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Dicineand the parties an old man named Manson would throw for teenagers at his creepy house on the hill Then came the regular sightings of her corpse at the beach and in his bed Now in his mid twenties Jack experiences his best nightmare ever the chance for revenge on Old Man Manson for murdering Karen He. If there’s o A Calendar of Cases of Witchcraft in Scotland, 1510-1727 in his bed Now Pain and Pretending/With Study Guide in his mid twenties Jack experiences his best nightmare ever the chance for revenge on Old Man Manson for murdering Karen He. If there’s o

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Jack worked at the surfboard shop Karen was a lifeguard and every night was perfect And since teenage love destroyed by suicide is hard to get over Jack simply holds on to his dead girlfriend At first it is the long phone calls deep into the night reliving the memories of drinking black metal bands the me. Butterflies ma

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Reunites with Karen for a long journey through night confronted by her parents General Hook the Ghost Witch a woman in a gummy dress an old man from a pricker bush and a furry monster Finally with a list of 66 ways to punish and kill Old Man Manson Jack confronts him in the dining room of a haunted hotel. A poorly writt

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    Butterflies made of unused organs could come flying back out of my origami hands It was like a little gift I gave to myself that I stole from somebody else I only offer so much as I can stand I give out signals of disinterest That's because I only care for KarenYou've never read anything like this Startling perverse beautiful haunted a transcript of bruised fantasies and sexual humiliation but under everything a truly original voice unscorched and strong This is not so much a novel as a chemical radiation of lyric jealousy There are deathtrips of metaphor and nightmare orgies and you will be swooned by the book's haunted thinking but still emerge to feel some ground beneath your feet This book presents a hunger you have never encountered and a voice that will stitch your mind into new patterns of gray putty

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    Jack hearts Karen Karen commits suicide and the rest of the story reads like a haunted surreal love letter trapped in a never ending nightmare This is Jack's descent into madness through little vignettes of his tortured mind Prose poetry told from the perspective of a monster caught inside his own personal hell There is a perplexed dis jointed feel throughout the whole of this short novella Disgusting yet beautiful imagery and fantastic illustrations sprinkled though out A hard one to put down once you start the journey and so many wonderful uotes one of which I will leave you with They called our usual excursions into these nights of infinite danger suicide But what they didn't understand is that the blue light of these modern dream machines had colored not only their nights but also their days a frozen hue of darker than the deepest seas blue Time can never be regained in this fantasy worldor lost

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    In this book we follow Jack who is feeling left behind as all of his friends have either moved died or disappeared He is particularly hung up on his girlfriend Karen and how she died A strong tone of heartbreak guides everything he doesFurther along Jack learns of the 5 rituals attached to Karen's mirror and enters a world that leaves you guessing Are the experiences dreams or real and are they happening with the ghost of Karen or the corpse of her ghost? Written in a poetic metaphorical style that I really liked I would describe this as childlike yet morbid The illustrations added a uniue touch as well The main complaint I have is that it was a bit too disjointed at times and could have been structured a bit better That being said I am still uite eager to read from the author I think there are great things to come

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    Take Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat drop it a bowl of maggots with some sorrow and you'll have First Aide MedicineOnce upon a time Old Man Manson gouged his kitty's eye out when it killed his arctic foxA tale about the dead that follows behind you and reminisces about the past of how it use to be Before the funeral The suicide that threw it all away revenge must be takenKaren the beautiful life guard her boyfriend who works at the surfboard shop reunite to seek revenge on Old Man Manson who brought on the suicide If you read Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe you will remember the cat with the missing eye who comes back to life Nick gives that concept a great twist and turns it into a great bizarro read Fill with an interesting cast of characters

