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Knights In Dark Leather Higher Ground #2

Summary Knights In Dark Leather Higher Ground #2

After a great flood destroyed civilization a band of adventurers hunting for treasure challenges Cerridwe.

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N’s uest to lead Britland into a better future She and her friends race against their rivals to Saint E. Tigerfeeling into a better future She and her friends race against their rivals to Saint E.

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Yes where they hope to find a mural that leads the way to a powerful moonstone ring influencing the world. Tigerfeeling influencing the world.

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    Another great journey from Edith Parzefall and Francene Stanley Knights in Dark Leather is set in the far distant future of Corn World after the flood that changed the worldCerridwen and Trevly's search now centers on a ring that will somehow help her change the world but Sasha and her knights Aaron and Boris are also keen to find the 'treasure'As we turn each page the search increases pace and danger seems to lurk around every cornerKnights in Dark Leather continues Edith Parzefall and Francene Stanley's remarkable tale about a search for knowledge power wealth and stability in an unstable world while exploring human experiences and reactionsEach character and 'knight' has their own attributes and flaws that at times help or hinder the respective journeys Trust compassion strength of commitment as well as physical strength v mental acumen fear and faith are all explored while the travellers' search keeps us rivetted on their progressNever a dull moment Cerridwen's primitive but future world Knights in Dark Leather is a terrific continuation of the Higher Ground seriesI am impatient to read book three

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    This seuel to Wind Over Troubled Waters does not disappoint at all I am pretty sure it would also be enjoyable to anyone who has not read the first book in the series With my failing memory I'd have been lost without the skillfully integrated background in the first few chapters which reintroduces the characters and refreshed the storyline but without a dreaded background dumpStanley and Parzefall are at least as powerful storytellers as their heroine Cerridwen Their story enthralls the reader pulling you along on the characters' adventures in the Corn World of the future Like Cerridwen's tales it provides excellent distraction from any pain and discomfort and an escape from everyday life Throughout I felt as though I am another member of the travelers' party I am impatient for the adventures to continueThe characters are well rounded and interesting Some I wish I could meet and others I'm uite happy only to meet in the story although I can see aspects of them in the real world The fantasy elements integrate well and the world feels complete and comfortable