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The Luck of the Bodkins

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Is Miss Lotus Blossum the brightest star in Hollywood's firmament The easy camaraderie of Miss Blossom coupled with the idea that What can one say Wodehouse is an angel in human shape dispensing joy and laughter whenever he sits down at the typewriter I adore him This book It's the usual penicillin

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Monty is the only person who can send the errant Ambrose back to her welcoming arms is causing Mr Bodkin moments of acute distress ‘The Luck of the Bodkins’ tells the continuing story of Monty Bodkin and his engagement to Gertrude Butterwick which relies on his remaining in someone’s employ for a whole year We last met Monty at Blanding’s Castle where he was employed as secretary for Lord Emsworth for the length of ‘Heavy Weather’ rather than the length of a year Monty left Blanding’s after gaining employment with Percy Pilbeam at the Argos Detective Agency Monty is on Holiday at Cannes but follows Gertrude on board the RMS Atlantic after receiving a Cable breaking off their engagementThe RMS Atlantic acts as a typical Wodehouse stately home for the purposes of the farce with state rooms replacing the usual bedroom setting for the misunderstandings and complications that litter farce like so may discarded gloves The RMS Atlantic has the usual domestic staff with steward Albert Peasemarch undertaking most of the ‘business’ usually entrusted to butlers or under footmen Trying to summarise the plot in less than the three hundred pages Wodehouse uses would rather miss the point of this type of book but in essence Monty loves Gertrude who thinks he likes Lotus Blossom a movie starlet whom adores Ambrose who thinks she has fallen for his brother Reggie whom has definitely got it bad for Mabel Spence sister in law to movie mogul Ikey Llewellyn whom has been charged with smuggling jewels for his wife GrayceIf the plot appears complicated you should try the resolution And you really should try the resolution The Liner setting allowed Wodehouse the unusual point that all his cast need not be aware of each over at the start of the voyage and allowed him to dispense with making half of them unwilling imposters Definitely one of the masters most overlooked master pieces and my own personnel favourite

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Monty Bodkin's wooing of Gertrude Butterwick on the RMS Atlantic is not progressing as it should And the cause of all the trouble A French farce with English reserve best describes this saga well not too much after all it was written by the great PG Wodehouse Mr Montague Monty Bodkin a wealthy but idle British bachelor with a romantic problem it seems Gertrude Butterwicklove these peculiar namesthe gentleman's lady friend has a strange daddy who insists that rich Monty gets a job or no marriage to his pretty daughter and the really strange part is she will obey his ultimatum this transpires in 1935things have changed a little Troubles send our fragile hero to the Riviera in Cannes to calm his nerves in a resort hotel even during the Depression the affluent need to relaxThe adoring Bodkin is writing to his love a letter of his passion for her but he is not the brightest bulb in the neighborhood and tries to ask a fat man at a nearby table to help him with a spelling problem turns out this is a Hollywood Mogul fighting with his pesky sister in law Mabel Spence she has a ghastly message from scary Graycepardon me the rotund gentleman is called Ivor Ikey Llewellyn a most unpleasant person to be around and the interruption causes a stormy reaction to put it mildlyThis episode permits the paranoid Movie studio boss to have bad thoughts a plot by his young former actress wife Grayce safely in Paris to smuggle her pearl necklace by customs in New York without paying taxes he is petrified fears jail could this moron be a spy for them Bodkin did get a job as a detective a telegram don't know what that is arrives and the recipient Monty is crushed his girlfriend has called off the engagement Nevertheless this man is a Bodkin stout heart noblemen not officially but they should be he will fellow his dear on an ocean liner the RMS Atlantic to America NOW THE FUN BEGINSThree couples on board they can't leavefighting loving mostly hating each other temporarily of course the combatants are Monty and Gertrude you have already metReggie Tennyson a charming Englishman without a penny in love her name is Mabel yes that one and last but very far from least his big brother Ambrose a novelist who's books are sadly not read yet Lotus Blossom a big movie star in MrLlewellyn 's studio is enchanted with himThis mob is always in and out of their staterooms things are said and taken back love follows hate and returns to hate with a few tears in between and many laughs a family feud begins Reggie and Ambrose are Gertrude's cousins a continuous struggle for the happy endingdoes it exist The stressed out Llewellyn offers everyone a contract The nosy room steward Mr Albert Peasemarch dominates the story he stirs and the damage is inflicted he means well though but is clueless like a man walking in a dense fog this will keep the narrative very interesting if not boiling and we should not forget grumpy Wilfredwho is Wilfredthe pet alligator of Miss Blossom every movie star has their eccentricitiesIF YOU LIKE TO LAUGH THIS IS FOR YOU

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