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    If there’s one thing that all the reviewers here can agree upon This book reads like a bad acid trip But I would define it simply as a surreal children’s horror story Or not simply I shouldn’t say simply It’s very complex and mired in an insanity akin to a nightmare The descriptions are very psychedelic and I don’t mean that stupid concept of hallucinating laughing gnomes or whatever It’s like when you see something it registers falsely in your mind the way a shadow sometimes looks like a figure in the shadows and your mind registers the mistake as reality So you have these scenes that sound like that kind of paranoia General Hook who now resembled both our fathers the red and black striped creature and Jeremy are waiting in the elevator when the doors open The woman’s hair gets caught in an elevator button but we manage to disentangle it before she is beheaded The black and red striped creature holds his knife aloft for the remainder of the ride poised and ready to decapitateThere is a visceral feel to his disgust which leaks out of the narrator in very obtuse metaphors the crawling nastiness of Burroughs or Bataille; but there’s this other uality too It’s whimsical It has the panache of Lewis Carroll the non stop flurry of strange faintly threatening insidious dream characters; the weird contrast of playful details amongst grisly images The creature looked to the thick thick forest Then he removed one stick at a time from the forest wall After a half hour he had barely made a dent He motioned General Hook over grabbed his hooks and struck them together like flint Then he signaled you over and mimed how blood came out of your mouth before and asked you to spit some on the hooks An explosion went off when you did it A deep hole was burned through the thick thick forest There was now a crawlspacelike a tunnel The man from the pricker bush was covered in soot from head to toe The ants were blackened too and appeared deadThere’s that faint rhythm the tempo of a fairy tale that implies panic craziness or a deadline You can hear it drumming through that the walls were closing in I said and I was beginning to have the feeling way too often of having been here before or being already dead She agreed but tears fell as she said the films were like a balm or a tranuilizer from all the pain Everyone needs a medicine or a gas mask to make it through this holocaust My blood in the sky my blood in the sea carry me beyond the black mirror so that I may reach theeAnd it’s sometimes funny The creature has slaughtered six women dressed like princesses Severed legs and arms flop on the floor and hang on the railing He holds the head of one in his furry hand and eats her face He eats with his mouth opened He has the worst table manners in all the worldThere is a kind of grim semi antisocial craziness and desperation in the narrator The surreal brevity of each little section makes me think of Max Ernst’s “Une Semaine de Bonte” which features Victorian clothed dilettantes with bird heads performing intrigues sadism and conspiracy on one another There’s something fitting in this comparison I thinkThe obsession for Karen the longing and entrenched sorrow that the book seems to be so strongly dramatized by it’s sick This is in a strong way a book about mental sickness or craziness A drive to crazinessThe misery of Karen is one that is not experienced emotionally but lived through viscerally empirically He is her companion her friend She is the naive beauty who is descending into ghost hood and he is seeing her go like a bad acid trip Her white curtains fell behind her hot red gums Her unused organs beckoned me to come My mind was burning My teeth were falling out in curtainsBut what the fuck is this really? An allegory? I don’t know To me the whole thing sounds like an allegory to guilt a slaying of innocence via the curious kid who witnessed mortality and the sorrow thereof in the same bleeding instant in the guise of this Karen She is a symbol throughout the story of both death and of beauty And there’s something to that to that patronage of the young corpse whom he still adores whom he makes love to who he attempts to hide protect and love Every boy and man she’d ever slept with was with us tonight too Not just the boys and men but the way her parents saw these boys and men—the hyperbolic Halloween mask versions of these boys and men who stole their daughter’s heart and mind; and I am just another one too perching over her in my carrion deathskin deathmask I see the shadow of the horns upon her wall I know she will remain true to her word this is the last time we will ever sleep togetherAnd while all the stories of maggots of ghosts of blood and decapitation are creepy; it’s really hard to keep track of what’s going on I appreciate the discombobulated feel that is supposed to come with a surreal nightmare but as a reader I felt no visceral experience myself no fear no worry no disgust no pity I was so busy trying to figure out what was going on in this bizarre other world And maybe there shouldn’t be empathy Maybe it’s just supposed to be a flipbook of psychotic imagery I dunno I would have like to have been closely connected to the narrator though He’s lacking some detail that really take away from my being in his shoes I suppose he’s a teenager because he works at a surfboard shop I assume he’s healthy externally and haunted within But I have no idea who he is what to picture him as and because we are behind his eyes I feel so lost in identifying his world his relation to his world and the conflicts therein It’s confusing The pictures than anything harken to the Alice in Wonderland imagery where in the original version it was illustrated by Sir John Tenniel A lot of them are funny They are all comical and strange a bit too crude The crudeness adds to them makes them ilicit a sort of demented appeal but a lot of the figures are too hard to identify and piece with the story I guess I just wish they were a little bit better done The book is good for the snippets of madness It's the kind of book that i love to find at thrift stores garage sales or lying on the street The irksome madness really comes out when you are suddenly given into this world It's the kind of book i would love to cut up and put on collages the misnomer of a phrase out of context just the little bit of crazy is good enough to really put some invective onto an envelope or postcard It's full of random shocking playful phrases

