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The Mouseproof Kitchen

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A deeply moving debut novel about a couple’s struggle to love and accept their disabled child and keep their family togetherAnna is a planner So when she discovers she’s pregnant she prepares for a perfect new life in Provençe France with her perfect new baby to be Anna’s partner the easy g. Such a believable heartbreaking read Who knows what life's gonna throw at us and how we'll cope Would we do any better than Anna and Tobias I doubt it A really interesting read

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Ce far from the mansion in Provençe they had imagined Little do they know that this is the beginning of what will become an incredible journey of the heart one during which they learn there really is no such thing as a mouse proof kitchen Life is messy and it’s the messy bits that make it count. dark humour but delightful novel about a couple who have a disabled child and move to south of france and to a ruin of a farmhouse and the trials of rebuilding a life and pressures of a relationship and a disabled child which the author portrays every well

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Oing Tobias shouldn’t have too much difficulty tagging along after all he’s a musician who rarely starts his day before noon But all that changes when their baby is born severely disabledAnna Tobias and their daughter Freya end up in a rickety rodent infested farmhouse in a remote town in Fran. Did I enjoy it No in a lot of ways because I found myself getting angry and outraged at the characters their words and their actions Was I involved Absolutely from start to finish It was an emotional roller coaster Would I have considered stopping reading Not in this lifetimeTobias and Anna are looking forward to the birth of the first child Anna is a person who liked to have a plan and everything in place But when she finds out their child Freya brought into the world by Caesarean all plans get thrown out the window Although looking perfect Freya has severe problems that include freuent seizures Tobias who I thought until close to the end of the novel was a self centred pig of a man wants to abandon Freya at that point Anna finds that not so easy to doThey end up in France taking Freya with them but instead of Provence as planned they find themselves in a dilapidated farmhouse in Languedoc that is infested what Anna suspects are mice Anna’s mother is one of those characters that work well in fiction but if you met them in real life you would run way as fast as you could Some of the things she comes out with are so self absorbed and thoughtless But then some of the words that come out of Anna’s and Tobias’ mouth are no less so This book seems to focus on the things people may think but never normally say These characters do Never having been in the position of having a severely disabled child it’s hard to judge Anna and Tobias and say what thoughts might cross a person's mind and what they might say privately to each other about the situation Saira Shah makes sure the reader knows all these thoughts most people would never sayThere are some soft moments and moments that make you laugh but on the whole this is a very stark picture of a couple coming to terms with the situation life has handed them They’re not always going to act in sweetness and light So if you’re prepared for a story that will engage your emotions not always in a positive way and make you think then I suggest you read this

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