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A beautiful and distinguished familyA private islandA brilliant damaged girl; a passionate political boyA group of four friends the Liars whose frien. This is the kind of book that when I finish reading it I

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New York Times bestselling author National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E Lockhart Read itAnd if anyone asks you how it ends just LIE. It's been awhile since I have so totally hated a book I'

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Dship turns destructiveA revolution An accident A secretLies upon liesTrue loveThe truth We Were Liars is a modern sophisticated suspense novel from. It's true what they're saying you're better off if I tel Chicken modern sophisticated suspense novel from. It's true what they're saying you're better off if I tel

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    Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a wee house in the woodsOnce upon a time there were three billy goats who lived near a bridgeOnce upon a time there were three soldiers tramping together down the roads after the warOnce upon a time there were three little pigsOnce upon a time there were three brothersNo this is it This is the variation I want It was a better coming of age than Catcher in the Rye but I also thought Twilight was a better coming of age than Catcher in the Rye fuck you Holden Caulfield It wasn't a terrible book I've read far worse It's just that the writing style sometimes get on my nerves The sentences are sometimes written fully and oftentimesitjust goes likethis out of freakingnowhere For no freakingReason at all If that's the kind of thing that bothers you Then you should probably avoid this bookThis book has almost no plot It is full of odd sentence structures and purple prose The entire book is about a poor little rich girl living with a poor little rich family with the kind of ending that makes you go WHAT THE ACTUAL KIND OF M NIGHT SHYAMALAN FUCKERY IS THIS?It's not terrible But there's almost no plot at all The Liars are Talkers and they have almost no relevant role in the book because this book is about a pretentious girl with nothing but #whitegirlproblems and #richpeopleproblems The aforementioned Liars don't do anything in this book they're not witty they're not cute they don't give off the sense of closeness and kinship that you get from growing up with someone their entire life Hell they're nowhere near Dead Poets Society kind of interestingThis is a coming of age and nothing It hasthekindof writing stylethat's often choppylike this Commasare sometimes used And sometimes not Haphazardly With no punctualityNo pun intendedSentences are fragmented The main character sometimesHas the tendency to use overwrought run on metaphors To describe herself And her headaches Such as a helicopter blown by the wind tossed by the torrential rain in the wilds of Alaska felt by a little Eskimo girl during the first whispers of a glacial spring with the scent of violets and hints of lavender in the fields of GrasseThe Summary My full name is Cadence Sinclair EastmanI am nearly eighteenI used to be blond but now my hair is blackI used to be strong but now I am weakI used to be pretty but now I look sickIt is true I suffer migraines since my accidentIt is true I do not suffer fools Poor little Cadence Sinclair is wealthy She is loved She is one of the Sinclairs a good looking old money Democrat family think the Kennedys without the political aspirations They have names like Liberty Taft and Tipper They go to Ivy League schools They have trust funds They have sired a generation of children the leader of which is Cadence Cadence and her crew call themselves The Liars The Liars are composed of her cousins Mirren Johnny and the outcast Healthcliff Indian love interest GatThe Liars supposedly cause trouble They don't really They do almost nothing Cadence herself is sick She is prone to theatrics and she is not so secretly in love with Gat She gets headaches She feels self pity She is privileged She doesn't realize itThis is the story of a wealthy beautiful family It’s a beautiful night and we are indeed a beautiful familyI do not know what changed This is the story about a girl's headaches Why did I go into the water alone at night?Where were my clothes?Did I really have a head injury from the swim or did something else happen? This is a story about The Liars And their spectacularly brilliant conversations for the entire fucking summer They have baby oil spread on their bodies Two bottles of it lie on the grass “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get burned?” I ask“I don’t believe in sunblock any” says Johnny“He’s decided the scientists are corrupt and the whole sunblock industry is a moneymaking fraud” says Mirren“Have you ever seen sun poisoning?” I ask “The skin literally bubbles”“It’s a dumb idea” says Mirren “We’re just bored out of our minds that’s all” They're not the only ones bored out of their mindThe Writing I plunge downdown to rocky rocky bottom andI can see the base of Beechwood Island andmy arms and legs feel numb but my fingers are cold