a fine art There’s nothing she can’t or won’t steal for her beloved FBI But Sass has a big secret and iron bars ar. This was such a SEXY read I loved it I am not kidding it was hot and the chemistry between the hH lept through the pagesThe heroine is a thief actualyl she is a legal one she works for the FBI and loves it and especially besting the FBI hero who is in a rival division who tries to stop thefts The hero is a by the book agent and he doesn't like thief's it kind of goes back to his FBI agent dad being killed as a result of one His plan is to retire soon he just needs to catch one guyThe heroine tricks him and beats him again then is put in a situation where she has to go undercover for the first time with the hero both of them hate the idea The heroine is someone who has given up on a conventional life whenever she tried it things went wrong her mother sister died her thief father went to jail so she tells herself she is happy with the jobOnce these two go undercover things become scorching the line between pretense reality blurs really fast with the lust turning into something deeper the hero from going to she's not my type to screaming she's mine while the heroine still not ready to let go of her fear of something bad happeningI loved the book it was a scorcher I have a tendency to enjoy books about opposites and especially where people have to go undercover as husband wifeThis isn't a full five stars like 45 but I will give it 5 stars because it was so sexy

Nina Bruhns ☆ 6 READ

Fly when Sass and Rio are ordered on a top secret undercover op together forced to masuerade as husband and wife Their mission to retrieve a stolen nuclear trigger about to be auctioned off to terroristsThere’s no doubt they’ll ace their mission The uestion is will they survive each oth. na

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Enemy Husband
  • Nina Bruhns
  • English
  • 02 February 2018
  • 9780373274727

About the Author: Nina Bruhns

New York Times and USA Today best selling author Nina Bruhns is an avid world traveler and adventurer with two graduate degrees in archaeology all great fodder for her stories giving them broad dimension vivid settings and characters that are out of the ordinary In addition to hitting both the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists her novels have earned two RITA nominations and won numer

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