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An American Diplomat in Franco Spain

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N Madrid Spain during the 1960sWhat comes through ringingly is his life long love affair with Spain and its c.

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Ulture that Rockland’s years there engendered Reading his book it’s hard not to fall in love with Spain t.

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This book is filled with TRUE behind the scenes stories of a cultural attaché at the United States embassy i. L'affaire Dreyfus, vérités et légendes of a cultural attaché at the United States embassy i.

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    Friends on both sides of the Atlantic have wondered how someone with my politics and interest could have wanted to serve in the United States government The answer is simple when John Kennedy in his inaugural address said Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country I took him uite literally from the IntroductionMichael Aaron Rockland author of several novels and books and a professor of American Studies at Rutgers University takes us back to a time of optimism and hope with his newest work a memoir of his time as a member of the American diplomatic delegation to Spain in the mid 1960's with a wonderful panorama of scenes that are truly the 'behind the scenes' of life as a cultural attache An American Diplomat in Franco Spain published by Hansen Publishing Group is really part history and cultural commentary but with the personal touch of a memoir and Rockland does a wonderful job of blending these three genres togetherWritten in a simple but engaging first person voice that invites the reader to follow along Rockland tells some incredible stories along the way how he avoided shaking hands with the Spanish dictator General Franco while standing in a diplomatic receiving line; how his son Jeffery won the role of Sasha Zhivago in Dr Zhivago; his time with the late Senator Ted Kennedy during a visit to Spain; and the intense search for a hydrogen bomb lost in the Atlantic off the Spanish coast and the on going environmental issues after a tragic mid air collision of two American warplanesBut Rockland's love of Spain shines through it all as he recalls revisiting places several years later with his family and then noting how much the landscape and the nation of Spain has changed especially in recent visits since his days in Spain Franco Spain And again along the way he combines personal reflection with cultural commentary on subjects such as tipping; Another thing that would make the United States a happier country I think would be to rethink the whole issue of tipping In Spain tipping is something casual just leaving the change from one's meal or bar tab on the table or counter Waiters make most of their money through salary; if they make a little extra that's fine but they're not especially dependent on tips for their livelihood In the United States waiters are paid little or no salary Their livelihoods are entirely dependent on tipsand also the issue of language notably how within Hispanic cultures certain words are responded to differently for example in Argentina where the author served prior to his time in Spain one Spanish word would be interpreted in a different way; as well as how they are translated into English and the everyday meaning of a word in a cultural context that might get you slapped And he addresses the issue of religion and religious freedom as he shares about the challenges of being Protestant and in his case Jewish in that day and age when Spain was very much a Catholic countryThere are several reasons I liked this book 1 Rockland shares his views and perspectives in a manner that is refreshingly respectful without becoming partisan 2 His training as a humanities scholar brings a fresh perspective to world of politics and international relations 3 His writing drew me in and easily had me walking alongside him as he wrote very descriptive and conversationalOn my rating scale I rate this book a 'great' readNote I received a galley copy of this book via Net Galley in exchange for a review I was not reuired to write a positive review

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    It is interesting to think about how events impact our lives and what we remember For Rockland it is clear his time in Spain had a formidable impact on his life and perhaps unsurprisingly it wasn't his time in the office that he recalls in this book This is a short and enjoyable book for anyone interested in Spain the 1960s or the US Foreign Service

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    Enjoyed this book My husband got it for me because I was born in Spain in 66 during Franco's regime and this book covers besides the Spanish culture a lot events this diplomat experienced and historical events I appreciated reading and learning about these experiences from an American point of view

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