Slicesof seaweed go past as I fallAnd then I am up again and breathingI’m okaymy head is okayno one needs to cry for me or worry about meI am fineI am aliveI swim to shore I really have a problem with the writing but this is just a matter of taste But then again I've never been a fan of this type of prose Needless to say I don't like ee cummings The writing is so often choppy haphazardly punctuated The first person narrator also has a tendency to use very very dramatic imagery to describe situations Some situations are false Then he pulled out a handgun and shot me in the chest I was standing on the lawn and I fell The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my rib cage and down into a flower bed Blood gushed rhythmically from my open woundthen from my eyesmy earsmy mouth That there was a description of how she FELT It confused me as fuck until I realized that she didn't actually get hurt which made it even confusing when she did actually hurt herself Every time Gat said these things so casual and truthful so oblivious—my veins opened My wrists split I bled down my palms I went light headed I thought that was her being overdramatic again until I realized that the guy was fucking bandaging her up afterwardsThe main character has a huge tendency to use purple prose She describes her migraines like they were the end of the world which I understand to some people they might be but if you're getting a fucking migraine there's really no bloody need to get all freaking poetic about it A witch has been standing there behind me for some time waiting for a moment of weakness She holds an ivory statue of a goose It is intricately carved I turn and admire it only for a moment before she swings it with shocking force It connects crushing a hole in my forehead I can feel my bone come loose The witch swings the statue again and hits above my right ear smashing my skull Blow after blow she lands until tiny flakes of bone litter the bed and mingle with chipped bits of her once beautiful goose That entire passage is one of many throughout the book about her headaches I just couldn't take itThe Main Character “You’re filled with superiority aren’t you? You think you understand the world so much better than I do I’ve heard Gat talking I’ve seen you eating up his words like ice cream off a spoon But you haven’t paid bills you haven’t had a family owned property seen the world You have no idea what you’re talking about and yet you do nothing but pass judgment” Poor little rich girl syndrome She's beautiful but wounded and mysterious and revered just for the sake of her blood alone for the sake of her family's name alone Think about it If you were a Kennedy it doesn't matter if you look like an elephant stepped on your head when you were born People are still going to love you and worship you and whisper your name with reverence because you're a motherfucking Kennedy It's this way with the Sinclairs only there's no paparazzi following them around All of the benefits and no family curse But somehow Cadence finds a way to be a rebel without a cause anywayShe's rich She's hypocritical about her wealth because she criticizes her own fucking family for being wealthy She does stupid shit like give things away to random people because she can Before the summer is over Cadence's room will have been empty because she keeps giving shit away for no fucking reasonCadence is unaware of others She is spoiled She takes her wealth for granted She doesn't pay any attention to the help One night the four of us ate a picnic down on the tiny beach Steamed clams potatoes and sweet corn The staff made it I didn’t know their names I'm sorry but I can't sympathize with such a whiny person who's completely unaware of how privileged she is headaches be damned “Who are Ginny and Paulo?”Gat hits his fist into his palm “Ginny is the housekeeper Paulo is the gardener You don’t know their names and they’ve worked here summer after summer That’s part of my point”My face heats with shame “I’m sorry” The Love Interest “You’re saying Granddad thinks you’re Heathcliff?”“I promise you he does” says Gat “A brute beneath a pleasant surface betraying his kindness in letting me come to his sheltered island every year—I’ve betrayed him by seducing his Catherine his Cadence And my penance is to become the monster he always saw in me” Gat is the only interesting character in the book He is Indian American Gat Patil He is the nephew of her aunt's boyfriend and they've known each other for years He is self aware Too self aware in the pretentious way that teenagers can often be but his character feels authentically teenaged I liked him He is accepted into The Liars but he's not altogether accepted in the family Because of his skin color because of his lack of family money he feels left out And I can sympathize with him “I’m not saying he wants to be the guy who only likes white people” Gat went on “He knows he’s not supposed to be that guy He’s a Democrat he voted for Obama—but that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable having people of color in his beautiful family” Gat is intelligent Reasonable Likeable And I wonder why the fuck he cares about a waste of air like Cadence