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    A poorly written Gobbledygook piece of utter nonsense that was a complete waste of my time 1 star is actually to much but we can't give a 0 rating or I would

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    It's important to say that this isn't my kind of thing I don't like stream of consciousness I don't like not being able to tell if the main character is experiencing one long acid trip or is schizophrenic and I don't like stories that don't have a discernible structure That's just me Some people have much tolerance than I do and that's OKThis story which is apparently about a guy whose girlfriend Karen committed suicide after having an affair with a much older man doesn't satisfy me however because it's really an extended prose poem that never moves beyond the first stanza I don't mind grief and I don't mind guilt but the casually self indulgent nihilism has to change for the character to be sympathetic and I never cared a whit about Jack the main character If you want an interesting narcissist try Nick Hornby's High Fidelity Jack however is an entitled hipster wannabe who has encountered true tragedy yet still thinks at 25 that the universe revolves around him and his fantasies Tragedy has to change us for it to have meaning and meaning is what writing is all about When I read I ask myself if I can discern the message and if there isn't one or the message is muddled or it's begun and not finished or if there is one but it's unintentional the work is unsatisfying to me That's why I don't appreciate First Aide Medicine Karen is dead but the apparent message about her death is that the real significance of the tragedy is that alcoholic Jack's fallen into his own navel I'd like to add one final word about the genre of this piece The author believes it's an horror novella I think he's wrong Horror is Daniel Kraus's Scowler a unified piece that tells a complete story that includes a clear message with elements that leave the reader aghast Horror includes elements that leave us both fascinated and disgusted at the same time The worst part is or the best if you read a lot of horror that horror is really horrible because of its plausibility We're terrified of Michael Meyers because we have the innate sense that a People are crazy b Bad crap happens and c The next town over a stand in for anyplace we don't know very well is dangerous We think that stuff because we're prey animals and that's how we're hard wired However there's a newish genre maybe a new group of authors? who are under the impression that writing a collection of words that include examples such as maggots and blood automatically ualifies them as horror authors Personally I think they're wrong In one of my writing classes my professor read a piece I'd written looked at me and said Yeah but what's the story? Why should I care? Can you answer those uestions Mr Patnaude? They're pretty important

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    I didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book At first I appreciated it's loose lyrical approach but was uickly overtaken by just how poorly written it was It saddened me because some very legitimate flashes of pure brilliance where overshadowed by it I hate giving bad reviews Maybe I missed something Others seem to have enjoyed it I have to agree with another reviewer the illustrations got in the way It would have been effective to let the reader imagine rather than giving it a pictorial representation The cover art is fantastic though it has no connection with the actual story

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    A short novel that combines the morbid whimsy of striped furry monsters and cats with eye patches with the crushing sadness of betrayal and suicide A very potent combination and not one I can remember reading before Lots of grotesue and powerful images like the loss of teeth often happens in my own nightmares and the perverted old man stuck naked in a pricker bush The author’s black and white illustrations small and cryptic were also great

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