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    This is the kind of book that when I finish reading it I’m like FINALLY and then throw the book out of the window in this case not applicable because of digital copy so I'm doing it through a gif But really what a weird story and an uncomfortable and pretentious atmosphere this We Were Liars book has It wasn’t long thank God but damn it was painful to read This is my 3rd negative reviewread this week and I’m seriously pissed but will try to keep it coolI didn’t getthe purpose of this bookWhy were they calledLiars anyway? Okaythey lied but who doesn’t?Why are they supposed tobe so special? Becausesome of them are rich? So what?Many people are as well and it doesn’t make theminterestingspecialDid it annoy you? How I just wrote what I wrote? If it did this is not the book for youIt’s like the author wanted to make this story ‘phenomenal’ and so damn poignant and thought that by adding some metaphorical sentences a different writing style and a heavy recycled subject she would succeed But she didn’t At least not for me I personally thought it felt very pretentious and TOO MUCH The pacing is uneven and the story very repetitive The characters except maybe for Cady the MC are one dimensional and I couldn’t connect with any one of themAgain with the subject is it mainly aboutrich wants to date ‘poor’ guy aka love of her life but can t because family? So confusing but I guess that’s it since THAT started a lot of stuff The love story by the way is so so so dull This is all because of the hypeOh the hype was there ItISThere But we all know hype lies and loves doing it This is not the type of book I usually read because it feels just by reading the ‘synopsis’ really? couldn’t this book have at least a normal synopsis? too saddarkeerie for me but HEY we all need to step out of our comfort zone from time to time PLUS John Green praised this book He ''Thrilling beautiful and blisteringly smart We Were Liars is utterly unforgettableJohn Green #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars''praised this book And since I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars not so long ago and loved it I thought I’d trust Green’s judgement Except it was boring Boring Boring Boring The only parts I felt myself enjoying reading are the little ‘stories’ with the king and his 3 daughters I really don’t recommend this book It’s a waste of time because it’s confusing as hell and doesn’t even have a nicenormally written endingI wish I could burn it

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    This was without a doubt one of the most powerful and well crafted books I have read in a really long time Elements that made this book outstanding1 It started with a map and a family tree Talk about setting yourself up for success2 The personification of emotion This might not make sense unless you've read the book but wow it was powerful3 The use of fairy tales from the main character to describe situations4 The sense of complete mystery and suspicion I was always uestioning everything5 The use of dramatic lines You know when an author brings in an epic moment stopping line? This was full of those awesome drops6 The moment There's a moment where all is revealed and IT WAS PERFECT7 The conseuential understanding Everything suddenly clicked into place and it was glorious8 The side characters I think sometimes side characters can feel inconseuential and here they felt really importantThere weren't very many things I didn't like to be honest but there was one1 The title It does't make sense to me I don't want to say anything in case spoilers but I don't think it's the perfect titleTwo final things1 I have a theory I have a theory about this book that I'm really excited to discuss so I'm going to make a video about it2 This book really made me cry Like explode cry Lots of tears And I've only ever cried at 2 other booksI absolutely recommend this book to everyone who likes books because MAN THIS WAS A GOOD BOOK

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    sobbing sobbing sobbing so much love for this book and its perfect perfect ending i can't even capitalize right now i don't even want to capitalize right now in fetal positionsob my souuuuul

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    It's true what they're saying you're better off if I tell you nothing about this bookSo I will just say two things1 It is worth reading Even though I only gave it 3 stars2 I gave it 3 stars because of the writing style which irritated the hell out of me The fact that it got 3 stars after annoying me so much will hopefully give you some indication of how much I liked the ideaIt's a very clever book and an incredibly sophisticated piece of YA BUT an execution that was not to my tastes The writing was too choppy and fragmented and I hated the freuent use of nouns as adjectives Like this His nose was dramatic his mouth sweet Skin deep brown hair black and waving Body wired with energy Gat seemed spring loaded Like he was searching for something He was contemplation and enthusiasm Ambition and strong coffee I could have looked at him forever

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    Tragic yet hauntingly beautiful story

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    It's been awhile since I have so totally hated a book I'm surprised at how varied the feelings on here about this book aresome of my friends hated it Some of them likedloved it I still love themLet's get to why I hated this so very frigging much The main character is a twitbut then the whole family is Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair familyNo one is a criminalNo one is an addictNo one is a failureThe Sinclairs are athletic tall and handsome That's actually the good part on her family In some parts of the book the author tries and make the character act like she has redeeming ualifications but then a short few pages later I just want to smash her again The writing styleGood griefI thought it was only going to last for a few pages NOOOOOOO almost the whole frigging book is written like this So lie Tell him the ones from the Boston house The cream ones with the embroideryIt was easiest to tell her I wouldAnd later I told her I hadBut Bess has asked Mirren to do the same thingand neither one of usbegged Granddadfor the fucking tableclothsThen that lovely twist of an endingI'm probably going to hell for this but don't click if you gonna whineview spoilerI thought it was the burning of the housebut nooooooit's that they are all fucking deadexcept for princess dumbass She would be seeing dead people cuz that head of her's was fucking empty of anything else hide spoiler

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    I went into We Were Liars one cocky son of a biscuit eater feeling above it all right from page one I'd seen this book talked about so heavily by other bloggers and how some never saw the twist coming or how others totally saw that twist coming All the while I was sitting on the sidelines with my shades on posted up with my arms folded saying Yeah yeah yeah Hot potato That's not to say I didn't want to read this book because I did I even had an ARC sitting on my shelf for the longest time but due to a lot of the hype I kept putting it off Plus I'm one of those people who usually can easily figure out a plot twist and I didn't want to dive into something where a lot of people already mentioned figuring it outBut one thing did nag me a little in the back of my mind was that my Bookish Twin Blythe from Finding Bliss in Books LOVED it I highly value her opinion when it comes to books because we almost always agree So when I happened to get my hands on the audiobook I thought What the hell? I was supposed to read and review this anyway right? Let me tell you WHOAFirst off I just wanna say that I don't know how the print compares to the audio and that it's possible I loved the book than others because of the  excellent job of the narrator I can see how the fragmented sentences could be a pain to read but this might be one of those cases where it sounds better out loud That being said I if you haven't read this book possibly check out the audio version firstAnyway I was feeling very blasé about the first half It felt like a really random story about a rich white girl and her white girl problems crying her white girl tears and I felt myself unsure about what the point of it all wasAnd maybe that makes me sound extremely heartless but I couldn't relate to the main character no I'm not even going to tell you her name because I want you to go in blind But somewhere along the lines I started to become intrigued with the story because it became this strange wild thing that I couldn't piece togetherLockhart uses a very odd narration with fragmented sentences and strange descriptions but I thought it was beautiful and uniue It added a very creepy layer on top the the existing oddness It makes you uestion the main character her account of the incident and the entire book She's not very reliable and has the habit to cut off mid sentence I'm not sure if that was used as a way to distract the reader or if it was to used to make us uestion her sanity Maybe a little bit of both Either way it worked on meAs things started to heat up and I reached the cusp of the climax the narrator's voice increased in intensity She began talking faster became very emotional then suddenly on the verge of tearsAnd I started thinking to myself OH GOD NO WHAT IS HAPPENINGAnd then IT was revealed and I was all WHAT IS THIS LIFE? I REJECT EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ENDING NOOOOOOOSo naturally I had a good cry and needed someone to hold meBy the end I was all know this review might not be the most helpful in the world but it's true what everyone says about We Were Liars You should absolutely go in blind with no expectations and let this book take your feels as it sees fit If you are a fan of psychological thrillers like Stephanie Kuehn's Charm and Strange or Complicit than this one may be up your alley I'll be here to hold you when you're finishARC was provided by the publisher via YA Books CentralMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebugery

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    so just like Little Bee this book begs you NOOO DON'T TELL ITS SEEEEKRITS and if anyone asks you how it ends just LIEso part of me is tempted to write this whole long review about how this book is a magical adventure focusing on a young girl in manhattan during the blackout of 2003 when all the red pandas living in the sewers came out to play carrying tiny flashlights and shepherding people from manhattan to their homes in the outer boroughs and all the lessons this young girl learns along the way from her red panda guide about life and humanity and art history and ultimately herself because i would read that bookinstead i am just going to say that it is perhaps unwise to market a book in this way true the only reason i read it myself was because i came across it when making YA list for work and i was all SECRETS?? I LOVE SECRETS I WANT TO KNOW THE SECRETS it's a very effective way of drumming up interest around a bookbut the problem is when you are prepared for a big twist it is very easy to guess the big twist which i did very early on if you think you are just reading a book about some rich family and a girl with a faulty memory and a mysterious summer with no tantalizingly bossy instructions about keeping the book's secrets you might be surprised when the reveal is revealed but when such a big deal is made of SHHHHHHH and you know you are expecting something unexpected you will probably find it and so reading the book just becomes an exercise in waiting for the character to figure it out which is fine but less effective in terms of shock valuei liked it anyway but i think it would have been fun to gasp in genuine surprise at the path it took so forget i said anything forget what the synopsis tells you to do and just read it like you would any other bookthis should help you forget everything you have ever known to my blog

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    ”We were warm and shiveringand young and ancientand aliveWhen I began to read this book I went in completely blind and had absolutely no clue what it was about The blurb on the back didn’t tell me anything about the plot and everything I knew was that “We Were Liars” had apparently won the YA Goodreads Choice Award in 2014 So yeah I just decided to read it and hoped it would be good and looking at it in retrospective this actually was the best decision I could have made ; P Because let’s face it this book will mess with your head big time The Liars will make you wonder they’ll make you uestion what happened in summer 15 and you’ll not only become curious but you’ll also feel a need to read on XD ”Silence is a protective coating over pain”Of course there are plenty of hints but will you be able to figure them out or will you be in the dark until the end? I guess by now you already realised that this isn’t one of my typical reviews and yes you’re right I won’t write anything about the plot Sorry? No I think I’m not lol ”A brute beneath a pleasant surface betraying his kindness in letting me come to his sheltered island every year – I’ve betrayed him by seducing his Catherine his Cadence And my penance is to become the monster he always saw in me” This is a book you’ll have to experience for yourself And I want you all to scream ”WHAT THE FREAKING HELL??” when you finally reach the ending HahaAnd before you ask yes I screamed it loud and clear XD This story is a mindfuck and even my usually very observant mind wasn’t ready for the finale ; PSo all I’m going to do is to give you a little character description The rest you’ll have to figure out on your own XD Meet the Liars Mirren ”She is sugar She is curiosity and rain” ”Be a little kinder than you have to”Johnny ”He is bounce He is effort and snark” ”Never eat anything bigger than your ass”Gat ”Do not accept an evil you can change” ”His nose was dramatic his mouth sweet Skin deep borwn hair black and waving Body wired with energy Gat seemed spring loaded Like he was searching for something He was contemplation and enthusiasm Ambition and strong coffee I could have looked at him forever”Cady ”Always do what you are afraid to do” I say ”These days she is a gnarled crone touching the raw flesh of my brain with her cruel fingernails She pokes my exposed nerves exploring whether she’ll take up residence in my skull If she gets in I’m confined to my bedroom for a day or maybe two”Are you curious and intrigued already? If yes I hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did It was a really nice and fast read and it definitely exceeded my expectations No Truth be told it completely messed with my mind But we all love deliberate confusion don’t we? ; P ”I suffer migraines I do not suffer foolsI like a twist of meaning”